The BMW i8 is slow! Why do I hear this so often?


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channel today I wanted to talk about

something that has been on my mind a lot

since I've owned the BMW i8 and that is

hearing people in public and seeing

comments on the internet that say the

BMW i8 is slow I heard it so much and I

read it so much I actually started

believing it and I would tell people

that would come up to me asking me about

performance of the car I'd say well it's

pretty slow it'll do 0 to 60 and 4.2 and

in the low 12s in the quarter-mile and

most of the time that's meant by

confusion a lot of people think that I'm

kind of crazy that I say it's slow and

it has those kind of performance figures

but a lot of the automotive enthusiast

community seems to believe that this car

is slow probably more of a thought

process of it's slower than it looks

like it should be and what I mean by

that is the car looks like it should be

much faster than it really is okay but

it doesn't answer the question as to why

some people would say the car is slow

and it's sort of wait on my mind for

some time I really wanted to better

understand what was in the same

performance category as the BMW i8 now

this is the 2015 model 357 horsepower

420 pounds-feet of torque so the latest

model is a little bit faster well five

or ten more horsepower

not not any more torque and that is

because they made some modifications to

the electric motor but the gas engine

that's combined with the electric motor

is giving you those peak numbers far

horsepower and torque our concern now

what does that mean to me the fastest

car I ever owned before this was a c5

Corvette the 1997 model and I want to

say that was 345 horsepower and roughly

the same amount of torque and then I put

long tube headers and x-pipe free-flow

cats and and got another maybe 45

horsepower out of it I don't know how

much more torque and that felt pretty


and it could run a 14 second quarter

mile because I raced it and I don't

remember the 0 to 60 times but to me

that felt fast so when I got this thing

and said well it's only 357 horsepower

no this felt like much more horsepower

to me and the experience behind the

wheel the car is sometimes it will get

scary if I try to push it and I have to

back off so it feels like it has enough

power to easily beat that c5 Corvette

and it should on paper but I wanted to

do a little bit more research and see

what other vehicles compared to it so I

went online and I spent a lot of time

trying to see what 0-60 and what

quarter-mile times the I ate compared to

as far as other vehicles and right off

the bat I wanted to see what the

difference was between this and the c7

Corvette the latest model of Corvette

because it was produced around the same

model year 2015 and when I go on a

Corvette forum I'm seeing numbers a 0 to

60 between 3.8 and 4.2 ok and

quarter-mile times of 11 3 to 12 5

respectable now when I look at the i8

numbers that were posted online I'm

seeing 3.8 to 4.3 so roughly the same 0

to 60 time at quarter-mile times at 12 1

to 12 9 so the quarter-mile times are

slower and the reason for that is

because the electric motor in the front

of this car will not produce full power

after 5 seconds and that is because of

the amount of heat that's generated so

it has to cut back on the amount of

power that's coming out of that front


or that that front motor now is a stock

c7 Corvette slow are you gonna go to

Corvettes of Carlisle and go man look at

all these brand new slow c7 Corvettes no

and nobody looks at a Corvette and says

man that thing's slow I mean maybe you

know like a c2 compact to the 50s and

early 60s here you know and those look

slow well once you get into a 63 on up

just the appearance of the car looks so

much faster and compared to other models

that produced in the same years of other

vehicles they're they're equivalent and

as far as top performance is concerned

so I would never look at the car oh man

that thing's slow how about I researched

the the 2015 Mustang Shelby gt500 Super

Snake 0 to 60 and 3.9 quarter-mile 12.3

all right so is that slow how about the

current mustang shelby gt350r

seeing zero to sixty times between three

point nine and four point one and a

quarter mile in twelve to twelve point

four is that slow you know don't buy a

gt350r because people are gonna look

down on yet that's really a slow car no

I mean it's just it's crazy so you know

I went down the list then other cars

that were published online and I can

link to some of these in the description

but I'm not gonna provide proof of

everything that I found online it's just

going to take a lot of time but here are

other models that had similar 0 to 60

and quarter-mile times the Alfa Romeo 4c

and 2015 Aston Martin db9 the Vanquish

and the v12 Vantage all right they're

slow 2015 audi s4 s5 and TTS in 2015 the

BMW m2 m3 and m4 M cars they're slow

all right here's one so I'm going down

the list alphabetically and the Bugatti

was on the list okay now this is a 1994

Bugatti EB 110 GT the 2015 Camaro SS

Chrysler 300 srt8 some 2015 dodge

challenger r/t scat pack and Dodge

Charger SRT 392 SE model your slow

alright so then I got it into the

alphabetically I got into the Ferraris

the 2011 Ferrari 612 scag

how about the 2009 Ferrari f430 the 2005

Ferrari 575 em Superamerica

the 2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

that's the Strad man's favorite car too

bad that's that slow the 2015 Jaguar

f-type coupe oh we got down to

Lamborghinis here on the list okay the

2007 Lamborghini Guyardo

so one of the most affordable

Lamborghinis that that people purchase

today great car but it's too bad that

it's slow you know uh-huh the 2000

Lamborghini Diablo VT and even the 1990

Lamborghini Countach the the car that I

had in a poster in my room you know the

most desirable car back when I was a


too bad it's it's it's just a slow car

2014 Lotus Elise S Club Racer and the

2016 Lotus Evora sport 410 they're slow

I got down to the Maseratis so 2015

maserati granturismo and the

Quattroporte were slower than this no

but it is a maserati it that people

expect performance from those it's too

bad that they're slow this is faster

than a 2016 Mercedes Maybach s600

or it's in the same performance as a

2015 G 65 G 63 GL 63 s550 II GLA 45 AMG

s 65 AMG SL 400 C 400 400 SL 63 AMG

if you own any of these cars I'm sorry

they're slow the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer

Evolution the 2015 Nissan 370z Nismo too

bad it's slow we get to the Porsches

here we go the 2015 Porsche Porsche

Boxster GTS the Cayman GTS the 911 Targa

4s hmm

some newer models the 2016 Cayman gt4

same performance the 2017 718 Cayman S

and the 2018 Panamera we got down to the

ours here rolls-royce ghost Wraith and

dawn similar performance the 2009 Tesla

Roadster the 2013 tesla model s p85d

2016 Tesla Model S 90 d that's all I had

time to research similar performance so

I'm having a hard time now after hearing

how slow the BMW i8 is and reading how

slow it is to believing it's really slow

because I know owners that have a lot of

these cars and I wouldn't in a million

years go up to them and say hey I like

your car but too bad it's slow and I get

that I hear it people actually tell me

this and maybe I ought to start asking

the question what what performance

figures do you consider slow and if

that's the case what do you drive it now

because I'd like to I'd love to go for a

ride in your car sometime because i

donnelly love to feel better performance

and i'm getting out of this and i'm

being honest here i'd love it you know

if you're doing quarter-mile times in

the tens man take me for a ride I'd love

to experience it

and my battery died so I'm back anyway

no disrespect to anybody that owns any

of the vehicles on the list that I

talked about seriously I don't consider

them slow in fact when I was growing up

trying to get a car in the 12s in the

quarter mile cost a lot of money and a

lot of time and a lot of modifications

that almost made the car not streetable

it was very difficult to drive a car

that fast on the street so definitely no

disrespect to any car that has performed

in the similar category is the i8 now

that also begs the question is it

because people who've driven super cars

or who have seen the supercar numbers

are they comparing those numbers to this

car because they're in a different

league this car looks like a supercar

but it performs like a sports car

and in fact BMW labels it as a sports

car but a lot of BMW i8 owners say it's

a supercar and it has supercar features

to it the tub of the car is all carbon

fibre it's you know bleeding edge


it's a mid-engine car it can potentially

be in a supercar category but it

performs like a supercar of yesteryear

so I have a hard time saying it's a

supercar I definitely will call it an

exotic due to the materials that are in

the car and how it was configured in the

technology but oh I I personally don't

call it a supercar but we'll leave that

for another another video anyway thanks

for watching I really appreciate you

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is slow and why you know if you

experienced a car that's faster or are

you just basing it upon appearance and

how you think it should operate let me

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