How to relieve ball of foot pain NOW


ball of foot pain over not as common as

he'll pay and still quite flipping and a

kind of kid ball of foot pain is also

known as medical saga there are many

cause of this type of pain and it made

salsa food conditioners that result from

this type obviously depending on

severity now with the seat the most

common cause of pain is about precedent

foot whether the pressures are excessive

or long with the ball or talk about the

joints in the border to flex down there

for you step with the ball excessive

then the hill the whole body waves push

forward onto the ball or foot and the

heart of the ground the world exerts too

much pressure into the foot and as a

result you experience sharp pain burning

aching it's business in the ball which

can bring up common ball of foot pain

conditions such as osteoarthritis Planet

pay structure strains and mortar of the

moment which is the inflammation and

swing of the nerves between your joints

women experience more of this pain men

can also suffer from this type of foot

pain too it's not only for wearing high

heels but also from a compensated foot

type meaning when you have a flat foot

type all your pain then the body and

your feet will attempt to compensate or

readjust itself so you can move more

efficiently and our further elaborate

this concept my article coming up now it

really comes down to doing two major

things reducing the pressure on the ball

of foot and managing the tight muscles

which have become very tight and

constricted from working too hard to

allow you to readjust a compensate so

you can move more efficiently reducing

pressure on the ball is paramount this

can be done by you're simply using a

padded ball of foot inserts such as gel

or rubber which can be purchased from

the local chemist for those who are of

more pain more severe pain category then

you may require shoe modifications and

customized verses which are focused on

the ball the foot support the idea is to

apply an aprotic or soft hand

what I like to call a 4-foot pillow to

help you reduce the intense pressure on

the ball if you experience muscle strain

that makes then you would need what I

call muscle servicing which includes

loosening stretching tight muscles and

strengthening weak muscles to restore

muscle balance but certainly the first

step is to investigate what is the true

cause and we go from there

remember all pain is not normal any foot

pain is normal

consult consult your local podiatrist as

soon as possible have these problems

addressed limb first whip-smart Donna