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lots of tourist destinations look

amazing on social media but are actually

terrible in real life I have to like

find a path because it's very very busy

I'm AC Fowler I love to travel and I'm

hitting the road to tell you what's

worth the trip and what to skip this is

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this time we are diving into Iceland's


the Blue Lagoon is just a 45-minute

drive away from Iceland's capital

Reykjavik a quickly growing tourist

hotspot the area is a perfect blend of

City and Country Living and with their

unreal landscapes there's a photo-op

at every turn while the area's food

shopping and lodging can be more

expensive than Manhattan's the trip here

is pretty affordable

thanks to Iceland's budget airline Wow

air the nonstop flight from New York

City to Reykjavik is only around 250 US

dollars and there's plenty of natural

Hot Springs in Iceland

that you can enjoy free of charge so the

Blue Lagoon isn't the only hot spring

and Iceland we're actually at another

one right now but the Blue Lagoon is

definitely the main one that you see all

over the place

honestly I'm a little worried just that

it won't really live up to expectations

like how great could it really be like

will the water actually be that blue is

it gonna be overcrowded is it just gonna

be like a busy mess that's my big big

worry pictures on the internet aren't

always what they seem

we're going to test is it overcrowded is

it worth the price and does the lagoons

water and mud really have healing

properties I'm bad at turning I keep on

missing my turns of these Icelandic

streets out yet the Blue Lagoon is one

of the most visited destinations in

Iceland in fact eighty percent of

tourists who come to the country trek to

the famous thermal waters the lagoon is

in Green Davitt the the physical Lagoon

is man

the natural geothermal waters are

sourced from a nearby geothermal field

these warm waters are filled with

minerals like algae and silica and are

super heated by magma located 2,000

meters beneath the earth's surface you

can get there from Reykjavik by taking a

bus straight from the airport or at the

BSI bus terminal though it was a much

pricier option we decided to run a car

for 215 dollars a day and taken the

countryside on our own terms your GPS is

broken all you have to do is really

follow your nose to the balloon once you

turn the corner it starts to smell like

thank you a little bit


when we went in October the crowd levels

weren't too bad we arrived first thing

Thursday morning and the crowds were



by midday traffic started to pick up but

we still had a good amount of room to

swim around their peak season is the

summer so your best bet is to go during

the winter and on a weekday best time to

visit to lagoon is in the winter time

and hopefully in the snow zone because

you know the contrast of being in the

warm nice murder and then you have their

natural elements kind of working on

you're on the other side it's an

incredible experience to be in the

bula-bula and having the Northern Lights

I'm rating the crowd levels a thumbs up

but at 58 US dollars for a bare minimum

entrance fee is it worth the price Blue

Lagoon visitors have four options on how

they want to experience the Blue Lagoon

there $58.00 standard option gives you a

ticket in and a complimentary silica mud

mask for $77 visitors get the comfort

level this gives you a towel rental one

free drink and an algae mask at about

100 dollars you get the premium package

which adds on a bathrobe rental slippers

and an optional reservation at their

restaurant lava and if you're really

feeling bougie a whopping 500 bucks gets

you the luxury package it's complete

with access to the exclusive lounge and

a sample of skin products



so is all this really worth the price on

one hand you're essentially paying $58

to enter a large public pool on the

other hand the lagoon is stunning it's

crafted with natural lava rocks blue

warm waters and luxurious spa treatments

despite it all I'd have to say the

lagoon was way too pricey especially

when you can hit up natural hot springs

all around Iceland for free

the Blue Lagoon also acts as a facility

for skincare research so it only makes

sense that their biggest selling point

is their natural silica mud masks here

we go just my face will bask in the

glory of the masks definitely felt

luxurious but I wasn't sure if my skin

was really getting the TLC it deserved

scientists actually looked at the silica

and the algae from the Blue Lagoon and

what they found is that both the silica

and the algae had properties that

actually help to improve the skin

barrier function and then also helps to

increase the production of collagen and

decrease the breakdown of collagen so

thereby by getting more collagen you

actually have a great anti-aging effect

that all being said in order to really

see a significant benefit it may be

something that would require a

longer-term intensive treatment at the

Blue Lagoon with all these skin benefits

both the mud and water get a solid


beautiful make sure you head to the

lagoon early in the day to beat the

crowds keep in mind that it can't be

pricey so make sure you're picking a

package that fits your needs and don't

be afraid to lather on the complimentary

silica masks it's great for your skin so

things to keep in mind you definitely

want to book in advance coming in the

winter is actually not bad at all

amazing well sure it's windy but it's

really worth it

overall I say the Blue Lagoon is

definitely worth the trip it is

definitely colder outside of the water

but I still feel refreshed alright gonna

go inside

next time on destination debunkers we're

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