'Fifty Shades of Gray' Author E.L. James on Writing New Book 'Mister'


yell is your pen name that's right

but you're known as Erica yeah shall we

call you Eric you can come here all


the trilogy sold 150 million copies the

minster was just released and it's

already number one so for those who

haven't gotten the gist of it yet give

us a little hint the mister is about a

guy who falls in love with a girl and

then shenanigans ensues as well it's the

very very brief thing he's doing cuffs

yes actually but that idea yes moving on

because it's a brief it's a brief food a

briefing yeah this guy is a an

aristocrat and we random what is she she

is she's his maid uh-huh

and she's from Albania so it's you know

two two very different cultures

understand your first book has a man

who's in a dominant position and so does

this well kind of yes but I I love a

story where a woman will disarm a man I

like disarmed men and women do that a

lot to men and I'm fine even if he has

the whip they can change up places you

know what appeals to you joy I like it I

actually I'm writing something and it's

the opposite where the man is getting

hit like yours it's not it's not violent

it's a comedy but in my world the man is

the one who submissive well I think I


out there so so yes are you

uncomfortable yet that's true you know

I've read all the books and I remember

being on the train and covering up the

cover I did the same because it wasn't

you all know this those of you have read

it when it first came out everyone kind

of knew what it was about and I loved it

my husband even wine was like I gotta

figure out what you're reading in this

thing but has it helped people talk

about sex because we talk about sex a

lot on the show some people love talking

about it some people hate it but it

seems like now we're more comfortable

because of books like I think I think

fundamentally the book is actually about

female desire and few more desires

aren't really discussed in any way and

you know women like certain things if

they're done well

as we all know so I think that's that's

exactly in the right order as well but

that's not going to too much detail so

yes I think that's a that's why I think

have become popular I was just as

gobsmacked as everybody else when they

did four yeah were you were surprised

Athena yeah didn't change your life

major yes it has and and I'm very

grateful for that

yeah Erica do people recognize you and

if they do do they sort of want to like

project onto you they're like good

sexual experiences or anything you may

be of inspired through your writing no

I'm actually you know I'm a middle-aged

overweight woman and I am invisible and

it's fantastic I can go anywhere no one

knows who I am I could be in the shops

and and and you know people bumping into

me and I'm and I've got my own secret

little world inside and I love that but

no I don't get recognized very very very

rarely is that why you wrote under elj I

actually thought that I would at my

ambition was to sell 5,000 books that

was that was what I wanted to do and I

would continue my work in television and

I and I just decided the best way was to

keep them separate so that's why I took

a pen name oh love it well you really

have liberated

a lot of people though you know like a

low I think you've opened up a doorway

where people are talking about sexuality

and BDSM in a way that maybe they didn't

before your book came out do you like

that I mean cuz I think you I really


I'm kind of freaked out about it and

admit I did all the navel-gazing about

the book I just I just wrote this

because uh it was fun for me to write it

was even more fun to do the research but

I won't talk about too much so so so

it's kind of interesting when that comes

back to me and said I've had the most

extraordinary things you know people

saying to me oh you got me through my

chemotherapy you could you you you my

marriage has been spiced up all of these

kind of things it was it's kind of a lot

to take on board really Wow

well yeah I mean one of the aspects of

your books that people love so much is

that you write these racy love scenes

and very vivid details but the the me to

movement started after Fifty Shades and

as joy alluded to you know the man is

sort of in this really dominant position

in your books did that impact your

writing going into the mr. alright it

did oh yes definitely

I was I was very I I like women who

disarmed men it doesn't matter if

they're powerful what-have-you I think

that men who fall in love are and

they're are so uncertain about it to

begin with and I really like to explore

that so so yes I was I the me to thing

was I think you know timely incredibly

timely and about time and it's great

that it's happening it's it's still got

a long way to go and it and certainly

you know in the Western world in other

parts of the world it's got a really

long way to go yeah as we all know what

I like about this book mister is that

you're talking about class distinctions

yeah yes well he's he's in a higher

class and she's not complete and that's

so like anti-british initially I I think

it's sort of the British are obsessed

with car I know and it's it's very it's

very easy to see where people live

mine's me Ivana Schwarzenegger and his

housekeeper or not al is a pleasure to

see you again the book is going to be as

well her very saucy very sexy book the

mister is available now and you know

what y'all you don't have to take our

word for you're all gone a home with a