How To: Fix AirPlay iCon Not Showing on Menu Bar


hi guys today I'll be showing you how to

fixed airplay icon not showing on your

menu bar if for some reason your airplay

icon is not showing on your menu bar

here is a quick and simple fix my Mac OS

is Mac OS I Sierra this method not only

work for Mac OS High Sierra it also

works with Mac OS Mojave and Catalina as

well so you can see at the top here my

airplay icon doesn't show up to fix that

just go to finder and then you click on

the what go at the top then click go to

folder so just type in exactly what you

see here we go to a specific folder

slash sister click on tab you click on

tab it will correct a view of typing

smaller big letters so that you can go

to the right folder and also it gives

you another slash we don't have to type

it library

so you either type it small it correct

me see

tap again call services menu extra you

type exactly what to see here I also

included this in the description for

click go it goes to this specific folder

and what you need to find is a foul call

displays dot menu rank here if I double

click on it you can see at the top

that's the airplay icon we click on it

it is a P again for some reason if it

doesn't disappear it's okay but if it

disappear again you need to go to System

Preferences this place and you have to

add take this one okay so when I double

click on this it will not disappear

again because I already antique show

mirroring options here which means

always show you a double click yeah stay

there it will not disappear again and

again it works not only for Mac OS High

Sierra it also worked for Mac OS o heavy

and Catalina as well ok that's it guys

this is a simple fix for your airplay

icon not showing on the menu bar thank

you so much for watching if you liked

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guys see you the next video