What is the Holy Bible?


the holy bible or bibliosacra

is a holy library that's right

it's not a single book but rather a

collection of sacred books

in reality it's a compilation of

histories recorded by

many authors more than that its


inspired words from god given to men and

women from about 4000 bc

to about 95 a.d that's a long time

so unsurprisingly there's a lot to be


this collection of holy writings follows

a pattern where god reveals

truth through his servants while there's

a ton of good advice

the crux of the entire collection

centers on jesus the christ

the old testament foreshadows his coming

and details the history of god's people

the new testament covers his birth


life death and resurrection

it also describes how jesus organized

his church on earth

and equipped his servants to spread his


but that's really just the beginning of

5 000 years of god speaking to us

there's much more to discover maybe

you've been wondering if the ten

commandments are still relevant

or what on earth a beatitude is or


you simply want to become a better

follower of jesus

we'll help you explore these questions

and more

with a personalized bible study whether

you're jumping in for the first time

or rekindling a lost love for the bible

there's unlimited wisdom to uncover

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