The Meaning of the Anchor Symbol in Christianity

hey this is jaredes from

you may notice the symbol of an anchor

being used in

christian and catholic churches it was a

very ancient symbol used by the early

church early christians as a code or a

secret way of referencing

christ so you won't see a lot of crosses

or pictures of jesus in the catacombs

that were hidden from the romans who

were trying to kill the christians

what you will see are symbols like this

anchor so what does the anchor

mean what's its significance well part

of it comes from this

verse in the book of hebrews the letter

of the

hebrews in chapter 6 verse 19 that says

we have this

hope a sure and steadfast anchor of the


so the anchor is a symbol for

hope a symbol for the hope that we have

in christ the hope that we have in the

resurrection which is why anchors are

often shown on

tombs of the early christians

it's also often used just as a picture

kind of

in place of the cross or the crucifix if

you look closely and sometimes you'll

see crucifixes and crosses that are

shaped like

anchors again connecting to hope here

but if you look closely here you could

kind of trace across right here's a

picture that looks very similar to a

cross and sometimes

they had in these early church drawings

jesus kind of overlaid on this anchor

of hope and sometimes you might even see

you know the jesus fish

nearby not because anchors and fish

connected because these these fish

also reference jesus they're a christian

symbol for jesus in in the early church

because it was an acronym you know um

the word fish in greek

stood for jesus christ son of god savior

so this

beautiful symbol here of this anchor of

the soul that is our hope

in the lord jesus christ it was used by

the early church to hide and

to communicate this was a christian


meaning hope or referencing jesus christ

who we have our hope

and it continues to be used in many

different different ways today you'll

see this

symbol in catholic churches and used by

the congregation of holy cross for


as a symbol for hope symbol for

um our hope that we have in in the lord


that's the meaning of this idea of

anchor symbolism in the church

go make disciples god bless