Aye Aye: The Harbinger of Death

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the aye-aye is a lemur that's trying

everything in its power to convince

people but it's not a lemur hi i'm

danielle and you're watching animal

logic found only in madagascar

the aye-aye or Dubin tonyia madagascar

ANSYS is a type of lemur that takes the

cake for weirdest looking primate in the

world it simultaneously revolting and

adorable I love it how they got their

name is somewhat of a mystery nobody

really knows where it came from

and some say that it's the local word

for I don't know which kind of makes

sense naming the other lemurs must have

been pretty easy oh that one has rings

on its tail it's a ring tail that one's

red it's a red roof lemur but then the

aye-aye was found and they had to be

just like bad ears long fingers I don't

know like all other lemurs and their

cousins the bush babies and patas

eye eyes have wet noses like dogs unlike

our side of the family including monkeys

apes and tar ca'se who have dry noses

lack of obvious cuteness isn't the only

way I eyes differ from most other lemurs

they're nocturnal which is incredibly

rare amongst primates as we're highly

vision oriented I eyes while not having

bad vision are much more touch sound and

scent oriented than most other primates

examinations of their brains have found

that their olfactory lobe so their sense

of smell is larger than other lemurs and

their visual structures are smaller if

you hadn't noticed my eyes have two

super exaggerated features their ears

and their fingers and the two go

hand-in-hand I eyes are arboreal and to

find food they go around tapping their

fingers on trees and listening to the

acoustics to find hollow areas where

grubs might be living when they find one

they use their incisors which are

slanted forward to make a small hole in

the tree they then use their super long

and skinny finger to reach in and pull

the grub out this hunting strategy is

called percussive foraging and they

spend about 40% of their time doing it

they primarily use two long fingers when

foraging their third finger is extremely

thin and has

almost no muscle they use this finger

for tapping on the trees it has a

ball-and-socket type joint which allows

for a wide range of motion by tapping on

the tree they're able to use those big

ears and fine-tune senses to find which

trees have grubs in them their fourth

finger is also very long but it's more

muscular and it's the one that they use

to pull grubs and other treats out of

the trees both of these fingers which

are about half the length of their body

have vast ranges of motion which is

rather unique among lemurs most of which

lack the neuromuscular control required

to move their fingers independently of

one another I eyes eat insect larvae

fruits fungi seeds but their favorite

meal is the Rani nut another thing that

sets them apart from the rest of us

primates is the fact that they have

claws instead of males they are

especially useful for snagging pesky

grubs that don't want to be pulled out

of their hiding places not only that but

again unlike every other primate I eyes

teeth never stop growing like rodents I

eyes are fairly small measuring up to a

meter long including their tail which

makes up half of their body length

they are generally solitary marking

their territory with scent but they're

not particularly put off by other eye

eyes checking out their turf

unless mating is involved in which case

males will fight for the right to mate

with a female who are the dominant sex

in I eye society mating takes around an

hour during which the male is stuck and

unable to leave females can have a

single baby every two to three years I

eyes are endangered and are the last

living members of their family their

only sister species the giant aye-aye

which were about twice as big as a

regular eye I went extinct around a

thousand years ago due to human activity

their numbers have decreased by 50% in

the last 30 years and their populations

are predicted to decrease by another 50%

in the next 10 to 20 years as Madagascar

is further developed the trees that

provide them with food and shelter are

being torn down and they're often hunted

by locals this is in part due to a

superstition that I eyes are a bad omen

and are bad for crops

some believe that you can die from just

looking at one and that you can get bad

luck just by saying its name due to this

guys have been killed on site by some

super superstitious people this is a

really difficult problem to solve but if

you happen to know anyone who actually

thinks that I eyes are a bad omen please

tell them all of the amazing things that

you just learned about them and

hopefully we can make a change I always

need to spend a large portion of their

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aye-aye-aye aye-aye-aye damn nothing