Australian Sea Lion- Endangered Species

hi my name is Abbi nip and i did my

presentation on the australian sea lion

according to the IUCN Red List the

Australian sea lion is an endangered

species they are native to and currently

live in mainly South in Western

Australia there are currently an

estimated 12,000 690 individuals

dispersed among 81 subpopulations

Australian sea lions are the only type

of pinniped that have a non annual

breeding cycle with intervals of 17 to

18 months between pupping seasons

breeding seasons can occur any time of

the year and typically occur every four

to nine months their foraging is

restricted to continental shelf waters

and they rarely exceed 150 metres deep

wall fortitude

these large creatures consume an ample

amount of food with their diet

consisting of octopus squid cuttlefish

and many other small fish species people

have been working hard towards the

conservation of the Australian sea lion

especially the organization called

Australian fisheries management

Authority some fun facts are that the

females can grow to be up to 250 pounds

in the male's up to 700 pounds they are

also excellent climbers through this

project I learned that there are many

organizations that help endangered

species they implement protection laws

provide them with food and sometimes

even clear their habitat of their

predators I realize that there is a lot

that the average person can do to help

conserve endangered species whether it's

donating to an organization changing

decisions within your everyday lifestyle

or getting involved firsthand anything

can help