Why Is The Amazon Rain Forest Being Destroyed w/ Kaylor Betts

what causes gigantism like we had

gigantic reptiles gigantic what caused

that constant son right so if you get go

well I'm just thinking when something

grows it's just getting constant light

on a on a major basis all the time you

just get constant you grow right because

you're just getting all this light all

the time like if you had 24-hour light

all the time like you put the [ __ ]

plant on it just it would just grow like

a mother for what I grow if I had 24

that's what that's what that's what I

might if they were like plants say like

it like that they would just grow right

so this is just where I was thinking

frozen on the other side we had a freeze

is it possible that at one point the

earth was not spinning or it's it

changes rotation and one side of the

earth was tropical and the other side

was a frozen tundra kind of like the

moon right like we're just frozen on one

side Oh

maybe what happens to is once it's once

the whole the top melts out what happens

does it Bob

remember like we talked about that -

like does the reverse which will it just

go and the poles the polarities will

just flip well if the polarity flips our

isn't our electrical grid I'll walk then

I have no idea this is all just no we

don't be sure if the poles if if the

poles reverse then our electrical grid

goes out so like you know I don't like

that either but no but I do know what

I'm saying like I do if if the weight

distribution on the poles is changes

false on this landmass up here in this

landmass up here change and this

landmass melts out and his water just

seeps out would that all of a sudden

just like a thing know if it's hot

enough if it's hot enough literally the

ocean is like evaporating yeah like the

water in the ocean and water on earth is

evaporating as the is it leaving okay

there's a there's a saying that things

change nothing changes but still there

are changes which essentially means when

you light a log on fire for example it

changes right that doesn't leave but it

actually doesn't leave it's all matter

is neither created nor destroyed

just transfers form so if the ocean is

one somewhere

all right so you got water it's going

somewhere it can see somewhere but yeah

I've heard though that that's a big

problem that the water is literally

evaporating just like going into that

right on the table here like it's just

on a way better scale but you yeah I get

what you're saying like if it just

evaporates and then goes into like form

doesn't grow some buds and then turn my

brain the earth and to take it more of a

gas ball I don't know it's like the

Amazon rainforest is like the lungs of

the planet yeah actually it's literally

[ __ ] the rate at which it's going

cutting getting cut down what do they

what are they cutting it down for Oh

Mike comes down to money I know I know

about agriculture I know but what is in

the rain for sale is actually the one

that's really responsible everything and

it's Amazonian wood Brazil is chopping

it down like crazy I know I know but is

it Amazonian wood like where are you

getting wood from this may sound like it

when you go to Home Depot Lowe's

whatever I know it's where you actually

I don't think it's as much the wood

obviously they said its agriculture it's

like they're trying to create land for

for agriculture so what are they doing

with the wood then well they're selling

it for sure I just I don't think the

primary purpose is really isn't I don't

think I I have no idea but yeah

I've always wondered about why they're

chopping the rainforest stone I don't

know oh like Brazil is one of one of the

fastest growing oh it's a fast growing

economy I don't know if it we're [ __ ]

chopping down that's one of our major

tree and yeah don't we replace it in

order to replace the rainforest Trump

doesn't give a [ __ ] about that man

that's the thing like he doesn't give a

[ __ ] about the environment at all and

it's like like to a certain extent again

I don't know if climate change is real

or whatever but like I'm not willing to

just sit back and be like wow what are

you then what are we doing we're getting

I don't know there's a good question

we're the only ones that you vote we

it's it the only thing we can do I think

at this point is we vote a specific way

unfortunately we can't

I literally man the 2020 election I

think is I know I'm gonna be tuned into

my TV like crazy terms man the damn

corner right now if the Democrats don't

get it I literally think this climate

thing is a dire situation at least

that's what I'm told by credible sources

and if that's the case if the Democrats

don't get in in 2020 and and Trump stays

another term that's another that's six

years from now basically of no fighting

for the environment whatsoever from the

American standpoint which is I think it

could be catastrophic like as crazy as

that sounds I I think what are this what

are the specifics that he's doing that

is hurting the environment I don't know

either way he doesn't he denies climate

change there's a lot of there's a lot of

people that do in like higher authority

nothing Democrat so that any any

Democrat that's running I know those are

two polarizing things there's but

they're both credible because there's

both science back okay here's one that's

kind of like here's a flat earth globe

earth okay a flat earth the science

isn't there for me you don't upset it

globe earth science there where it makes

sense flat earth it's kind of there's a

lot of holes being polluted with

Democratics versus Republicans views

they do have some [ __ ] those is like

[ __ ] I don't know what there's a few

here and there that get sprinkled in

there but there's a lot of show that

you're just like that's kind of weird I

know man I think we talked about a yeah

there's too many holes in that one yeah

but with climate change on Republican

side not a lot of holes of climate

change on Democratic side the science is

like yo this makes sense and we could

have it be a [ __ ] up state you read

the science on the Republican side

you're like yo like there's no climate

change this is just all part of

naturally what's going on like I could

but we're not listening to the scientist

this is a problem with other scientists

on both sides this is the thing with

scientists mad scientist me scientists

do science based on grant applications

the government pays for them I go it and

a lot of times and this is this is where

it gets scared because sometimes

scientists are like oh I'm just doing my

research sometimes if they research some

[ __ ] and they find the answer to

sometimes they don't want to let it know

because then that means their funding is

done well yeah so like so they keep

moving forward on some [ __ ] for sure

trying to find [ __ ] because like even

though that the they've been proven

wrong or whatever they'll continue to do

it because they're getting paid to do it

all I've heard all we heard the same set

so on

this is wrong but I've heard this

numerous times that about 97% of the top

scientists in the world or in America I

don't know or the world are warning the

government's very heavily that we need

to make a change or in 15 to 20 years

things right so when people say there's

science on both sides it's kind of like

I don't know what the paper says so

unless unless that's that is wrong so no

but does that mean like I like to follow

the money

and figure out what does that mean does

if a climate change guy because I don't

know either way that's a smart thing the

guy says yo man is catastrophic we need

to make some changes but bla we need to

do this this this this and this does

that mean that we have to dump a

shitload of money into these guys

pockets um you know because not barely

any governments are even listening like

this where it goes like like what

happens the scientists are at this point

with America are literally just sitting

there like hey guys let's [ __ ] do

something hey guys let's oh I can do

something in Trump's just like nope

doesn't exist so what so it's hard for

me too what's a carbon tax gonna do like

where's the carbon tax do the carbon tax

lowers the amount why don't you put in a

law you could just put in a law and say

you're only allowed to dig up this much

no I'm saying it's just easier to do a

tax I'm not only for the carbon tax so

just hash grab its it doesn't do

anything I know because it takes money I

don't think it is man because and again

I don't know all the details this this

could be there could be gray or two but

the the theory of the carbon tax is the

at least from the Canadian government

was to tax any excess co2 production by

companies any carbon production by oil

companies in the environment they tax it

so that it will force the companies to

produce less carbon and then once the

government gets the tax they give it

back to the people which in theory if

carbon is the problem I mean that you

know what that'd make sense but they put

the company if I'm getting taxed more to

do a job I'm gonna turn that cost to the

people that are buying my product I was

just gonna say nothing

I'm not for carving sake I'm just saying

that they really wanna stop the carbon

thing you need to put a law saying you

can't do this you like you literally

can't do if they really cared if they

really really truly cared it'd be like

okay I Drive I Drive a car there's a lot

of gas they were just outright ban my

car yeah but I mean the carbon tax I

think is just a better way of doing it

so that because you're disrupting the

free market at that point to say that

you can they would say it's regulation

and by the way there's people out there

that know way more about the carbon tax

I mean that are probably getting really

upset right but we're all in the same

boat there's probably a bunch of man I

just said yeah I'm not like directly

affected by the carbon tax other than

that I do care about the environment so

I don't really know all the details but

that to me was the premise behind it


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