60% of small businesses that closed during the pandemic will never reopen.

so i worked for years to build

my small business and i i really don't

think that if you

have never been through the process of

building a small business

you understand the work that goes into

it not only

the time and the money and the labor but

also the emotions that go into it where

you are

betting everything on the fact that you

can make this work and

most small businesses don't work out and

so it is a lot a lot of times

when i was building my business and i

built it part-time over the course of

three years before i finally

went full time with it and took that

leap i there were months after i went

full time with it

i didn't know how i was going to get

paid and i had to figure it

out or i was worrying about having the

money to pay

our insurance before my husband got a

job that had benefits or

all of these things it is a constant

constant strain you're working long


you are putting everything you have into

that small business

and what i wish the little socialists

that are

off supporting bernie sanders and who

have the twitter rose in their profile

would understand is that it is a

struggle every single day

when you're building a small business

and when you have mommy and daddy paying

for everything

or you have mommy government paying for

everything you don't

understand that you cannot understand

what it's like until you actually do it


when i saw this article pop up on my

news feed today

honestly my heart absolutely just

sunk i completely identify

with small businesses that through no

fault of their own

through no fault of their own because of

this pandemic

and these stupid lockdowns that the


governors are continual mostly

democratic governors

are continuing to enforce even though we

now know that this virus is

really not that dangerous for people who

do not

have comorbidities or of a certain age

we have a much better handle on this

than we did back in february my heart

just sank for the 60

of business closures due to the

coronavirus pandemic

that are now permanent just think about

that for a second

of the small businesses that closed

during the pandemic

in your community 60

of them are never going

to come back you know i am

i am incredibly lucky i i when when the

pandemic happened

very frankly a lot of my work for my

business not only got shifted to next

year but i also had this youtube

locals this content creation that i

frankly lucked my way into wasn't even

trying to do and then all of a sudden

one day was doing it and i'm

so grateful to all of you every single


that i didn't have to start fragrantly

like grifting

with my business because i mean that's

absolutely what would have happened it's

absolutely what would have happened and

i thought about this a lot you know when

when the pandemic first happened i

launched a program

on how to manage employees virtually and

get them set up in a virtual working

environment and that sort of thing

and that was fine but really in my head

at that point i was like if i can't

support myself

doing my normal training regimes which

are all about

in-person training in person

facilitations that just isn't happening

right now

or or um being able to create virtual

programs that companies actually want to

buy which

is has like my industry has blatantly

been thrown on its head with

all of this anti-racist stuff that i

refuse to do like

i would have been if i didn't have

youtube and locals and

all of this stuff and the support of so

many of you i

honestly think that i would have been

shamelessly shilling programs that i did

not want to do in my business for the

sake of paying my mortgage simply

because that was the reality i was

living in

and i i and most people the vast

majority of people

do not have this option and so i just

want to say before we read this article

i'm so incredibly grateful to every

single one of you that has subscribed

to this channel every single one of you

that's joined my locals maybe

makes a financial donation to support

this work or

or any other thing buys a piece of merch

from my store honestly guys

you all have saved my sanity from having


shill programs that i didn't believe in

for the sake of making money

that you know i'm sure they would have

been fine but it just wouldn't have been

my favorite thing to do in the world and

i get to do this with you now instead

which is awesome

um but most businesses are not that

lucky and let's go ahead

and look at this article and see what

they have to say

yelp on wednesday released its latest

economic average report revealing

business closures across the us are


as a result of the coronavirus pandemics

economic toll

as of august 31st 163

7335 businesses have indicated on yelp

that they have closed that's down from


000 however it actually shows a 23

increase in the number of closures since

mid july

but more importantly in addition to


closed businesses yelp also takes into

account that businesses

the businesses where closures have


permanent that number has steadily


throughout the past six months now

reaching ninety

seven thousand nine hundred and sixty


representing sixty percent of closed


that won't be reopening and let's just

keep in mind

that there are a metric ton of

businesses out there that are not on


that are not reopening that are not

coming back that are not included in

this and

if i were to bet money i would say the

most of the businesses

that are not on yelp are little mom and

pop shops little small businesses like

my business isn't on yelp i never had

any reason to be on yelp

and so how many businesses

created cultivated fostered by members

of your community are not coming back

because the democrats have an interest

in prolonging

the economic shutdown in order to win

an election if this doesn't piss you off

i'm sorry folks i just don't think you

have a whole lot of humanity

left the september report marks six

months since march 1st the date the yelp

considers to be the beginning of the

business crisis

in order to gain closure data yelp

monitors changes in business hours or

descriptions on its app

offering an immediate localized impact

view of the impact and

the pandemic has had on small businesses

despite the hard hit small businesses

have certainly taken

we've seen that home local professional

and automotive services

have been able to withstand the effects

of the pandemic so we're seeing here

which businesses are doing okay and

which businesses have

more closures so things like food trucks

men's clothing gift shops

breakfasts and brunch locations are

getting hit the hardest but the other


i want to talk about in this that is


you know where we can see that um you

know there's some businesses that are

more suited for it

bars and nightlife venues have seen a

large impact from the pandemic or

businesses that can't adopt easy to

outdoor dining

but let's focus in on retail for a


retail saw a similar increase in

permanent closures since july rising 10

to the total of 58 percent indicated

permanent that's out of 30

374 closed retail

businesses those retail businesses

are small businesses they're not large

businesses you know

the the democrats are the little

socialists that don't understand

what it means to work they like to talk

about uh wealthy

redistribution right we got to take from

the rich who have all this money that

they didn't earn they only earned it on

the backs of the workers and give it out

to people who

actually need it well there is a wealth

redistribution happening

but it's not going from rich to poor

it's going from poor to rich

and i'm going to prove it according to


walmart beats on profit posts record

online sales on pandemic boost

according to marketwatch target reports

record-setting quarterly profits

and comparable sales five billion

dollars in market share gains for the

first half of 2020

and according to digital trends amazon


record shattering profits thanks

to pandemic sales

the economy has shifted from one where

small businesses had a chance you know

people made it went out of their way to

support small businesses

in their communities to everyone buying

online from one of the major box stores

to the detriment of your

community now i shop on amazon as much

as the next person

but do do i think that it's okay

that places like walmart target amazon

all these big businesses are the ones

that are entirely

benefiting from this economic shutdown

while mom and pop stores

are closing permanently they're done

through no fault of their own

they maybe had had a thriving business

for years or decades they put their


sweat and tears into those businesses

and then one day

the government says you are not allowed

to open i just

wow i mean this is this is the reality

in which we're living in hundreds of

thousands of small businesses are never

coming back

because the democrats want to win an

election it didn't need to be this way

this all started as 15 days to slow the


that was the entire point and now it has


let's close down all of the economy and

require everyone everywhere to wear


until there is a vaccine how did it get

here like people

people have lost their minds and they

have lost their perspective and i'll

tell you this too guys

when small business closures go up guess

what else goes up

suicide rates divorce rates domestic


all of these things are linked with


or small businesses closing because when

you put your life

into something when you put your life

into a small business everything you

have your time

your money your energy your heart

and all of a sudden someone tells you

you can't do that because the government


not approve i think a lot of people are

going to be angry

and they're going to feel as though

their life's work was robbed

from them by the government and

if you don't know that the democrats are

the ones doing this

i'm sorry you haven't been paying

attention you haven't been paying

attention the democrats are not the

party of the rich

the republicans are the party that


care about working people

and the only way to put a stop to this

is to vote for trump

in november that's the only way because

what is biden said this is this is

these are the two policy positions that


actually know biden has i have no idea

what biden stands for except for these

two things

mandating that everyone wear a mask and


down the economy again that is what

biden has

already said that he would do

if he wins this election

you all have got to get out and vote

you've got to get there in

person you have to make sure your ballot

is counted otherwise

we are simply our own worst enemy

all right guys that's all i've got for

this one i'll see you soon