What You Should and Shouldn't Do When the Air Quality Is Unhealthy

south bay the north bay peninsula the

air is just about everywhere

let's take a look at the air quality in

palo alto right now you can see the

meter is registering

above 200 in the very unhealthy range so

what can you do about it

our janelle wang is here and she's i

know you've been talking to a

pulmonologist people especially with

asthma whatever our eyes everyone's just

dealing with all this so what can you do

yeah even if you don't have underlying

health conditions you probably are

feeling it so the best thing is just to


indoors doctors say today is the worst

day of our air quality

in the last few weeks and as you

mentioned this is our 25th consecutive

spare the air day and it's been extended

again through monday so that will mean

28 straight days all over northern

california air quality readings moved

into the

very unhealthy range that's just before

the highest level

hazardous doctors tell us that walking

around outside today without an

n95 mask was like smoking a half a pack

of cigarettes

we spoke to a pulmonologist who says

jogging walking even dining outside is a

bad idea today because of all the smoke

and ash in the air it causes

inflammation in the lungs patients with

pre-existing lung conditions such as

asthma emphysema are especially at risk

young people

children whose lungs are not completely

developed are

especially at risk

as you might expect portable air

purifiers are nearly sold out at many

hardware stores if you do

have one keep it running all day and

like i mentioned even if you don't have

underlying symptoms like asthma

you may be experiencing symptoms my

friends are telling me they don't have

asthma but they're having difficulty

breathing they have

watery red eyes you might feel a

scratchy throat or itchy nose it's like

allergies this is

happening to so many people who normally

don't get affected

by wildfire smokes now now if you want

to check out the air quality in your

neighborhood just go to our website

you can click on spare the air streak on

the trending bar

and then scroll and click the button

we've posted a link to that's

a great website i'm on it literally 10

times a day

and you can check it out at to check out the air

quality in your neighborhood of course

jeff will have more on when relief will

be coming in raj yeah