Repetitive Sin: The Most Important Thing If You Are Stuck In Sin

hey everyone I'm mark from apply God's

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Bible to your life in this episode I'm

gonna talk about the most important

thing to remember when you're struggling

with repetitive sin I've written a lot

about this topic of how to overcome

temptation on my website at apply God's

Word calm so I'll leave some links in

the description of this video if u want

more assistance in overcoming a

repetitive sin in this video I just want

to talk about the most important thing

that I believe you need to remember when

you're dealing with a repetitive sin and

that is this never ever give up when you

give up that's when you really really

start getting in trouble and the sin is

just gonna take over and get even worse

you might start denying that you're

actually sinning because your hearts

going to become hard to God that

problems are endless when you give up

when you are struggling with repetitive

sin now here's the thing I understand

why you would want to give up because

you're in this terrible cycle of asking

God to forgive you but then doing the

exact same thing over and over again

that you're asking God to forgive you up

why won't he just take this sexual

temptation away why won't he help me

with this addiction why won't this

certain thing stop you might be saying

to yourself and there are many answers

to questions like that and the Bible is

full of advice on how to overcome these

types of repetitive sin and ultimately

it comes through embracing your new

identity in Jesus Christ again this is a

topic I've talked a lot about so I'll

leave some links in the description of

this video but here's the thing if you

give up you will forever be stuck in

that repetitive thing here's what it

says in Jeremiah 2 verses 34 through 35

on your clothes men find the life blood

of the innocent poor though you did not

catch them breaking in yet

spite of all this you say I am innocent

he is not angry with me but I will pass

judgment on you because you have said I

have not sinned so when they start

giving up and they start saying I am NOT

sinned that's when the real problems

happen even more relevant to this topic

of repetitive sin is first job 1 8

through 10 if we claim to be without sin

we deceive ourselves and the truth is

not in us if we confess our sins he is

faithful and just and will forgive us

our sins and purify us from all

unrighteousness if we claim we have not

sinned we make him out to be a liar and

his word has no place in our lives so

God commands us never give up never

start denying your sin by ignoring it

because you've just given up

always confess every time you confess

your sin God forgives you no matter how

many times you've done that sin in the

past this is not an excuse to keep

sinning because God will forgive you it

is the foundation of being finally set

free if you don't believe that God will

consistently forgive you every time you

fail you'll never find the success that

you are ultimately looking for lastly it

says this in Jeremiah 3 verse 22 return

faithless people I will cure you of


yes we will come to you for you are the

Lord our God God said I will cure you of

backsliding but you have to consistently

come to him so the most important thing

if you're dealing with repetitive sin is

to never give up

always repent repent quickly turn to

Jesus no matter how many times you

stumble and fall I've written a lot of

books that you can check out at apply

God's Word calm but regarding this idea

of repetitive sin I have two books that

I think might really help you the first

one is called redeemed like David how to

overcome sexual temptation in this book

I go through Psalms 51 which is David's

of repentance after he is finally

convicted of his sin with Bathsheba

Psalms 51 is a blueprint on how to

recover from any repetitive sin I take

the angle of sexual temptation so if

that's something you're struggling with

whether it be pornography masturbation

lustful thoughts whatever it is that

you're struggling with this book can

really help you out so I'll leave a link

in the description of this video for

that this book is called basic

transformation it's an eight-week small

group Bible study on the fundamentals of

Christianity specifically in relation to

transformation the big question answered

in this book is how does real life

change happen so what I do is I

basically just take the simple gospel

and I apply it to life change we go

through eight fundamental truths in

Christianity and apply them to how does

this change your life the two biggest

topics in that book that I think are

that pertain to this you know video

we're doing right here our justification

and sanctification the Bible says that

in a moment you were justified when you

put your faith in Jesus Christ that

means God declared you innocent gave you

Christ life put the righteousness of

Jesus on you and then put your sin on

Jesus and that transaction can never be

undone no matter how many times you sin

in the future that will never outweigh

God's grace but that doesn't mean our

sanctification isn't important as well

so a justification happens in a moment

and God gives you Christ's righteousness

sanctification is a process that occurs

over the course of your life

sanctification is where you learn to put

into practice the newness of life that

God has given you in justification and

the way that your sanctification is

increased in other words the way that

you find freedom from sin and become

more and more holy is to believe more

and more deeply of what Christ has

already made you

into so the big truth of Christianity is

that when you become a Christian you're

no longer fighting for your freedom now

you need to learn to fight from the

freedom that Christ is already given you

for example in Galatians 5 verse 1 it

says Christ has set you free stand

therefore in that freedom don't let

yourself be burdened again by a yoke of


so because Christ has set you free now

through faith in that freedom God has

given you you can learn to walk more in

that freedom throughout the course of

your life that's why it's so important

that you never give up if you're dealing

with repetitive sin believe more deeply

in Crais in what crisis made you into

and then that will manifest in your

righteous living

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