Why was the Bible written?

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University and so what I do in this

Coursera of course is to tell the story

that story of why the Bible and it

really begins the story with defeat the

catastrophe that wipes out what had been

taken for granted a Society of Israel

and Judah and how the biblical authors

faced the situation of catastrophe and

did something quite remarkable

they actually reinvented themselves in

response to catastrophe they said we can

be a people even without a state and how

are we going to be a people what are the

things that are going to define us what

are we going to identify ourselves with

what is going to be the center of our

identity whether it's gonna be a text

whether it's gonna be a temple whether

it's gonna be a deity of God whether

it's gonna be law whether it's gonna be

songs and hymns and various things that

we find Book of Psalms but also great

stories taking various stories competing

rival stories of one people over here

one figure over here but saying actually

they're all part of the same story and

to link them up in this powerful

response to catastrophe to crisis is a

remarkable story that has paved the way

for the Bible's reception not only among

Jews but among Christians among Muslims

in among throughout the whole world and

this is a success story one of the most

amazing success stories they think

deserves to be told the preceding

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