Five Problems Cause Battery Warning Light on Dashboard

in this video we're gonna talk about

five problems that cause your car to

display the battery icon on the

dashboard they can see here least no

more when you put the key into your car

and you switch on you will quickly

display the bachelor icon for a couple

of seconds the other is quite normal but

however when you turn on the engines and

the battery icon reminds right there and

with this particular car I also have a

battery icon display right here so when

that battery icon display while your

task is running again that will indicate

that you are having a problem with your

with your engine it might not be the

battery itself it might be some other

issues so in this video we will discuss

the five different things taking close

the car to display a battery's warning

light on the dashboard so the first

thing we do is we going to go and check

the battery the battery can definitely

cause the actually warning light to

display on the dashboard so you can

inspect your battery and make sure

they're in good conditions

so there is an itty clear light right

here it is a bit hard to see but you can

see it is green green indicating that

the battery is in good working order

when it is wet that made the battery

life is in it and you need to replace

the battery now not all batteries have

the same indicator like this one some

battery may have a different way to

indicate if the battery is still working

or not so you need to look at your

battery's instruction and find out if

your battery is still in good working

order or not you can also pass using a

tools to test to see if the battery have

the correct voltage even has the correct

voltage then it is still in good

conditions now all other things that you

can check you see here the connectors in

good condition if it is in bad condition

is definitely can

Kusum actually not to working quickly so

check to make sure this contact point is

it nice and clean and as well as this

contact point over here the positive and

then again make sure they are both in

good clean conditions because if they

are not in good clean conditions then it

might prevent electrical contact and

hence it will prevent the battery from

being charged now another things is you

can check to see when the battery is

last installed you can see this one here

install not long ago two years ago so I

can expect this batch which it goes for

another year or two so if you have

recently put in a new battery for your

car then you can't expect the batteries

have died already so that kind of like

blew out there must be another problems

so if the battery is in good working

order then the next thing that you can

check is the car alternator now the

alternator can be in different ways

depending on which cars you have with

this 100 Arco 2007 you can see

previously the problem is from the

alternator so I have the new alternator

replace and put in the new one in here

you can see this is a new alternator

that has just been put in a couple of

days ago so in my situations the problem

is the alternator the alternator does

not work anymore and it doesn't give out

charge so the house and the Cars

alternator is responsible for generating

generating electricity and with that

electricity it get transferred to the

batteries and your car's using the

electricity from the battery so if this

alternator is gone bad then you have to

fix it so that sees another problems

that may cause the battery won't invite

to display in your dashboard now another

problem is the regulator the regulator

is responsible for giving out the quick

charge to the battery if the regulator

is putting out giving out too much

charge then

damaged the battery and if it's get you

is not giving it enough charge then

eventually would not have enough power

to to allow the engines to drive so that

is another issue sometimes the regulator

is part of the alternator so even it's

part of the alternator then you have to

replace the whole things together

given these external normally you can

just replace the regulator and the car

should fix up with the battery icon so

that's three problems already so far and

other things is the belt here this belt

here is responsible for turnings

allowing the alternator to spins once it

spins it generate electricity and hence

transferring the energy state to the car

battery so if this cables here is loose

or not working correctly if it's loose

then it might not spin keep enough spins

to the alternator and then hence the

alternator would not have enough charge

to your car battery so check the cable

is nice and tight make sure it's not

loose it was loose then you need to

tighten it so check the cables check

alternators check the regulator if you

give it is external for an easy for you

see now check your batteries and one

more things is the cables itself now you

can see here on the alternators you have

electrical cables here and here as well

so that coming out if you recently spray

water on your car to clean the car's

engine for example what has make it into

this electrical system and hence stop

the cables from delivering the

electricity flows to the car battery so

always check the the cables and the

wires make sure they're nice and clean

make sure they're not wet and make sure

they're not damaged or cut so also check

the cables here open this one up and

check the cables make sure they are

connected and tightly secured onto the

connector the battery connector outside

the negative and the positive

they make sure this one to ask

to the car justice and then also check

the cables coming out from the positive

hair that goes down into the few box up

here as you can say some cables here

make sure that all the wires are in good

conditions and they are not broken

if it is damaged then it can definitely

cause your car to not be in charge

enhance displaying the battery warning

light on your dashboard so those are the

five major problems that can cause your

car to display a warning light actual

warning light so what do you do when you

so what do you do when you have any

battery icons displayed on your

dashboard it indicates that your car is

running doesn't have enough battery you

may be able to drive or do too and if

the alternate is broken it may go pass

any time and if the outer that is not

charging anymore or if it's charging

slowly then you might have half an hour

to one hour drive if you see in the

battery icons appear in the dashboard

make sure you turn off all the aircon so

have your aircon turn off because aircon

can use quite a bit of power so turn off

the aircon make sure you turn off or the

light in your car the headlight and the

internal light that you have turn off

your radios they don't use power

steering windows so your windows is has

a power have the power supplied to it

do not use power windows because that

can use it up a lot of batteries power

so if you want to have a long drive to

take you back to your local mechanic

let's get back home and make sure try to

minimize the use so by simply turn off

any electrical system in your car and I

hope you can fix the problem it's

definitely going to cost you money if

you see the battery lights

I can't display on your dashboard it

will not and I stress this it will not

go away by itself so if you do see that

icon appears on your dashboard my

make sure that you get it rectified as

soon as possible if not you may be able

the car may stop in the middle of the

road and and will give you even more

headaches later on so yeah thank you for

watching this video I hope you found it

helpful and of course they make there

could be other issues that causing your

your dashboard to display virtual icons

so and one more thing is that you will

see that once the battery is running low

your car edge of display up here it will

goes funny for example when I was

driving and the battery is running low

this Sepideh speedometers not working

quickly sometimes it just stays there

even when I'm driving sometime we could

go up to 140 120 and then it just


you will see some of the things up here

such as the petrol gauge the doors

indicator the brake slide the hand

brakes the doors and all the indicators

basically just flashing on and off

randomly that indicates that your

battery is depleting quickly and it

doesn't have enough power to allow your

car to run you can see your system clock

was that it goes funny and it might turn

off altogether and so when that happens

you know your car is actually something

though and you need to get to your local

mechanic any SAP and that's it

thank you for watching this video please

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