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what's up today we're gonna be talking

about why you shouldn't join the

military if you're like these people of

course I'm in the military so far I love

my experience the military I'm just

saying military's number everyone so if

this applies to you maybe you should

read it the number one and most

important thing I think is if you're

selfish military is a team aspect

there's no I in team unless it's in a

different language than I'm sure one of

the other languages spells it with an

eye but the US military

there's no IMT me now this comes crucial

when it comes to boot camp a school and

career progression so boot camp you're

probably not gonna pass unless you and

your buddies can help each other pass

together a school comes to the same

mentality those people who are studying

alone in their room I'm a hospital

corpsman which is the medical enlisted

side of the Navy but those who were

studying alone in their room did

significantly worse than those of us who

went to a study group together after

school when you come to the fleet career

progression who they're gonna give

better evals to in terms of Navy for

Marine Corps and other thing who they're

gonna give better boards and promotion

to is who's more involved who's more for

the team their senior just for yourself

hey it's always good to progress

yourself you should be going to school

maybe Army Marine Corps Air Force we all

want you to go to school and progressed

yourself but you also have to progress

the team with you you can't just be solo


going up here and not dragging the force

behind the IE I don't know volunteer for

committees for jobs etc Navy ball comes

up every year you should be volunteering

to help out with that corpsman ball

comes up every year you should be

volunteering to help out with that

command sponsored events you should be

like hey I want to lead that I want to

get a group of my fellows and we're

gonna head a spearhead this group

together and that's gonna make you look

good that's gonna make you promote

faster and you'll probably build more

friends along the way not being self

second one is for our operational troops

do not join if you have a huge problem

with being away from loved ones because

joining the military you're gonna be

away from loved ones a lot when I first

joined the military obviously boot camp

two months away from home got to my

parents at graduation and then BOOM went

to Fort Sam Houston and Tex

that was like like four or five months

or whatever luckily Christmas break I

didn't get to come home and get broken

up with but besides that afterwards I

got a base relatively close to home so

not saying you can't be close to home

but hey military needs people where they

need people right so if they say you're

gonna go live in Japan for four years

there's four years left on your contract

you're about to go live in Japan for

four years now of course there's

vacation days and you can travel back

home but who really has money for that

so if you can't be away from loved ones

for a long period of time do not do it

not to mention deployments right cuz of

we deploy so really evaluate that a good

hint tips and tricks is if you when you

were in second grade in you into your

first sleepover

you cried calling your mom at 2:00 a.m.

saying you can't do it to pick you up

this probably isn't for you surprisingly

that was me and I found out it was for

me because I did fine right babe you

wouldn't fight for our country now the

US military is just that to protect our

country protect our citizens do the jobs

that most people can't if you're not

willing to fight in war you shouldn't be

joining now regardless if you join in as

an admin job they can still send you to

war and protect our country when you

sign that contract you are saying you

will give your life for the citizens of

the United States now is it likely

you're gonna go to war if you sign an

admin job no like normal it's just

infantry ground guys going to war you're

on a ship you're relatively safe and air

force is safe but do not underestimate

that if some more pops off they can be

you can be sent so if you're not down to

do that do not join the military but

what I like to tell people and when they

say that like ah I couldn't I couldn't

fight for the country say huge war pops

off anyway and say we end up getting

abated one day you're gonna have to

fight regardless so might as well just

fight from the get-go no war is gonna

pop off anytime soon guys so don't worry

about it

this one's pertinent to boot camp

because they will break you but it's

tough guys oh my god I cannot tell you

enough how many tough guys draw in the

military or how many tough guys talk

about joining the military area so that

people say I can't join the military

I'd punch a drill instructor in his face

it's like oh my god like they do not see

the people that are selected

drill instructors drill instructors are

scary they are scary like majority of

the dudes are like 6 foot 5 jacked as

hell and other resume says can beat five

on one in a fight like

like you're not gonna punch a drill

instructor for yelling at you give that

mentality how you have to get that give

that hole like I don't know what it is

with dudes on the civilian sector back

when I was in high school I've always

noticed they especially walk around my

town in Illinois like walking down the

street dudes in their car like passing

me would just be like straight

mean-mugging me out the window and it's

just like oh my god bro okay just drop

it and luckily for you if you are a

tough guy joining the military you will

drop it whether you like it or not cuz

you will be broke

tough guys are always the ones that

crying boot camp keep that in mind for

when you guys go to boot camp and you

point the tough guy out first day he's

gonna cry I'll see you guys