Why Does The Bald Eagle Represent America?

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I say the United States of America

what animal comes to mind hey what's up

guys I'm Alex Farnham and this is

animalist news now when you think of

America some of the first images that

come to mind are probably barbecues

pecan pies and of course the bald eagle

but have you ever wondered why a bird is

one of America's most prominent symbols

the bald eagle was dubbed the national

bird in 1782 because of its beauty

strength and long life span it's also

the only Eagle native to North America

but not everyone was pleased with this

decision Benjamin Franklin argued that

the turkey should have been the national

bird because it's a much more

respectable bird a bird of courage that

would not hesitate to attack the British

considering some of the other contenders

were crows hummingbirds and chickens the

bald eagle really doesn't seem like that

bad of a choice but while a bird

represents the entire nation to mammals

are leading the biggest political

parties during the 1828 presidential

campaign the donkey was first associated

with Democrats when an opponent called

Andrew Jackson and ass however the

association didn't stick until nearly 50

years later when a famous political

cartoonist named Thomas Nest used a

donkey to symbolize Jackson in an issue

of Harper's Weekly in that same year the

same artist and dedicated Republican

drew an elephant in a cartoon depicting

the controversial nature of ulysses s

grant spittle career the elephant which

represents Republicans is seen running

scared towards chaos and inflation

symbolizing that while the party is

still strong it can be careless in times

of trouble who know that a few simple

cartoons would still be relevant 130

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