Boeing 737 - the most popular airliner

hello aviators today we have a video

about the most important and the most

epic Boeing aircraft most people of

course can say that would be the huge

and legendary Boeing 747 but I'll

surprise you the most important aircraft

in the company's history is their

smallest one born century 7 is a

twin-engine narrow-body airliner

developed in the late 1960s for now in

2018 737 is the company's only single

i'll model the aircraft is the exact

definition of the expression impressive

industrial performance it is the most

popular passenger jet liner in the world

since the beginning of production in

1966 over 10,000 aircraft have been

delivered and the company itself has a

portfolio of orders for nearly 5,000

units more and I might add about 1,200

aircraft of this model are flying in the

air right now

at this very moment would you'd like to

know more in 1963 born released its

brand new Boeing 727 airliner this 3

engine aircraft perfectly complemented

the last Boeing 707 on the main roads

primarily on regional flights however

always dissatisfied Airlines we need one

more aircraft smaller and more

economical just after the 727 started

its operations in 1964 the gas room

Boeing had already began their work and

initially the plane was supposed to

accommodate 50 60 passengers and fly for

1,600 kilometers just a baby

in addition buoyant wasn't even going to

do any special tricks just make a small

version of 727 which two engines and a

t-tail and at that moment the legendary

Joe Sutter showed up he proposed to keep

the standard fuselage diameter and to

mount the engines under the wing to

reduce maintenance costs in 1965 the

approved design was showed publicly this

was the schemes of the future Boeing 737

the starting customers were

lufthansa an American United Airlines

however the capacity of 60 people and

the distance of 1600 kilometers did not

impress them

the Germans one in a hundred seat plane

and the Americans added a couple

thousand more seats Boeing decided to a

black both creating two models with

different lengths of the fuselage which

became the first models 77 - hundred and

seventy-seven - two hundred

the guys from Seattle didn't have much


competitors were not resting BAC

one-eleven douglas dc-9 and fokker f28

were already sharpening their claws to

speed up the work on the aircraft they

already existing elements of the 727s

were actively used strictly speaking

there's no question about the external

similarity as a power plant boring

selecting the pratt whitney jt8d those

engines had proven themselves and the

company already had a ton of experience

in operations with them the seven three

sevens were assembled at the boring

field plant in Seattle as the main

Renton Factory was busy however the

production of the aircraft was not very

convenient there and after the delivery

of 271 liners the production

nevertheless was transferred to Renton

and it still located there the first six

prototypes began to fly in 1967 model 77

- hundred were certified fairly quickly

and delivered to the Lufthansa 21

aircraft was a total cost of 67 million

dollars funny now for 67 million you can

hardly buy it at least one new play

actually the model - hundred was not a

jackpot on the 30 units were made model

- 200 was finished and delivered to the

United Airlines in 1968 at first the

aircraft sales were not very successful

if in 1960 914 aircraft were delivered

in 1972 they only managed to sell 22 in

the early 1970s delivers was so bad that

the company considered stopping the

production and selling the documentation

to the Japanese

however when the project 2707 was closed

and the Boeing 747 release was postponed

born freed up the resources and allowed

the work to continue sales were boosted

by the improvement programs and the

creation of Cargill versions in total

Boeing delivered over 1,100 planes of

the model 204 in century 7 classic in

the late 1970s a large scale

modernization work began customers

needed more capacious aircraft with

longer range the good old jt8d were too

weak for the new plane then the brand

new cfm56 from CFM international came in

handy this engines proved to be quite

suitable for upgraded vehicles well

relatively suitable the balance of the

Boeing 737

were the low mounted engines and they're

convenient maintenance just open the

hood and there it is right in front of

you the problem was the new cfm56 did

not fit in there they had to modify the

engines and the wing but it was worth it

fuel consumption dropped by almost 25

percent and in general cfm56 is native

4.77 to this day the first lash of the

model - 300 became almost three meters

longer with a capacity of hundred forty

nine people the wingspan also increased

by half a meter the classic family

received the first-class cabin developed

at the time for the boring 757 the

boring 77 - 300 prototype was exactly

the thousand first aircraft of the


it made its maiden flight in 1984 by the

end of the 80s model - 400 was rise to

the sky accommodating 188 people model -

500 was a direct replacement for the old

model - 200 now this generation is known

as the 77 classic also this name had

already appeared in the 1990s when

boring developed the next generation

boring 77 next generation

in 1987 the vacation time ended for

buoyant the Airbus a320 was released

despite skeptical stories about

inexperienced new corporation the new

airplane was very effective Boyan had to

climb down from its throne and start

creating a new generation the company

decided not to waste time on the little

war in 1991 the guys from Seattle

announced the creation of four

modifications at once - 600 - 700 - 800

and - 900 this entire gang was called

the next generation the planes were

designed quite seriously the new wing

was a new profile had a span with almost

5 additional meters its area grew by 1/4

the aircraft began to carry almost 30

percent more fuel which increased the

range the engines will have the same but

seriously modernized the onboard systems

as it is already usual the kid borrowed

from the older brother this time not

from 75 seventh but the newest triple

sevens the third plane 77 - 700 was

released in 1996 and it was the 2840

short aircraft of the family soon it was

joined by eight brothers in the

generation 10 place were running through

the certification program at once

generation and she was very successful

actually almost all current aircraft

belong to this generation in 2006

Southwest Airlines received the 5000

born 77 airliner the mark of 6,000

planes was overcome in 2009 the a

thousands board was delivered to the

United Airlines in 2014 in 2018 Boeing

delivered the ten thousands plane of the

model 77 Boeing 737 max at the beginning

of the 21st century Bowen considered the

issue of creating a completely new

airliner to replace the 77 model the

aircraft was supposed to be built using

the technologies of the Boeing 787

however the creation of the Airbus

a320neo did not give time for such


it was necessary to sink quickly as a

result it was decided to create an

updated generation with the new engines

and a number of innovations to improve

the performance of the aircraft the new

generation received the name max the

first deliveries of Boeing 737 max began

in 2017 the aircraft are equipped with

the CFM leap 1b engines I will not talk

about them in detail this plane deserves

a separate video structurally boeing 737

is a classic modern single-aisle

airliner actually it was one of the

first aircraft with such a scheme I see

no reason to describe its basic design

since it is almost the same for all

planes of this type however there are

also curious moments for example the

landing gear if you look closely at the

77 flying in the air you can see the

wheels the fact is that the doors of the

main landing gear under the wing do not

cover it completely the wheels remain

open this slightly worsens the

aerodynamics but reduces the mass and

the number of mechanisms other planes of

this class do not go for such tricks

another trick is the engine design

initially the aircraft was equipped with

fairly narrow pratt & whitney jt8d and

everything was good but the cfm56

engines will latch and didn't fit under

the wing as a result they had to be

altered moving some of the systems from

the bottom to the sides

this is noticeable visually the engines

look slightly flattened the newest leap

1b from the boring 77 max is even bigger

and it took about the same amount of

work the cabin was completely redesigned

twice in the beginning it was

conventional cabin with analog

instruments the classic generation

brought electronic systems in this place

and now the max generation has brought

the large screens to the plane right

from the 787 the wingtips of the

aircraft also changed several times in

the beginning even on the model - 200

they were small and rarely installed on

the generations of classic nng the usual

lash windlass appeared

and with the coming of max generation we

saw new blended winglets which according

to the creators can reduce fuel

consumption by 5% in comparison with the

wind without them I would like to know

that such tips are not exclusive for max

the similar wingtips are also actively

installed on the modern and gia liners

and of course the interiors unlike many

basic elements of this design which

remains from generation to generation

the interiors are being renewed almost


oh that remains is a six seats in a row

scheme in the classic generation

aircraft got interest from the 75

seventh and in the generation ng and max

the cabin inherited the sky interior

style from the Dreamliner as a result we

have a four generations of burn 77

century 7 original the first series of

airliners including model 77 - hundred

and - 277 classic the second generation

which includes models - 300 400 and 577

next generation ng the star generation

including model - 600 700 800 and 900

century 7 max the last fourth generation

including models max 7 mux8 max 9 and

max 10 in addition to commercial

versions this aircraft of course has a

VIP modifications born business jet BBJ

the first business jets were built on

the basis of the energy generation in

the late 1990s and today these planes

are the best of the boeing business jet

line after a while they will be replaced

by the business versions of the max

generation aircraft born at various

times created several military

modifications for the US air force and

those planes are in service now finally

the operations born 77 is the most

popular passenger aircraft in the world

by 2018 this aircraft are in the parks

of more than 500 Airlines from 190

countries since 1966 more than 10,000


had been delivered nearly five thousands

of which are still in service according

the statistics every five seconds in the


one boy cemetery seven takes off or

lands in total during its operations

aircraft flew about hundred twenty

billion kilometres spent in the sky over

296 million hours above two to four

thousand years and transported more than

12 billion passengers in fact for now

every fourth jetliner in the world is

born 77 during the entire period of

operation 368 serious accidents occurred

with the families liners 184 accidents

were disastrous causing nearly 4800

death born 77 was hijacked 111 times

according to flight safety statistics

between 1959 and 2013 planes of the

original family had 1.75 air crashes per

million flights in the classic family

this figure dropped to zero point 54

well for the next generation it did not

succeed 0.27 born annually produces

about 480 Boeing 737 say year and the

production volumes continue to grow the

planes are manufactured at the plants in

Renton and on the join platform of born

and komak in China this project was

started as a local enterprise to develop

a small plane for a few Airlines now it

has become the most massive and epic

step in the industry and that was its

story which doesn't plan to end

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