The Big Sick

so I was having sex with my wife the

other night and he said whew it's not

nice to heckle a comedian either I said

you were great in bed


what's going on three musketeers as

always he'd Mike should have in three

review times three musketeers three Musk

of review times or something there's

three much Qatar's disclose the three

musketeers that that's just calling them

must get [ __ ] know what I card yeah

that's just insinuating Musketeers

[ __ ] right

that's not there's nothing to do with

the only three old I understand that

but it had nothing to do with review

yeah we're rated our view not radar for

three messages a week home review tardes

yes reverb idiots it does what you know

there's no I'm like would you expect

going into this honestly I just was

expecting I was you know that this was

one of my more anticipated movies for

this year because I'm such a fan

Kumail um and I like I did a lot of

research into this because I was like oh

this is a great story then you know you

find out it's a true story like this

actually happened to him and his wife

and they show that at the end of the

movie um so I was really looking forward

to this movie what about you yeah I was

always afraid of his stand-up and had a

bunch of great comedians that like

actual well local burnham boburnham riot

son SNL they're just good guys like that

know I was excited because based on the

true story like you said so being able

to laugh and cry I was ready to cry

you're very Romano kill but I was so

ready yeah let's get into it let the

nitty-gritty issues tissues and blisters

we'll start off with tissues

any for you well wait when she comes out

of the coma and he's standing there and

is in their hotel room heartbreaking and

she was like I want you here yeah but he

was evil

yeah if you make me hurt in my heart get

out because she was all hopped up and

drunk that's why she sounded like an

idiot but yeah like in that scene where

it was like it was Kumail not not

confessing everything but like you know

explaining everything to his parents and

then they're just like you're not to my

son and stuff like that

do those or Bob when she finds the box

full of pictures yeah I was Jenna cried

when the parents are like you're not my


yeah it's Owen Jimin do you have any

issues with this movie it took a while

for them to get into the actual

storyline of her being sick I believe I

turned eater in the movie I was like so

when is she gonna get big sick yeah like

I looked at you it was an hour into the

movie yeah they were like it's been an

hour she just got sick you know what

don't like so I I don't say this because

I did find that to be an issue but it's

not like the movie wasn't entertaining

and or if yeah up to that point it was

just we knew what the plot in the movie

was and the plot of the movie hadn't

started yet and we had seen it a lot

because they do a lot of backstory

buildings would you need to pray yeah

but my biggest issue was actually um

remember when I said this this movie

they have dated for a couple months but

they don't really establish that other

than like a one-word line right and so

you're like okay well you know they data

for a couple months I guess but they

only it only really feels like a couple


it is the real issue but you're supposed

to know they were together for you know

months and apparently he wasn't very

good as a boyfriend because he was

dealing with all the stuff from his

parents and stuff like that so what were

your Blish use okay um any chance to see

Camille me on Johnny definitely sir

this was it stay close okay on screen

I'll take it [ __ ] I think that guy's so

funny he he might be one of my favorite

immediate community active

find him hysterical and everything you

know so my biggest issue for this with

economy it was gold this movie was so

funny but had so much heart to it like I

just I thoroughly enjoyed this movie I

think I was dude where there's only four

of us in the beador when we were two of

them yeah and the other two were these

like 80 70 year old women systems like

we should send X we [ __ ] I was just like

coming up oh you want to see something

awful big this large I do uh but yeah I

just I I loved it we Ray Romano killed

it um I'm not the biggest Holly Hunter

fan especially since up grandma peach P

from BBS like mmm but she was good she

was really good I really liked her um

which was nice because I thought she was

going to kind of pull me out of the

movie but she did well for me I would

agree with the comedy but as well as

like they did a really good job being

able to toe the line between like the

differences of cultures but as well as

how they they're all so similar

yeah they explain a lot of explain holla

pet like yes there is an arranged

marriage but it's not all that different

compared to like it's just love man I

own a soil see when you choose your

marriage so it was really really good

job explaining it and it was you that

pointed out they like different

underlying message of like it just

gravitates you on yeah Dani cold air cat

it really does and I'm like did you

notice movie that like he has his bit

where he's doing a one-man show and his

one-man show is essentially educating

people on family culture and I was just

like they do that multiple times

throughout the movie and it works really

well it fits how they're going for it so

I like I learned some stuff right us two

coming just from academic culture we're

just exposed to so much yeah so you're

seeing that it's like a completely

different world I know I know right

me myself you know personally um raised

as young and African child in the

streets of South Africa and I just

different cultures remove if you had to

give this movie your rating what would

you get it um check local listings see

if you can find a theater near you

that's playing it because we actually

prising Leonato's at our home theater

which was nice in a limited release it

is a very limited release film so

normally if you go to like those artsy

fartsy on stupid theatres yes quite yeah

you want to Club corn shows new in

Vedantic [ __ ] off just give me a movie

but yeah I definitely check it out in

theatres yeah I want this movie to make

money I think it was great and I want

the people who actually pay for this to

be like this was a good investment

I want a sequel she can't really do big

[ __ ] too but when she actually dies oh I

showed you in the final scene his real

wife is sitting next to Belle Burnham in

the back of the Amity Club I don't know

she looked like so I couldn't I couldn't

enjoy that with you man but the crowds

do show them like every cool which was

another thing that was really cool about

that was that X and I God it was nice to

do like what marrying him like no she's

a Pakistani wedding thing for overdose I

gotta sighs love thanks for watching our

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