The Untold Truth Of Blaze Pizza

with its completely customizable pizzas

and myriad menu options for people with

dietary restrictions

it's no surprise that blaise pizza is

becoming so popular

from its history to future endeavors

this is the untold truth

of blaze pizza if you've ever been to a

chipotle restaurant location

then you know how fun it can be to

customize your burrito or burrito bowl

with various meats

veggies salsas and other toppings well

it turns out blaze pizza is modeled

after fast casual restaurants like


according to inc the goal was to create

the chipotle of pizza

and by the looks of it its founders have

accomplished what they set out to


when you walk into a blaze pizza

location you'll step right up to the

counter and tell them exactly how to

build your pizza

you'll get to pick your sauce cheeses

meats veggies

and finishes which is blaze pizza's word

for the various little extras you can

get on your pizza

whether you're into a pizza with classic

red sauce or you like to live life on

the edge by adding goat cheese to your


you can pretty much do whatever you want

at blaze pizza

lots of companies partner with

celebrities to endorse their products

these sponsorships usually relate to the

celebrities profession

like playing professional sports or

looking beautiful while walking down a


in these instances the company pays the

celebrity to endorse the product or


but in other cases celebrities are so

intrigued by an idea that they actually

decide to invest their own money to help

it succeed

such is the case with lebron james an

early investor in blaise pizza

he even gave up a deal with mcdonald's

in order to back the pizza chain

but it seems like his risk has paid off

according to sb nation

james's initial 1 million investment in

2012 had grown to 35 million by 2017.

oh my god oh hello how are you how you


i'm ryan nice to meet you blaze right

now is offering a large shareable pizza

here with real ingredients

and how does james like his pizza you

might be wondering when he's hungry

he'll add as many as 16 toppings to his


having james on board has undoubtedly

helped the fast-growing restaurant chain

become so successful too

after all james has some serious star

power with more than 68 million

followers on instagram alone

and he posts about blaise pizza quite


blai's pizza is led by chef brad kent an

accomplished culinary mastermind with a

serious food background

kent started his own catering business

while he was in college

he then went on to earn a degree from

the culinary institute of america

he holds a degree in food science and

nutrition according to zagat

kenta also opened his own pizza shop

olio pizzeria and helped trader joe's

develop some of their snack food items

over the years he's developed his own

delicious pizza dough recipe

which somehow manages to be both soft

and crunchy at the same time

kent is the real deal and he lends his

expertise to blaze pizza locations all

over the country

so we do we press your dough fresh for


and then we walk you down the line as

you assemble your pizza with exactly the

toppings that you want on it

if you've ever eaten different styles of

pizza then you already know that not all

crusts are created equal

far from it in fact the crust made by

blaze pizza are also unique in that

they're fermented for at least

24 hours blaze's dough is made with

filtered water

unbleached flour yeast extra virgin

olive oil and just a sprinkle of salt

this simple dough is then allowed to

hang out for 24 hours to let the yeast

do its thing

which ultimately leads to air pockets in

the dough

the result is a crispy light crust that

serves as the perfect base for all of

blaze pizza's many toppings

blaze pizza also makes gluten-free dough

keto crusts and cauliflower gluten-free


so even if you've got certain dietary

restrictions like a gluten allergy or

intolerance you can still enjoy their


pizza can be a pretty conservative and

simple food if you want it to be

red sauce mozzarella cheese little basil

boom you're done

but the folks behind blaze pizza are

taking a totally different approach

offering unique and artisanal

ingredients that go beyond the standard

cheese pepperoni and supreme menu items

offered at most restaurants

in addition to fun toppings like italian

meatballs or garlic pesto sauce

the culinary team at blaze pizza isn't

afraid to experiment with some outside

the box ingredients too

blaze pizza recently created a pizza

with white claw

the popular alcoholic seltzer drink

instead of adding the usual water to

their pizza dough

they substituted mango white claw the

alcohol cooked off while the pizza was

in the super hot oven

leaving behind just a tiny hint of mango


if you've ever made pizza at home then

you know that when you're starving it

can feel like it takes forever before

all the cheese is finally melted and the

crust gets crispy

not at blai's pizza in fact the pizza

cooks at blaze pizza restaurants only

bake each pizza for a

maximum of 180 seconds three

minutes to be exact because the oven is

so incredibly hot

blaze pizza's ovens can reach

temperatures of up to 900 degrees

fahrenheit which essentially flash cooks

each pizza in record time

because of this each location can churn

out more than 200 pizzas an hour

the team at blais understands the oven

inside and out

including where any hot spots might be


they know if and when they need to move

the pizzas around to get the perfect

level of doneness

the specially trained crew of people who

bake the pizzas are called pizza smiths

or pizza yolo

an italian word that literally

translates to someone who makes pizzas

in a pizzeria

how very appropriate lay's pizza takes

its commitment to using only the

freshest ingredients

very seriously in 2017 the popular pizza

chain decided to completely stop

using ingredients that contained

artificial flavors colors

preservatives and other additives they

also stopped using high fructose corn

syrup at all restaurants

they called this bold move the keeping

it real initiative

it took them 18 months to find new

suppliers and work with existing

suppliers to find sources for all

natural ingredients

on the menu this means that you won't

find any nitrites and blaze pizzas cured


nor will you find any artificial

preservatives in the popular chain's

salad dressings or sauces

blaze pizza locations also began

offering blue sky cane sugar sodas

and began using barbecue sauce made

without corn syrup

they promised that pizza lovers will be

able to taste and appreciate the

difference that all these changes have


blaze pizza is truly a modern restaurant


through and through they understand the

values of their customers mostly young


including millennials and gen zers and

they're putting their money where their

mouth is

all blaze pizza locations use 100

eco-friendly packaging

this means that every single food

storage container soda cup

and utensil is recyclable compostable or

made from post-consumer reclaimed


in 2019 the popular pizza chain also

started getting rid of plastic straws

replacing them with new domed lids


according to the blaze pizza website

forks knives

cups lids even those cute little

containers that hold the salad dressing

were thoughtfully chosen because they

left a smaller footprint than most

commonly available choices

blaze pizza wants everyone to feel

comfortable at its restaurant locations

so the chain partners with award-winning

restaurant architect anna henton

to create a warm welcoming vibe the goal

to design restaurants that add dimension

to your experience and exteriors

fire pits bright lights funky patterns

but also help tell the blaze pizza story

according to the company's website

restaurant locations typically range in

size from 2200

to 3000 square feet with even more space

included in the outdoor patio

the restaurant locations play college

alt rock music to help keep things

lively and upbeat for diners for her


hinton specializes in designing

restaurants both large and small

she's formally trained as an architect

and holds a master's degree from

princeton university

she also cut her teeth by working at

top-notch architecture firms before

launching her own business anna hinton


people just love disney even grown

adults flock to the disney theme parks

on a regular basis to meet characters

ride the rides and just generally enjoy

the whimsical atmosphere in the warm


perhaps that's why the disney springs

location of blaze pizza is so wildly


every day thousands of people visit this

restaurant located in disney springs

which is basically like a large outdoor

disney themed shopping mall near orlando


in fact this location is so busy that it

can produce up to 3 000 pizzas per day

blaze even argues that it's likely the

busiest pizza joint on the planet

the company calls this their flagship


and you can see from pictures just how

massive it really is

this specific location was designed with

high volume pizza making in mind

ensuring that hungry diners can get in

and out in a jiffy without getting too

hangry along the way

let's face it we all have those days

where we just don't feel like leaving

the house

especially not to visit a busy

restaurant packed with people

if you don't feel like putting on pants

or you just don't want to run into

someone you know

consider the fact that you can now make

your very own blaze pizza at home

the popular pizza chain offers take-home

pizza kits at participating locations

even if you don't have a 900 degree

pizza oven at home

you can still enjoy a warm and delicious

pizza pie

the kits come in varying sizes and

include everything you need to get


including a ball of dough dusting flour

pizza sauce

and up to seven toppings chef brad kent

also hopped on youtube from his home

kitchen to explain exactly what you need

to do to make the perfect blaze pizza

at home there are more than 300 blaze

pizza locations in various states around

the country

now they're also taking their build your

own pizza franchise overseas with new

locations in kuwait

saudi arabia and bahrain all told there

are four international locations so far

and blaze pizza promises that even more

are in the works

you can expect to see blaze pizza

locations opening in the near future in


asia and europe according to an

interview a blaze pizza executive gave

to skift

the company hopes to expand to a total

of 1 000 locations around the world by


an ambitious goal that also aligns with

the company's plans to go public in the

same year

the chain operates with a franchise

model with each new location taking

about 20 weeks to design

build and open in addition to their

diverse crust offerings blaze pizza can

also accommodate diets like the keto

diet or the vegan diet

since people following a vegan diet

don't eat any animal products you might

be wondering how on earth a pizza chain

could possibly accommodate them

well blaise pizza has found a way to do

it and make it delicious to boot

their vegan pizza can be made with a

vegan spicy chorizo

soy free vegan cheese and tons of fresh


three types of their standard dough

original gluten free and high rise are


all vegan anyway so there's no need to

ask for a special crust if you're vegan

or vegetarian for keto dieters the chain

offers a special crust that has just six

grams of net carbs

of course you'll still need to factor in

any carbs and the toppings you choose

but this is a great start nonetheless

the keto crust is made without flour

which blaze pizza chefs have replaced

with flaxseed

cheese and eggs the people who work at

blaise pizza locations around the


genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs it's

a fast-paced environment so

every shift flies by in the blink of an

eye plus the company encourages its

employees to be themselves when they

come to work

they want their employees authentic

personalities to shine through

so long as they are offering top-notch

customer service and making delicious

pizzas at the same time

the company often promotes from within

with employees rising through the ranks

to the positions of shift leader

then manager and corporate and for

employees who want to be their own boss

they can easily apply to open up their

own franchise location too

blaze pizza's franchise fee is between

twenty thousand dollars and thirty

thousand dollars per store

with a continuous payment of seven

percent of sales to go to advertising

and royalties

according to the company's website as a

franchise owner you'll spend two weeks

training at their headquarters in

pasadena california

then two weeks training at your store

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