Yellow Tongue Spot Explained!

I often get yellow spots on my tongue

why does this happen and here's an

example of a picture

drew you're near knows you sadness team

this dr. Mike and I'll start off I mean

that's why when you come in and the

doctor says there's a reason it's not

yellow is it no it's not this case it's

probably a harmless build-up dead cells

on the probably a little switch in the

in the so called micro biome you got it

in the mouth a little shifts in the

bacteria it's a big bacteria that are

giving that pigment look to the tongue

but a lot of different things we can see

with the tongue again and you know we

have that natural flora our normal flora

and in the tongue it's no different it's

an oral mucosa it changes with what we

eat we talked about hydration earlier so

a lot of things in terms of how our

immune system works how our bodies work

our based upon what we do to our bodies

do we exercise do we stay healthy do we

eat yes our diet so it's typically not

anything to get worried about but take a

look I think it's important and as you

said that's one of the reasons when

patients come in we take a look is it I

guess the tongue can tell you a lot

these days

incidentally the color yellow if you're

starting to see the color yellow in

other areas your eyes your skin you do

have to worry about things like jaundice

from potentially liver disease