Manchester stand united – a city’s spirit captured by the bee emblem - 5 News

they may have marched silently but the

crowd carried the Mancunian spirit loud

and proud today Muslims Sikhs Christians

and atheists standing together in the

city they all call home determined not

to be divided here to remember the 22

people who lost their lives a year ago

among them Jess and Alex who were in the

arena that fateful night and told me

although the memories are still painful

there is a sense of pride beautiful.i

walking with different cultures through

races it was so important that's why we

walked because it doesn't matter where

you come from or who you are we're all

together here today it's like an outcry

to them we haven't done anything to it

you can't share because everyone just

gathers together and we get stronger so

that when a bond breaks and it heals it

just gets undone and everywhere you turn

in the city the iconic be painted on the

streets forever a sign of Manchester's

resilient spirit since the attack people

have worn the symbol with pride at the

time tattoo artists opened up their

Studios offering B tattoos to remember

the victims people queued across the

city it was tattooist Sam barbers idea

she not only raised spirits but 700,000

pounds for those affected by the attack

it was it is definitely like not just

the tattoo side of things but just seen

everyone's reaction in all different

fields all different walks of life

just how Manchester responded was just

amazing and that we all do care for each

other genuinely genuinely care for each

other and I'll just want it to help our

friends neighbors everything one social

historian told me from the Industrial

Revolution to now the symbol of the bee

in its many reincarnations will forever

show the city strength that whole

feeling of people coming together and

working together

you know making the best out of

something that's always been my

Chester's way and it's always been sort

of Manchester's motto today people of

all faiths came together Manchester they

told me he's stronger than ever I'm from

Manchester this is my city says my

community could very well be my my niece

is my potential kids who are out the at

the concert and me as a young person

from Manchester born and bred that's the

main reason why I'm here it was really

emotional actually when everyone clapped

I sort of it brought tears to my eyes it

was just him it's just something really

touching about people saying together

Nasser seeing what a big thing it is

started 22nd of May last year when some

of the worst of humanity came to trying

dividers and if they could be here a

year onwards completely the opposite of

what they wanted has happened what they

wanted to do it was was dividers and

today we're more United than ever the

message from Manchester today was clear

love will always win overhead