Bald Eagles - No Longer an Endangered Species

the bald eagle is the only eagle unique

to North America and the late 20th

century the bald eagle was on the brink

of extinction decades of conservation

efforts led to a dramatic recovery in

2007 the bird was delisted from the

United States list of endangered species

this majestic bird is still protected

and could be found throughout most of

North America the Northwest Coast is a

primary breeding ground these Eagles

live in Alaska where about half the

world's 70,000 bald eagles reside

juvenile bald eagles have mostly dark

heads and tails as they mature their

bodies become modeled with white adult

bald eagles have a distinctive white

head with dark brown bodies and wings it

takes the birds about five years to gain

their adult plumage in the wild bald

eagles can live approximately 15 to 30

years birds have been known to live up

to 40 years under ideal conditions the

bald eagle flourishes along the

northwest coast due to an abundance of

salmon and fishing while eagles can

catch fish that are alive dead or dying

fish are also an important food source

as the Eagle dives to catch its prey it

can achieve speeds between 35 and 45

miles per hour with the wingspan between

five and a half and eight feet the eagle

is an impressive sight to witness