CONAN Is Rated TV-MA Tonight - CONAN on TBS

Ryan Reynolds is here yeah find out this

era that's exciting enough but he's also

going to be premiering the unedited red

band trailer for the highly anticipated

film Deadpool

big deal now this one about to tell you

is absolutely true as a result of Ryan

Reynolds showing the Deadpool trailer

tonight on our show for the first time

ever I think in the whole history of the

time that I've been on television my

show has been given a tv-ma rating yes

there it is


that's never happen it's following me

it's like the dirty Roomba no this is

the first time it's ever happened it

means this of course tv-ma means for

mature audiences only

all right and let me explain that means

tonight's episode may contain crude

indecent language explicit nudity or

graphic violence that is what that means

we never had this freedom before yeah

in other words tonight

in other words ladies and gentlemen

tonight we can really cut loose it's


oh absolutely you are so right Conan for

example instead of giving you the finger

throughout the entire monologue

underneath my lectern I can just do this


another thing that tv-ma rating allows

us for the first time ever all

bottomless camera men yes

looking good oh yeah all right cool and

now let's open up our directors

microphones you can hear how he really

directs the show every night check it

out okay cut to the dip shifts go to the


face and now back to Captain

calls me captain

and last but not least instead of rim

shots tonight we'll be using the much

more violent gun shot here we go hey

folks recently there's been growing

support for the CEO of Starbucks to run

for president yeah you thought the lines

of votes were long now


to get on the ballot hit need at least

10,000 misspelled signatures his

campaign promised every voter gets a

free Norah Jones CD his main goal is to

secure a single term but if that goes

well he'll aim for a double triple then

a quad with an extra shot I said extra



and isn't this fun Annie I'd sure is


how about you Alan yeah it's real fun

hey how about the cameraman alright


wasn't that a great clip subscribe to my

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