Why the Big Green Egg is Awesome

so I wanted to bring you guys out here

today to talk about the big renege and

more specifically reasons why I think

it's absolutely awesome so as you can

see well nobody hurt today but that's

not going to stop me from doing every

one I do out here on the Big Green Egg

you often hear about something called I

don't know grilling season their

barbecue season for this guy there's no

season it's all year round

nothing - nothing gonna stop him from

getting fired up ready to cook so might

be more careful though in the wintertime

I put into a Jewish Charles hot charcoal

one time with in the egg itself just

maybe a half pack over 12 and it goes

right in now we let it come up to

temperature pretty slow just want to

overcook it but again 20 degrees 30

degrees outside right now nothing's I'm

not not going to stop me from cooking

for the family outside because that's

the that's that's important additionally

I want to talk to you today about a

couple more reasons by the big green

eggs absolutely awesome so a couple

months ago I just didn't fix it until

until just recently but I'm sure you're

something down here now if you don't

know the Green Egg very well you might

not know what this is however this is

what you call the egg converter the

deflector plate well half of it so I was

flipping around in here under normal

operation and it distract in half oh hey

that kind of sucks so I was trying to

make you a makeshift with it stacked up

the piece on top of this one to make

sure it worked I was like okay I'll have

to go buy a new one which is not this is

not in horribly cheap but you know I

want to barbecue this guy so we're going

to get good take care of that however

the big green egg the experiment part

itself it's fully white time warranty

the accessories I wear ieg would ever

want to wait whatever you prefer

it has a three-year warranty which is

pretty darn good and let me hold I'm

actually within the three-year warranty

so give me some this mat here we have a

brand new deflector plate for the Big

Green Egg extra large fantastic so how

does that work do you ask well look look

over here goes down on top of the top of

cold the Flexi a direct heat so you get

nice good barbecue smoke effect

absolutely awesome

so can another reason about a Big Green

Eggs awesome they stand by the work and

by the product we give you a great

warranty additionally it is cold out

here you can barbecue you can grill

however if we Robert can really maybe on

a metal grill not very heat heat

tolerant a cold tolerant all the cold

air is just going to suck all the heat

out of the gap there's a lot more

charcoal than then you normally would

have with the egg you can do it in

temperature you want and a very very

minimal amount of charcoal being used to

actually get your girl going that's one

more reason by the bigger net exactly

awesome you know barbecue cookout here


nothing let's video worthy so I'm bore

you with that but it's want to come out

here show you you can do it all in this

guy's you can grill smoke cold smoke

which is not what you would think you

didn't know how to didn't know barbecue

was not just smoking when it's cold out

it's in fact getting your smoker at a

very low temperature and maybe 100

degrees 88 degrees and doing a cook for

a very long period of time maybe you and

fish may be doing some jerky you really

get a good dehydrating the meat you're

you're cooking out there too which is

also absolute fantastic

they haven't had a cold smoked salmon on

a big Renee

you haven't you haven't lived if you

want my opinion order Kiku for that

matter absolutely incredible absolutely

awesome so yeah come to the tempie again

maybe go slower then you're me would not

anonymous charcoal that normally would

have doing that doing this on a hot

summer day but you take five ten more

minutes to actually come up the

temperature but hey you got all day out

here because you're cooking for the

family why not enjoy your time out here

as well so any questions about this

awesome awesome thing here maybe about

other things you see here let me know

and once they have a great day everybody

and happy smoking grilling barbecue and

charcoal and what are you doing thanks