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which animal is the rarest big cat in

the world with a wild population of 103

well grab your own shotgun your big

fluffy winter coat cuz we're going north

to find out on this episode of kikis fun

animal facts



today we're gonna learn about the

armored leper or panthera pardus

orientalis this is Samson and his

brother Jilin they're around ten months

old and look how big they already are

they are solitary animals so they don't

gather in a group aside from young

siblings and mothers they live 10 to 15

years in the wild but in managed care

they can live to 20

some people think of leopards as living

in the high trees of the African

savannah well not all of them do the

Amur leopard lives in eastern Russia and

northeastern China they are the farthest

north of any of the eight leopard

species and they'll feed on sicka and

roe deer small mammals rodents and

whatever else they'll have a taste for

matter of fact a single adult deer can

feed a leopard for over a week


our leopards are very pretty and look

like other leopards

at least to the untrained eye our

leopards different from other leopards

due to their thick fur which is a pale

cream color especially in the winter

their rosettes on the flanks are 5

centimeters by 5 centimeters and widely

spaced up to 2.5 centimeters they have

thick unbroken rings and darkened

centres sadly though as beautiful as

they are they are the rarest cat in the

world in the wild there are only a

hundred and three left that's a big

difference from the 30 that were left in

2000 thanks to conservation and kosher

management and an effort called land of

the leopard fund this number is steadily

growing if this cat can go from

critically endangered to endangered to

vulnerable well that would make them

have the greatest animal comeback in


matter of fact there are a hundred and

eighty to two hundred armored leopards

in zoos and conservation parks that are

part of the SSP or Species Survival

program this program helps endangered

animals breed and grow their numbers our

leopards are capable of running 37 miles

an hour they can jump 19 feet

horizontally and ten feet vertically

their nimble-footed strong and they're

even capable of hoisting really heavy

prey high up into the trees to keep away

from other predators they hunt during

the day and they'll follow herds of Sica

and roe deer


they'll become sexually mature around

two to three years I can continue to

reproduce up to 15 the mother is

pregnant for 92 to 95 days and can give

birth to one to four cubs they stay with

their mother for around two years and

then set off on their own although there

have been reports of Cubs staying with

mom even after she's had another litter

and they all help raise them our leopard

males will also stay with mom to help

her raise her cubs


I'm are leopards are silent most of the

time but they'll give off a horse

raspy yell when they want to keep them

when they want to show off their

territorial boundaries it sounds

something like this


unfortunately though the Amur leopards

biggest threat is poaching for their

beautiful fur deforestation logging

human / hunting of Sica and roe deer and

the consumption of their bones which is

used in traditional Chinese medicine

these small populations mean that

inbreeding is also an issue too because

inbred Cubs just don't live very long

and therefore can't continue the lineage




now for the question of the day the Amur

leopard has many different names so

which of these is one of the names for

the Amur leopard is it a the Manchurian

leopard B the Far East Leopard see the

Korean leopard or D all of the above


the answer is d all of the above the

armor leopard has many names due to the

many ranges that they inhabit but no

matter what you call them their true

name will still be panthera pardus

orientalis now the cat with the most

names however is the cougar or mountain

lion Puma Mexican lion Catamount silver

screamer deer cat red tiger devil cat

Florida panther the most important thing

about armored leopards is the fact that

we need to work together to save them as

mentioned before they are on the fast

track to extinction unless we band

together and help a number of Russian

and international organizations are

working day and night and effort to save

these leopards the conservation plans

include helping the increasing

population and developing better

programs for the cats and managed-care

trap cams are installed in national

parks where the wild populations live to

track the animals and study their wild



right now I'm the easternmost part of

Russia bordering the country of North

Korea there's a national park called

land of the leopard or zemlya leopard ah

they have Rangers there that patrol for

poachers poaching and Russia can land

you a prison sentence of two years this

plus donations from WWF the wild cats

Conservation Alliance and the land of

the leopard National Park efforts have

helped these armored leopards to

steadily increase in the wild the more

leopards that are born and grow into

adulthood the more genetic diversity is

allowed many zoos that keep the Amur

leopards are part of the SSP or Species

Survival Plan this allows safely

leopards to be matched with other

leopards to increase their population

right now there are more armored

leopards and managed care than there are

in the wild but conservation efforts

want to change that to give the Amur

leopards a wild comeback


if you want to help the Leopards there

are a few things you can do yourself if

you're planning and doing some home

improvements in the future make sure you

buy your wood at an FSC certified

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Council makes wood products from

ethically obtained trees they are

leading the way to protect forests and

help the ecosystem and animals even if

you're not buying wood you can still buy

FSC paper products food products beauty

products and remember try not to use

plastic bags while shopping reusable

grocery bags are more eco-friendly

I left a link down in the description

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even a download link in the bottom that

will let you know where to buy FSC wood

for your next home project if we ban

together the Amur leopards will be the

only animal will help save


our leopards are beautiful animals and

they desperately need our help even if

you can't travel to Russia and volunteer

to keep the poachers at bay there's

still many things that you can do in

your country to help if the Amur

leopards can make a comeback that means

there is still hope for the other

critically endangered animals as well


well I'm glad that we got to discover

more about the armor leopards

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