the answer to life, universe and everything

many millions of years ago a race of

hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings

got so fed up with the constant

bickering about the meaning of life that

they commissioned two of their brightest

and best to design and build a

stupendous super computer to calculate

the answer to life the universe and

everything we want you tell us Vyasa the

answer to what fianc to life the

universe everything we really like an


something simple we have to think about

that return to this place in exactly

seven and a half million years as a

felis errors like this one they go back

what seven and a half million years

later that's right they do

II thought you answer for you yes but

you're not gonna like it we must know it

alright the answer to the ultimate

question of life the universe and

everything is

forty-two yes yes I thought it over

quite there it is it's 42 it would have

been simpler of course to have known

what the actual question was the

alternate question every that's not a

question only when you know the question

will you know what the answer means give

us the ultimate question I can't but

there is one who can a computer that

will calculate the ultimate question a

computer of such infinite complexity

that life itself will form part of its

operational matrix and you yourselves

shall take on new more primitive forms

and go down into the computer to

navigate it's ten million year program

I shall design this computer for you and

it shall be called