This is the Baseball Hall of Fame

tucked away in the northeast corner of

the US there is a small town where

tomorrow never comes

apply a place with a majestic Hall a

brick-and-mortar temple to the American

game here the warm glow of bygone days

are collected and safeguarded for all

time artifacts of brightness legendary

tools of a beloved trade but whenever

the present turns his eyes to the Past

the most coveted treasures are the


magnificent Yankee number seven Mickey

Mantle the greatest

they throw in when I'm slinging and I'll

be slaying might mean the old logging

icons of our prized pastime whose lives

on and off the field have the power to

change us forever well now here's

Robinson coming into the picture you see

the first colored fellas ever came in

belatedly thank you very much mr. Rickey

I am certainly delighted with my

contract strength with class

determination wrapped in hope within

these walls you will find the pride of a

nation today

I consider myself the luckiest man on

the face of the earth our desire to

overcome is personified here and every

now and then hammered home at 14

our story lies within these walls

triumphs of spirit alongside losses

we'll never forget

but even the past is an ever-changing

place and once a year

cherished heroes welcome new ones to

these hallowed halls as we select these

boys of summer to become known

for all time