Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water? AC Leaking Water Inside House

be prepared for a water mess when your

why does an air conditioner leak water why does an air conditioner leak water

well there's a number of reasons first of all the drain line is plugged up

typically it's a like a vinyl hose air conditioners we install we actually put

in a PVC a 3/4 inch PVC pipe which doesn't tend to plug up like a hose does

but a hose is either plugged up with gunk or maybe it's even kinked over time

you know they'll kind of King once it plugs up it the water backs up to the

evaporator drain pan and just overflows in the furnace so you'll see a lot of

water inside the furnace on the floor around the furnace the air conditioner

is leaking water but it's on the inside and actually water outside typically is

not a problem you might see some water coming out of your air conditioner and

it's a not a concern another reason so we had clogged up drain line weighted

double check that just pull the drain line off many times you pull it off and

now it's like Niagara Falls coming out of the hole put it back on ok there's my

problem let's try not to make a mess here be prepared for a water mess but

you could have gunk in the drain pan itself let's say we take the hose off

and nothing comes out of the drain pan well now you might want to look in there

sometimes there's a bug literally a bug dead bud so so if you pull the drain

hose off and there's no water coming out wait a minute it's it's beyond where I'm

at so you need to start looking inside that drain pan could be made out of

metal some are made out of plastic that can crack or rust so you could have a

drain pan problem so if you know you've got a clear and open drain hose and

drain line and still have a problem that's very possible

supposed to be water draining from the indoor unit into a pan yes it's not

supposed to be oh I supposed to be controlled it's supposed to be very

controlled so yes you should have water at the floor drain the gunk the gunk

that's in that pipe the gunk that's in the drain pan that plugs up we can treat

that we actually have a fan treatment most air conditioner tune ups that we go

on we put a pan treatment so that dream pan that's on underneath

the evaporator think about it it's wet it's cold it's dark they can you can get

biological growth down there these are a slow-release treatment to the water

that's in that pan and it virtually eliminates these kinds of problems oh

really oh yeah I thought it was just to treat the water but it helps in other

ways yes it cleans up the drain pan cleans out the drain hoses so they don't

clear and it will help them to not clog right how often would you recommend

replacing annually every year they give themself up they're a slow release

material but they literally turn part as a rock once they have depleted

themselves that they work extremely well it's similar to another problem we've

talked about ISTEP you could have a malfunctioning air conditioner that has

ISTEP and it can cause water to be all over the floor sometimes people aren't

aware of that they're not really equating the air conditioners not

cooling but I've also got water running on my floor well if you've got a

malfunctioning air conditioner that has ISTEP many times that's associated also

with water leaking on the floor yeah