The Digital Bible Library Helps to Get God's Word to Those Across the World

Our Lives tell a story but beyond that

they play a part in a bigger story these

story the Jesus came to all people that

he spoke their language that He gave His

life to create a whole new story for all

of us and for those of us who follow

Jesus it's our turn to share this story

across every border to every family to

every heart but here's the problem today

over a billion people are left out

living without the full story of God's

Word in their own language Bible

translation hasn't even started for some

2,000 language communities and when

these translations are finally done how

can we speed the Bible to all those left

waiting and what about the illiterate or

the blind the answer we need translators

we need distributors but more than that

we need innovators to find a better way

to get God's word to every person on

planet earth now think about what

happened when Gutenberg invented the

printing press technology rocketed the

reach of the Bible the Bible crossed

borders shifted power transformed

cultures moving into the hands and

hearts of more people than ever before

all of which was great but what if we

can now go further what if our next

Gutenberg moment for the Bible is right

in front of us that's the dream behind

the digital live a library it starts

with building the world's largest

library for the Bible to put everything

in one place translations from around

the globe digitized for print audio and

video to become the resource for people

who developed technologies and

applications to share the scripture in

every language

now ministries and missionaries can meet

people where they are they can suddenly

wield all of their technology and

creativity is spread the story global

making the Bible easy to print

to release his audio easy to push to

mobile easy to change lives this library

will safeguard each and every

translation protecting all copyrights

but whatever the language wherever it is

spoken the dream is that God's Word will

be there waiting and it's happened

already this digital Bible library has

helped to power Bible apps like

YouVersion opening the Bible in hundreds

of languages and an audience of over 100

million people today the digital Bible

library hosts 590 texts by next year

over a thousand in 20 years every

language on earth this moment sets a new

precedent and every new precedent

requires people who push think John

Wickliffe think William Tyndale Thank

You Hana Scouten birth thank you and me

the digital Bible library is open for

business thanks to the generosity of a

few another work to be done will require

many many more this can be our Gutenberg

moment God's Word for every tribe every

nation until every heart has finally