Bay Area Forecast: Poor Air Quality Continues

turn things over to meteorologist jeff

franieri and jeff let's talk about this

weird haze that we're having we're 22

days you know

and still counting here when can we

expect the air to clear a little bit for


well that's really unknown right now

because of all of the active fire

behavior around us we now

that we have our bay area fires you know

with some great containment numbers we

now have three

other large fires outside of the bay

area get a little bit of wind shift here

and there

and we're seeing that smoke move in so

we really need to see a lot of this fire


uh get control of before we see some

march marked differences i do want to

start off with a red flag fire warning

that really has been a big concern in

the mountains we have those pg e

safety power shutoffs that are happening

right now and i do want to let you know

in the mountains over the past 24 hours

we have seen wind gusts up to 60 miles

per hour at mount st helena

atlas peak to 41 but notice the

disparity here down at the surface not

quite as gusty napa 18

nevado 17 and santa rosa at 13. so the

red flag fire warning remains in effect

for 1 000 feet and above

until 8 o'clock tomorrow morning and

then we'll see those winds in the


beginning to calm down i want to get to

the other top

pressing issue and that is the sky and

the smoke look we all look towards the

distance today

and you can see that orange sky the haze

the thick

smoke and you'll see it right here in

that live walnut creek sky camera but

look at these

live air quality sensor readings we're

seeing right now take a look at the key

at the top and you can see most of the

bay area is reading

moderate to unhealthy for sensitive

groups from the north bay to the south


you'd think by the way it looks we'd be

reading the

very unhealthy category but there's a

reason why we're seeing

the thick smoke towards the distance and

it's not

translating down to very unhealthy air

quality i want to show you why

so let's get a look and you can see as

we get this expanded view

we have those three fires that are

contributing to the smoke

the august complex the creek fire and

the dolan fire

now with those fires the

smoke with the most harmful particles is


just above the ground level so

those dangerous smoke particles are

there but it's just not down here on the

surface where we're breathing it so it

is giving us a little bit of a break in

that respect even though it looks

completely gross

so as we look at this explainer i put

together i think this does a really good

job of explaining

why the most harmful smoke is staying

above the surface

and you can see with what we're dealing

with right now

the smoke is lifting into the atmosphere

fifteen to two thousand feet above the


and stronger winds in the upper levels

it's keeping that

smoke suspended because right down here

near the surface

the winds are not that gusty to kind of

mix those dangerous particles down to

the surface

so we're getting lucky we're not seeing

very unhealthy air

and the worst of it's staying just above

the surface so for tomorrow

that means we're going to be in the

moderate to unhealthy range kind of

teetering back and forth

so as you move through tomorrow morning

you can see my temperatures will be

starting off in the low 60s here with

that fog and also the haze

down to 60 for the east bay san

francisco 58 and the north bay at 59.

my seven-day forecast here in san

francisco does drop it down to some

cooler 60s by friday

saturday sunday and monday and for the

inland valleys we're also seeing a

considerable drop

from that heat wave will eventually get

down to 87 by friday

and also on saturday so we'll say

goodbye to the heat

later on this week the smoke it's going

to be a day by a day issue for us here

okay thank you jeff