Bell Rock Lighthouse



so this morning I don't know if you can

call it landscape photography is

probably more seascape photography but

you can even cause these keep little but

we're going out to the bell rock the

bell rock white house

now this is a place that we wanted to go

for a long time a long long time never

really got into doing it but today we're

finally doing it so it's a kind of

almost come morning adjutant it's

probably flat ask average can probably

get really cloudy but that is our

chariot that is what we were going on to

be the Terra Nova we're going out to the

bell Rock there's a few of my friends

come along and just most of the trip got

the draw and hoping to do some drawn

filming in a night house and she's

really looking forward to the day it is

nice and warm but I don't know if I

wanted Sun nor would I rather have camp

conditions like this but yeah really

looking forward to getting out there

really excited we wanted to do the Bell

Rock weight hair strip for some time oh

god it's been really excited because

I've read a lot about tetes you know I

think we've all seen pictures have all

been never had the chance so when the

turns family came up why not so I

chartered a boat were going out to David

doing a few other things as well I've

got the drawer as I see and trying to go

doing tapes of filming get some aerial

shots and filming from the boat get some

GoPro set up but yeah just looking

forward to today and hope they can share

some some pictures with you

so life jackets are on what more comfier

than the typical harness I'm wearing

when I'm in the helicopter but you know

I think it's Kingdom blues my color

isn't it folks





so we've reached our destination the

Bell Rock

even more impressive seeing in person

it's just absolutely incredible

it's very well paid you can see all the

rocks he was still sitting on there

enjoying themselves but we want to come

here for eight years of that she finally

managed to challenge us is amazing so

just looking to get some shots then I'm

gonna get the drone up and that she was

we can capture your heart is floating




so much


stay strong








it has been amazing so far I've just

have to drawn up and I've got some

really great footage so looking forward

to it now on there's not much you can do

with the photos of the White House

there's a totally certain what angle you

can get obviously looking at a straight

on our side on can't really go up there

get a helicopter here but I think they

were I could something little bit

different so I think what we're gonna do

is when we get a little farther out from

the water so it's just significantly

farther away

use the zoom lens to compress the water

and get something a little bit different

that way I don't think of a long

exposure but obviously it wouldn't make

more sense of much sense set up a tripod

deer longs for you from a fort or six

penises so we're just about to move off

but so yeah we're just going to go off I

think we'll go further out in the water

and use the zoom lens to get sort of

compress the water and get a different

sort of angle on it but we've painted of

I think I've done enough here saving

some Gordon body for when we get back no

to Dundee but yeah it's getting a bit

colder no it's tolls on May sky yeah I

think we're gonna move on







perps is just back online and it was

fantastic better than I imagined

finally getting to see you all got some

walkie pictures weather wasn't the

greatest but the trip was absolutely


I think I'm gonna do it again a high

tide kept to the vel rug and different

conditions but often over the world