Why Praying The Angelus is Awesome - Fr. Jonathan Meyer



I am father Jonathan Mayer from All

Saints parish I like to talk today about

the Angelus the Angelus is a prayer that

is traditionally prayed three times a

day 6 o'clock a.m. 12 o'clock noon and 6

o'clock p.m. why is it prayed three

times a day and why at those hours well

in the history of the church monks would

pray at set hours during the day in fact

they still do that and in fact priests

and religious sisters are called to do

the same we have what is known as the

bravery or the Liturgy of the hours as a

diocesan priest I'm required to pray at

five times a day the Angelus was a way

for the lay faithful to have set hours

of prayer so much so and so many lay

faithful embraced this that the churches

actually began to ring bells at 6:00

a.m. 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m. every day

to remind the lay faithful to pause and


so what prayers are prayed at 6:00 noon

and 6:00 well that's where it gets the

word Angelus from the Angelus is the

first Latin words that you find in the

prayer so the prayer begins the angel of

the Lord declared in to Mary and that of

course is where we get the Angelus from

the angel now what the prayer really is

it's a it's a deep reflection on the

Incarnation of our Lord the Incarnation

we say that we've been in karne think of

a carnivore a flesh eater in the flesh

so our God entered into humanity our God

entered into our lives our God entered

into this world in carnot in the flesh

and so this prayer beautifully reminds

us and beautifully teaches us that God

wants to continue to enter into our life

the Incarnation him entering into our

world she wants to do that every day he

wants to date your workplace he wants to

to do that when you're taking care of

your kids

he wants you to do that when life is

stressful when life seems over

burdensome he wants you to remember that


they're in the flesh in your life he's

with you now so this simple prayer of

praying at these three times a day helps

us to do that the prayer specifically

speaks about Mary's relationship with

the angel Gabriel which also should

remind us about our angels and that God

entered into the world through that so

the prayer is simply this the angel of

the Lord declared in to Mary and she

conceived by the Holy Spirit so if we

just look at that part of the prayer the

angel the Lord the angel Gabriel came to

Mary and Mary conceived by the Holy

Spirit just think about how deep that is

number one angels were with Mary angels

are with you the Holy Spirit was with

Mary the Holy Spirit is with you when

the angel the Lord declared to Mary and

she conceived by the Holy Spirit the

Holy Spirit entered into Mary's life and

Christ became present the Holy Spirit

enters into your life and becomes

president and the prayer says behold I

am the handmaid of the Lord be it deed

may it be done to me according to your

word that that's a direct quote from

Scripture that's Mary saying I am the

handmaid of the Lord

I am the serving the Lord let it be done

to me according to your word how often

in your life do you need to surrender

often to your life do you choose not to

surrender Mary gives us the model in the

image of saying I'm the hand of the Lord

I'm the servant of the Lord let it be

done to me let me surrender the last

part of the prayer says this and the

word was made flesh and dwelt among us

that's Jesus Jesus became flesh and

dwelt among us Jesus will become flesh

on the altars of our church during the

celebration of Holy Mass Jesus enters

into our flesh we receive him the Holy

Communion but Jesus also enters into our

lives of daily when we allow him to

enter in I ask of you to pray the

Angelus as often as possible I think

particularly at this time in the church


Angeles will give you that rhythm and

that routine of constantly inviting

Christ into your life and into your

heart it's my prayer that our blady

our Blessed Mother Mary Our Lady the

angels and the Saints will help you to

recognize the power of Christ in the

power of the Holy Spirit now and always

may we remain united in this prayer and

through God's grace may we be the Saints

that he's calling us to be amen