Interesting facts about black spider monkey by weird square

spider monkeys on new world monkeys

belonging to the genus safely's part of

the subfamily 8l any family ate led like

other eight airlines they are found in

tropical forests of Central and South

America from southern Mexico to Brazil

the genus contains seven species all of

which are under threat the black-headed

spider monkey and brown spider monkey

are critically endangered

disproportionately long limbs and long

prehensile tails make them one of the

largest new world monkeys and give rise

to their common name spider monkeys live

in the upper layers of the rainforest

and forage in the high canopy from 25 to

30 metres 82 to 98 feet they primarily

eat fruits but will also occasionally

consume leaves flowers and insects due

to their large size spider monkeys

require large tracts of moist evergreen

forests and prefer undisturbed primary

rainforest . they are social animals and

live in bands of up to 35 individuals

but will split up to forage during the

day recent meto analyzes on primate

cognition studies indicated spider

monkeys are the most intelligent new

world monkeys they can produce a wide

range of sounds and will bark when

threatened other vocalizations include a

whinny similar to a horse and prolonged

screams they are an important food

source due to their large size so are

widely hunted by local human populations

they are also threatened by habitat

destruction due to logging