Why Do Hummingbirds Hover? | Nat Geo Wild

[serene music playing]

MAN: Hummingbirds flap their wings

around 50 times a second, allowing them to feed in place.

It's like treading water, but in mid-air and at high speed.

It takes a lot of energy.

If they don't consume double their body weight in calories

every day, they won't survive.

[thunder cracking]

[water splashing]

Which is why as a massive storm approaches,

this hummer doesn't stop.

Most birds take cover in rain, but hummers do the. opposite.

[serene music playing]

[rain splashing]

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder cracking]

The cooler temperatures increase their metabolic rate,

and every drop of nectar is a matter of life or death.

As the storm clears, another male horns in on his territory.

[upbeat music playing]

He defends it with all he's got.

[upbeat music playing]


A good flower is worth fighting for.

Not just for food, but for love.

Nectar is a girl's best friend.

The gift of a flower will make him

very popular with the ladies.