49ers VS Dolphins Week 5 2020 Postgame Fans Gathering


go proud

you see still red golden pride

we go through these things you know

what's so funny because we went through

this before

and uh you know although i got to tell


this thing about tanking we don't tank

the 49ers don't tank now we may lose

but if anybody thinks if 49 is going to

start laying down from other teams

then you have not been paying attention

we don't tank if we lose we lose but the

49ers gonna play hard

actually as bad as they played today

they was actually trying

that's what's so sad

hey and joe stanley put a perfect

perception too joe starts out by uh

where's the first one there he didn't

say that oh yeah so stanley right on

twitter i'm laughing he says what the

hell is this

it shocked everybody the 49ers just fell

completely apart you know you lose the

game okay

but just to fall completely apart

i mean it was complete and then joseph's

time for an epic comeback

and i was thinking the same thing i

don't think well 49 is why he gets

himself together like kyle always does

at the halftime he comes out makes

adjustments and 49ers come out balling

and then joe says finally uh never mind


whoo well they stumped the place up

fam you know what i'm thinking though uh

i'm gonna need to see the press

conference so

if jimmy coach said jimmy was not

planting on that foot he was watching

his feet

um i'm mad at him too

timmy if you don't feel like playing i

get it you want to get back out there

get the captain and all that that blah

blah blah blah

if you don't feel like playing then sit

your butt down

let cj start as far as the defense goes

i'm really scared about the defense so


i figure at some point the offense will

pull it back together i don't know when

it's going to be next week the next two

weeks but they're going to have

possibly a 9-7 season from what i can

see right now

unless something really dramatic happens

right um

the the thing is you you

sherm comes back when he needs a backup

if sherman mosey come back

it makes all the difference in the world

my problem is

if d4 is not coming back we don't have a

speed rusher

and we'll look a lot like we did today

that's frightening isn't

it so i don't know what they're going to

do on defense

sherman fred i veret looks awfully good

i didn't he really looked good

he could play that spot he looked like

jason verrette

but you have to get somebody else um i

don't know how long it's going to take

from mosey off a concussion protocol

that's pretty scary two weeks going into


so we got a real problem you know what's

going to be funny though

we assume we're going to win a lot of us

a lot not everybody we assume we're

going to win last week

and just knew goodwill was going to win

this week

i look for a good beating next week from

the rams

watch them watch them pull a rabbit on

their hat next week for some bizarre

reason let's just get right down to it

though uh and

please don't go wild with the best with

the f-bomb okay really don't please

don't do that

you know you get you can you know keep

it because i try to keep an atmosphere

where everybody can watch

no matter how old you are in women and

that's everything okay so please i beg

you please don't go off with the f-bomb

nasty words okay but don't f-bomb to

death it really is bad

um but anyway look at jimmy grapple's

return to action after being m.i.a for

the past two

weeks you can give a judgment on that

most people already gotten rid of jimmy


your evaluation of the 49ers offensive

and defensive standout performances

we didn't have any except rahim he came

to play

i was delighted to see him's leg is not

going to slow him down i thought that

knee might be an issue

and would it be all right but i guess

the sprain is sprained he's okay

approval disapprovals of 49ers game

plans and play calling on both offense



i'll never get over fourth and one and

you call jared mckinnon

why kyle why derek mckinnon you got guys

that are better suited for that play

than jerick why

game ball award on both offense and


hame gets the ball and that's it on


defensively we have any corey heider

again if we can give anybody

corey had made a couple of plays but he

didn't have any help out there

that's me and you you whoever you like

uh and the scores were hilarious there

was uh

joseph's money you know i if the hawks

lose tonight it's gonna be a nice thing

until you're not even close

joseph yeah you weren't even close buddy

so yeah 24 to 13.

uh so we can get out of here with that

and that's basically the way we don't

really like you and

and hopefully you'll step in a a a pile

of dog poo poo as you walk out

of your house as soon as possible some

of your best shoes you got to throw away

my homeboys in here really you got to be

kidding me

he's got balls he's got a huge box don't


well you know what i got he's consistent

he's a dumb dude

so you know this would be the last ways

i'd show up the way i've been talking

trash about the 49ers like a homeboy

and got my team got ran off the field by

the raiders as well this is not the day

you walk around talking trash

that is weird all right anyway uh

welcome to homeboy

miss relaxed company i see

oh oh he's missing an action oh i

thought i thought somebody saw him

uh i'm a homeboy uh

tom brady tom brady by the way adrian

tom brady's not

he just got beat the other day holding

up four fingers why you want that

if you're gonna get another quarterback

give me another young quarterback

that's got potential clown work with i

don't want an old guy that's gonna come

in and lose

uh brady's not looking great he's okay

he's got a lot of weapons an established

team for the most part

so yeah i stick to what i said i don't

want brady you can have him


let me put on my ears hey jamie hey


well jamie your feelings about this

and as i mentioned some things jimmy

garoppolo's return to action after two


your evaluation of the 49ers offensive

and defensive stand down performances

these are funny questions

normally we have fun with these when we

went and approval of disapprovals of

49ers game plans and play calling

on both offense and defense kyle god

jesus what do you think of jamie

yeah i think that that play to mckinnon

was awful i don't understand that either

wow then i think deep deebo looked slow

like he looks like he's gotta lose

somebody looks like guibo yet

yeah yeah he's ready to go yeah he's not

the same guy as he was again a year

because he gets that corn about 100

miles an hour he was not hitting that

100 miles an hour

they caught him and body slammed me

backwards he looks really big today to

me too

i noticed yeah he when he caught that

pass over the middle and he was

uh running it looked like he's in slow

motion then he got piledrived

wow when's the last time we've seen

anybody do that to him

our our offensive line is not allowing

us to win games period oh

god when we can't keep a drive going for

our crappy defense is on the field the

whole game

and whatever you can do like

step in the backfield it's

one or the other or getting beat badly


and it doesn't matter what the

quarterback's doing he ain't got no time

to look down feel and make

field and make a read yeah he has no

time you could put time i don't know who

it is

you put tom brady back there all you

want to adrian he's going down too

you've got to have protection up front

for quarterback to work

you can put kylie murray back there and

he's going to go down if they let

three runners at him especially when

those guys are coming if you're coming

through not

touched i mean at high speed too they

weren't just jog i mean pushing in

they were coming in high speed oh man

what is with

yeah what is with the officer

jimmy was on the ground how many times

twice immediately

and hard first ride exactly we see a guy

go down that hard

that means that that defender came in at

full speed

bam she's his head rocking off the


oh man yeah he tried to spin out of him

that one time

he almost got the spin out but he kind

of he kind of

faded over into that guy rushing so yeah

that never was his fault too i mean i'm


yeah i'm not giving a quarterbacks pass

either they they're pretty bad

i i haven't seen anything from beathard

that says he's not as good as jimmy


nah bethan's well you know what i

the thing is i wonder if jimmy's foot

was hurting or not

and if he was jimmy just just fess

up say i can't go today nobody would

have been mad at you

instead you come out well remember the

first game of the season jimmy was

hopping around

and throwing off his back foot and

he was doing the same thing the first

game of the season and he wasn't hurt

was he remember he threw it off his back

foot two plays in a row or whatever at

the end of the game yeah

that game he looked awful he really did


yeah he should have been pulled in that

game i don't know what goes on with him


footwork was strange he looked better in

the second week

but yeah and then he got hurt yeah and

now he's back out there and he's

reverted back to the throne off his back

foot stuff

well i don't know i i like hyder

hyder is the only bright spot on the

defense for me i don't

i don't see anything good out there um

more i guess warner warner and hyder

fred yeah fred had a couple of nice hits

well you know they got yeah they've got

to do some soul searching

a lot of players were playing very

kenrick born

out there dropping the ball kendrick

kendrick kendrick he got a touchdown

okay but still kendrick

make those catches they're very


yeah they're extremely important catches

you had to keep the ball moving or else

they were going to score again because

they were scoring every time they

touched the ball

every time the 49ers had 43 points is

the most points ever getting

up at levi's stadium by the 49ers i

didn't know that

but it sounds right whoa the bad thing


if the dolphins just did that to us and

wait till next week and then when we go

to seattle

we got to go it's always short and sweet

after the game let me let's see tomorrow

night on raw

come on all right fam now hope you turn

it around

oh god i can't get any worse

all right oh god

oh man oh oh

hb hbk

do you think we pull the trigger or make

a splashes

near the trade deadline somebody said

the 49ers should make a

trade with barrett for bar barrett

uh i think his name is uh from the


and give them a draft pick barrett's a

pretty good edge rusher

he doesn't get much playing time but

he's a quality and rusher

he kicked our butt last week but you

know you can't go back then

everybody's going to kick our butt every

week until that offensive line

if you can do anything maybe go after an

offensive lineman

god mike mcglinchey please

and green glass full lineman 69 is trash

oh thanks green glass full 69.

who's 69 69 mike

that's mike's number oh man he's

regressing he's getting worse too

they're coming back to them a little

faster than before and every dc in the

league is looking at that

oh man jesus

rambo jesus i guess

our predictions were a little bit off

beat the crap out of the 49ers just beat

them like nobody's beating them

that's the worst beating in levi's

stadium since it opened

yeah you know losses

any given day happens you know that

happens man

like that you know oh god bro

bro i'm making fun of um the chief fan

in there man because he's trying to

climb on the niners bro but

when you're the defending champions bro

you're supposed to beat the raiders bro

raiders is the worst oh there's a chief

fan right here well they got a lot of

nervousness they lost to the raiders bro

you know this team is more complete than

ours bro they're not supposed to lose to

the right

they don't have any injuries right they

don't have they don't have anybody out

do they

and the raiders they're the most

complete team and they lost to the

raiders and

they're bragging about the dolphins bro

yes the dolphins beat us yeah

but okay at our defense but look at our

defense it's not excuses it's facts bro

complete we got a 40 burger put on you


so the chiefs you guys can hang around

all you want to we'll laugh right back

at you

you suck and you got exposed and i knew

you got exposed the week before

they shouldn't have won the week before

they the chiefs could be

had i'll love it everybody's gonna take

a page

the raiders hey the writers played like

the niners in the super bowl today bruh

and that's back i watched the bro

the raiders the the only thing that the

writers did better than we did was just

run the ball at the end

yeah with the nine point lead yeah you


they the chiefs look kind of kind of

shaky a week before last i mean last

week too

so it's it's been coming so that super

bowl hangover everybody's talking about


it don't apply to just a team that lost

the chiefs

are suspect just like us

yup yo you know that that just shows you

bro it's any given day

cheese ban just take your l bruh it's

good yeah don't

try it bro shut up

hey rumble hey rumble real quick hey

real quick hey hear me out

chief fan in here says 16 and oh

he said i bet you guys 16-0 bro and i

called him out on it and he gets mad bro

i put that on my bed homies he said that

bro i put that on my dead homies there

that chief man said 16-0 bro

hey bro be your man bro you guys boss

see because we got clowns cuz we got we


don't go around mess with anybody you

know what when you get to black whip

like we got

you ain't got nothing to say to nobody i

with the people they're talking

let them talk ignore them people by the

way fam

if you get sick of them just mute that

stupid butt out you know what i'm saying

uh until i need to if anybody sees them

break a rule racism

politics picking on women or anything

like that please let me know

i can't wait to give them the dough but


hey seuss but yeah yeah but yeah but

real quick man

do you want jimmy g as our quarterback

rumble you know and i'm not going to

bash you for

no i'm not going to bash it for you i

want to know if that foot was hurting if

his foot wasn't hurting i'm

jimmy's starting to wear out where it

might wear me out i've been defending


but he's got a man jimmy good god what

were you doing

and if you didn't feel like playing i'll

see what they say if he doesn't play

next week

that means the foot wasn't ready but

when he does come back i'm going to be

watching him close

i'm almost on my should i just be an

i don't if your foot hurts your rear

foot hurts you can't play quarterback

with a bad boy

and a pass rush like he was getting

today but if he comes back

next time and he looks like this yeah

i'm on

i'm on the train the anti-jimmy train

too has had enough

you know so yeah you know i have to

defend i have to defend him you know

he's like he's

he's our quarterback you know i have to

defend the quarterback i didn't defend

with brian

you know we'll see we got to wrap it up

short and quick after the game i'm gonna

see tomorrow night on raw

it's gonna be rough monday night rambo

yeah monday night rambo

all right brother you have a good night

man you do asus

hey all right brother have a good night

you too that asus

okay 901 tennessee come on

hello hello

now kind of strange your signal's kind

of broken up

oh can you hear me now

yeah yeah and who is this

i was writing and lived in memphis rick

said again

said riley that lives in memphis if

you're in memphis

did you say riley rodney rodney

oh rodney your name is a little bit like


hey rodney hey how you doing

yeah buddy we we we're sitting and

talking about that butt weapon we just


i was just ridiculous i've never

gotta say fell apart we went from a

pretty good team because rodney we only

lost 24 to 20

25 20. we scored some points we played a

little defense not good enough but we


and this week just an all out

killing what are you thinking

i don't know what happened today i blame

a lot on the coaching staff and

the offensive line i don't know what

happened today yeah

well a lot of people are putting it all

on jimmy

but i i feel sorry for jimmy if that

foot was hurting

and your foot's hurting now offensive

lines coming 100 miles an hour

jesus christ could not have

quarterbacked his team today

so you know i'm gonna wait i need to see


if he's healthy if i find out later this

foot was hurting him because he

high ankle sprain you're not supposed to

come back from there for about six weeks

if he wasn't hurting today i'm about to

join the jimmy hater club

i'm about that close because i've been

his biggest defender but jimmy

what are you doing though

god yeah cause

i for the like me i don't understand why

a cow won't roll them out

or bootlegs or something asking

something to give them

conviction reputation i don't understand

it yeah you know

amen if the pass rush is overwhelming

the offensive line kyle

why do you keep bumping your head

against the wall it's not going to work

it's not going to work get him out of

that pocket

can't you see that's not gonna work what

are you waiting for the offensive line

to get better all of a sudden

it's not god


oh maybe this stuff and pride i guess i

it's i don't know what's going on i

really don't

last week mullens got killed jimmy got


cj got killed and some people said we

should have got tom brady

he got killed worse citizens you bring a

quarterback in

he's got no place to go he's got you

know the

their defense was covering our receivers

apparently and what are you gonna do

they're gonna get killed kyle

you know what rodney this is kyle's


he's got to adjust your offensive line


average work with it i took

yeah i told everybody that he needs to

adjust he does no adjustments

see like files don't make any

adjustments he just rolls out and


rodney who is brian allen have you ever

heard of him before

yeah i don't know who that guy is

he used to play for the steelers that's


for the tv all day long get him out but

they would not take him out until he

gave up

120 yards and big plays all over the


two two tds not one two he set up one

and gave up another one clean

oh did he let him both get in we got


we got problems i don't know if you can

fix them in a week either i'm scared for

next week

i got to fit in the rams it's going to

be a bloodbath and i never talk like


rodney hey rodney great to meet you too

let me

get back into next week and maybe we

might get surprised or come in tomorrow

should i say

if you get a chance will we really go

crazy on the 49ers

no problem all right night rodney all


take it easy you too

and and laura i see you man no

quarterback controversy jimmy's a third

string quarterback

at the third searching gg

yes we need to get a fourth round

quarterback a fourth string

uh hey hey marion thanks eloy

god good evening to you and the whole

radio artist across the nation as we go

through this trying

it would be a good evening this is boy

that was

nasty you know i don't feel i like fred

warner though

i don't want to run into another fan hey

man how about your team i'm like a smack

it really does make you mad your team's

turned to doo-doo

right there before your very eyes mary

go ahead i'm sorry

i'm just keeping it short sweet and

quick uh

the offensive line is trash the

defensive line is trash

and i blame i blame the seas on two


kyle shanahan john lynch i blame john

lynch for trey and all for butler

and i blame kyle sending him this bogus

play calling he's been doing

over the last five weeks i'm not

understanding i mean

as you saw today when we roll out the

quarterback had time

when we when the quarterback dropped

drop back in the pocket

that's when the rush cut and it's coming

up the middle from the side it's got

trent williams

straight with his trash

he's not playing well they're coming up

the middle

uh uh i think it's mcglishey

he hasn't been playing well it's been

bad all the way around

the defensive line i'm saying is that

his old ways from

from 2015 to 2018.

not getting anything uh it is bad

it's horrible if we have any chance to


these next six games we should run the

ball with mostar

and play action and roll out that's it i


if you can get most of what's doing

marion you're absolutely right

now you have license to run play action

you even jeff wilson jr came in he was

pounding that line he's getting it done

if the offensive line is weak you gotta

have guys get quick and strong or


fourth and one

and we keep the divas honest but we're

passing the ball into bali too much

entirely too much and that's why we're

getting the results that we're getting

so and and and my last statement is this


because adam smith for for hitting the


after being gone for almost two years

and nearly died having 17 surgeries

and prayers for that but as we saw as we

saw today

that rams diesel in line is no joke

so that's going to be scary next week

i saw him today uh who was that they

were playing the bengals or who were

they playing

washington oh man i see

did you see aaron aaron donald's like

riding on the back of alex

it's the whole divas of line bro but i

mean the thing is god is

getting there yes and that was supposed

to be our defensive line was supposed to

look this year

i don't even want to play the rams next

week my point exactly

that's a waste of time you could bring

that same offensive line

they will be destroyed oh

god yeah especially with trent williams

and the crap he's doing

but oh man i don't yeah

i don't even understand him anyway

all right man we'll see you tomorrow

night on wrong all right

all right bro oh man

and let me see 669 would you come on in


somebody said well holmes had coleman



i needed that


here we have jimmy hey 209 hello

hello oh 266

yes yes hello who is this 669 oh this is


david hi hi david

uh i got a new number oh it doesn't say

it doesn't say david anymore

okay i don't see that yeah okay well i'm

gonna make a note of it now though well


as we sit here in a in a heap looking

like somebody peed on us

uh you haven't what do you have to say

about jimmy g's performance tonight the

offense and the defense

and if you want to give out a game ball

you can but there really is nobody

eligible other than raheem mostert

on offense and of course maybe uh corey

heider as usual

and of course fred fred fred warner

but unless but what are you thinking

it's everybody's fault uh you can't just

pin jimmy g

but you know no excuse for jimmy jesus

you know i hated him the jimmy hater's

gonna blame it on all on him but

it was more than him yeah yeah it was


you like you said earlier you know kyle

santana has to adjust with the o-line

and everything

they do something they just

it looks so bad like oh my it was it was

terrifying i see joe staley go out and

tweet about it

and i'm just like yeah

joe stanley his his tweets just


at the end of his phone and says ah

never mind cause joe's just like us

who are those people out there dave was

that the 49ers

who the heck is that kyle is that you

yeah wow you guys shocked

everybody across the league except for

the silly hated i waited you guys were


they've always been trash brian ford

stick anyway the thing is

that was not normal

i don't know anybody's no i was no i

wasn't at all i don't i don't like what

i saw today

you know you know any game is 50 50 at

the end of the day

but you know i think i thought today we

were actually

because i feel like this game was needed

to win and

get it done and you know they gotta go

they it's gonna be a tough week

for everybody and they have to look over

film and just

you know adjust like like you said

earlier they just have to you have to

adjust what they got for now

so many starters are out nick bosa big


on the other side you got no speed

coming off the edges

i'm upset with d4 he hasn't really done


i'm so sick

yeah i don't like it you know clay

matthews is a free agent like

come on you got to make a call you have

to make a call with cornerbacks

too like there's like oh my gosh two

giving up touchdowns like

this patrick's like yeah i know this guy

this guy's gonna i'm gonna give him a

touchdown real quick

they might guarantee you they're on the

phone now john lynch may have been on

the phone before the game

ended i mean help help

my some help god these guys

are killing me here tell me just tell me

tell us

go to hell but anyway dave go ahead

you gotta figure something out that's

what i'm that's what i was trying to say

my bad sorry for

interrupting um no no no no yeah they

gotta give a shout out i gave him a

shout out

the haters hanging around on the chat

and they just they're like vultures they

fly in and they just sit around

eating and eating you know mostly i i


i think it's some hog fans i think i

think they're in there right now no

they're in there

testosterone hasn't said where he's from

uh we used to have a chief

chief fan of children too we get visits

from a lot of fans that they wish they

were us

so when we fall it just it helps them

to feel better about their mediocre

existence you know

so oh oh the raiders yeah i'd be seeing

that on snapchat raiders fans are all

over the place

oh they are the worst i'm surprised

they're not over here they haven't found

out about this yet i guess

we used to be ran over they outnumber us

in the chat

they came over to uh to youtube and

added up i have about

four or 500 dislikes and i knew it was


because i clowned them that night oh

dave we gotta go uh short and sweet

after the games uh tomorrow night if you

get a chance on raw okay

all right i will all right you too


and steve adams come on in steve

i think i did pretty good really

football steve

i don't know what's good i got i got a

troll off the phone

all right steve go ahead come on in can

you hear me now

i'm gonna hear you yeah yeah

oh hi hi rambo um hey steve

we're going i'm calling steve steve

this is like we've never we haven't had

this experience in a couple of years

or like year last year before last we

went through this all the time

but this is a new experience and we got

to readjust to this

and so steve your feelings about this

debacle tonight well

i'll tell you what i've got the uh i've

got the nick boza jacket

uh jersey on my wall all right you'll be

back i'm just just

i'm wishing for him to come back from

tell you what yeah

i'm so upset um but i just think of one


and that's the um the bill belichick

quote from

uh i think it was a good five years ago

when he said after losing to

kansas city of all teams but he said uh

all he said was we're on to cincinnati

and that's it

and he just walked out the press

conference thing

you don't feel like talking after a

certain kind of losses and this is one

of those losses

steve that team has no

business beating the 49ers like that

steve the thing is

there's people missing on this team we a

lot of us still

feel and you may feel the same way as

well i don't know which school you're in

but a lot of us feel like the 49ers can

still carry on

well i think they can't

they gotta have everybody back to the

end last year or they're gonna continue

to get beat

i don't know if jimmy g's hurt or not or

that ankle wasn't ready

kyle did pull him in the second half i

don't think he would have done that

unless g

was ready to go he should have told the

truth and say if that ankle's not

feeling well

then sit down yeah

it's it's smart to get him out of there

for sure um

jimmy's the man for this team this year

i hate to say it there's no one else

there really is no one else um he just

he wasn't there he shouldn't be too down

uh we shouldn't be too down

we haven't had our butts handed to us

for two years

you know inside of here um i know the

haters want to hate and that's fine

keep hating you know keep thinking we're

that well whatever you want to think we

are that's fine

you know we are we're a great team we we

got to the super bowl last year we did

fantastically well

team is a fantastic organization kyle's

done a great job

john's done a great job um the d-line


unfortunately this year is just a sorry

looking outfit because we've lost so

many players and

we've got to really find a solution but

we've got some great guys that run the

team and i'm sure that they're gonna

they're gonna pull it out and you know

and we'll never have our butts handed to

us again like that this season

yeah i can't imagine that i agree steve


where where are you calling from steve

where are you from

i'm from london ah i you know you see me

every now and then i offend uh brits

when i think it's when i think in the

sun aussie brogue and i can tell but

george seemed a little smoother

and i said he's not really aussie i

think he

i was thinking maybe england so yeah

because i've heard both

but yeah well great to hear from him now

it's great to call him i'm i'm

loving your show you do a great job

really great job there's no one like you

man there's

we're so lucky i mean even at this time

when we're losing these big games you


it's great to have someone we can just

voice off on and you know you're doing a

great job man

thanks thanks to you and it does feel

good to sound off doesn't it

oh yeah just just to say you know just

to say a few words and just be grateful

to what you're doing and

you've got a lot of good callers too and

you know there's a lot of good people


obviously call in and great great great

work that's all i can say right now but

we'll be back i'm glad you're

appreciating you and i love your


i think we'll we'll i will look better

next week than we did this week

because somebody just saw the press

conference they said it looked as if


had just got through getting really

angry he probably brought that mat on

when he talked to the media too so and

he's got a right to be mad

what are they doing he's right yeah he

is what he's right

he's right to be mad and that's fine i i

believe in him um

i know a lot of people may not right now

they're pretty angry but

you've got to stick with it it's a great

process i mean i remember the tom

schuler days i remember the trend

balcony days

i don't want to go back to that no you

know harbaugh was great but he was a

bit of a firework you know so i think we

are in good hands

it's just it's going to happen it'll get

better i

these guys are football people i think

they'll right the ship steve

great to meet you we're going to go

because we always keep it kind of short

after the games

and i'd love to hear from you steve

we're going to be back tomorrow uh

i know it's going to be the hours are

weird for you but if you get a chance

i'd love to hear from you again

so sure thing man take care

have a great day


is was tom brady the i do you think we

should have done why do people think tom

brady was the

he would have went down like a sack of

potatoes too what is with whoa


yeah if it was his ankle but i don't

think it was his ankle

he knew what he was doing he threw the

first interception

cause it took him out the game would put

tv and right off the bat

no matter what don't they keep throwing

interceptions what are you thinking kyle

and i started i was teaming please uh

and i'm jumping on the hater train i

think we need to

get a new quarterback jimmy is not the


you know what though that just hurts the

hell out of me but sharon

here's what i always worry about who's

the quarterback

that you'd have in mind i i'm not crazy

about getting one out of the draft

because i don't know any any good

quarterback but get somebody that

kyle will trust and let them do what

they want kyle don't trust

jimmy i can see that if you could trust

your quarterback you would let him leave

let him do what he wanted to do

obviously you don't trust jimmy enough

because roll out the pockets go down the


do this do that you keeping them in that

pocket all the time

of course he's going to get married

handled and that's what he's got

so therefore him out the box

or call a play design a play that gets



stupid oh that hurt me i was okay

i threw off my jimmy g jersey i said i'm

done hey

you know what i think aaron rodgers is


no i'm not predicting no more scores no


i'm totally disgraced with the miners

right now

you know i'm like oh

next week if i make a prediction all

right 49ers

i'm not making a prediction don't listen

you got to do it

we're going to call you we got to find

out you got to tell us

we know you're in there we want that

score right now

49er fans have to stay committed we

cannot battle on this team sharon

your obligation is


need to we need everything all the way


and then go out and find another

quarterback don't pay him too much money

like he did genie

pay him something he can deal with but

don't go overboard

i said no no no i still know i i really

i i was shocked i'm sorry but i'm right


i'm tired you know against jimmy d right

now i'm sorry but he plays like crap

but he had plenty he had a cartoon bunch

behind him too

i well we're going to i can't wait to

see what they have to say get ready for

the write-ups too sherry

do you wear 49er where i'm going to get

ready for that i never should have

oh man dollar bill will

oh god come on real quick

i know i like time real quick though

okay but uh the san francisco 49ers

right now is playing like the sorriest

team in the nfl and it all starts from

kyle shanahan all the way out to the


don't make no sense man i think i tell

you what kyle shanahan does not trust

jimmy g

i think i think kyle is not setting no

place for jimmy d to do what he do

i think kyle kyle i think kyle when when

jimmy g

came in uh when we first got him you

know he didn't know the playbook

jimmy let him just be jenny cal is not

doing it now

i don't know why i don't know what's

going on i don't know the chemistry

there i don't know why but

i mean i really believe that kyle got

jimmy g on the leash his offensive line

is the

most sorry offensive line in the league

i'm going to say that i'm just going to

go ahead and say it

william's not playing like a pro bowler

all across the offensive line

they let they let these dogs uh

defensive line play like pro bowlers

don't make no sense don't make no sense

at all we had all that we had all of our

weapons back

we had all of our weapons back on

offense we couldn't do that

at all we couldn't do a damn thing and

and that and that just pissed me off we

had i you kiddle juice zebo autumn guys

on that field

and we couldn't do a damn thing we

couldn't do a damn thing rambo

and and out of all people out of all

times why

would you have a guy that hasn't played


bro you got

rebel spoon sitting out there on the

sideline all they had to do

was put spoon in of course i don't like

food but when you down

corners you put spoon in you don't put a

guy in ain't playing football in three


this man this man had the dolphins

killing us

he was getting beat beats feet he was


they had to wait for it forever in a day

to take him out the game

they should have took his ass out when

he got scored on the first time

the dude was a counselor to the defense

and fifth patrick picked on him

all [ __ ] nights on purpose

don't make no sense i mean from the

coaching staff all the way to the

players i tell you what rumble john

lynch better get his butt on that

freaking phone

he better make some phone calls about

some trades he better do something with

that money i don't care how i don't care

we got one cent

in the salary cap and right there better

spend it's gonna uh

take that penny and spend it to a

million dollars a couple of million

dollars to get some players on his team

and they better do something on his

trade deadline

because we need players it's a damn

shame we got players getting hurt

we got players that they they following

keep confidence in and they can't do it

damn they can't be on the damn field

d4 come in he played three games and go

back out

anyway i mean don't make no sense man i

mean it's like

every time we step our foot forward

there's always something bringing us


and i'm tired of it man i'm just i'm

just straight tired of it

it don't make any sense this whole this

whole team but

this is the second game we made sorry

ass teams feel like they throwing out

yeah and rumble i see we get guess what

we got the rams after the rams we got

the patriots after the patriots we got

the seahawks

after the seahawks we got the packers

and after the packers we got the goddamn

thing you think we gonna win those games

[ __ ] no no we ain't

we not just don't see it i just don't

see it now with this

nothing this time something needs to

shake something needs to say

because right now kyle shanahan does not

trust jimmy g and jimmy g

is ain't doing a damn thing on that

field he ain't he ain't doing nothing

and and that's [ __ ] what he's saying

about kyle

of protecting kyle you didn't take him

out because of that ankle

you took him out cause he wasn't

performing and that's the bottom damn

line cause cause

kyle don't wait no more you can you sit

down if you can't play he'll sit down

all right well i i don't know what

you're gonna add to my tomorrow's raw

but i'll see you tomorrow all right


this is just the beginning this was the



i will it's gonna be all right all right

phil have a good night

man tell us rough rough rough cindy

hey jay

what's up rum bro jay nothing good

i'm telling you right now that was a

whoopin and who thought you

if you go get a butt weapon why the


why what are you guys doing really

anyway jay

jimmy's performance the offensive and


line if the game boy you gonna give it

out whatever just

take it away what's up game ball man

i would i'm gonna say i like this round

bro i'm gonna get a game ball to ride

you mostly

that's it everybody get a z i ain't

getting a [ __ ]

f they're getting a z because they play

like doo doo

straight up and down we

i don't know man i i i can't put my

finger on

all i can say is if we trade and do

anything like that we're going to screw

ourselves even more

i think we need to build our way through

the drive

and just and wait till the players get


that's all i could say you know we need

we need offensive line we need corners

you know

i'm i'm getting rid of d ford he's a

liability now

he's just taking up a round so i need

another guy off the edge

and you're spending too much money on

him yeah nickelodeon

too much money oil yeah

and we can we could get a pass rusher

cheaper then

even if the pass rusher can play 16

games and give us

six or seven sacks i'm cool with that

because hell he ain't even on the field

to even produce that

so why are we having him on the team

and he can't even produce that we're

spending so much money on him

man just like clark said dude is soft

he showed it in the super bowl he was

soft you shoulda did something

in the super bowl he caused he called

the chief

to go to the super bowl man we need to

get rid of dude

straight up and down he ain't doing up

but taking our money and just taking up

a roster spot

that's it rambo straight up and down

and yeah he's not gonna get any better d

ford comes back he'll

be out immediately something will hurt

so you know yeah

injury or something he hurt his finger

he can't

he can't line up and dee never has one

thing wrong

if he hurt his toe then that would also

hurt his ankles

his ankles start hurting his uh right


would start hurting everything starts

hurting at once on d the man's

body needs to be rewired or something

because he needs repairs

all over it he is done decaying play

can't help us

so you know and we need him more than

that right now too that's the bad thing

about it

nick's gone where's our speed guy we

don't have one

right that's what i'm saying rumble we

we need we need somebody who can

actually come on the field

you know what i'm saying our defensive

line and we just need to

we need to get this is what kyle needs

to do he's need to come and tell them

when the end of the season comes

nobody's spot

is safe that's what he needs to tell

them so these boys

go on off season i guarantee

they all know that though that's that's

a given then nobody gets a promise

right but i'm saying he needed he needed

to write it on the wall he need to let

him know




let me i'll see you tomorrow okay you

all right all right rambo appreciate it

brother thank you

you have a great day oh god so see

this thing that ruins your weekend now

you got to sit up with this

a whoopin getting beat is one thing but

getting your butt cleaned

out completely clarence when the thank

you family says can the o-line be fixed

does a trade need to happen someone

needs the light of fire under the whole

team clown needs to roll the quarterback

out of the he won't do it he will not do

a clearance

he will you stand there and you trust

your offensive

line i want you to scan the field go

through progressions

and time that shot get it out okay

that's not working kyle

it's not working it's not working you

got to make some adjustments kyle


rumbo is this no there's no more [ __ ]

bro no there's no more sugarcoating no

the team is trashed yep jimmy's trash

get ginny up out of here you need we

need to cut

it i mean he's taking up too much cap

space and i'm gonna say this right now

everybody that has a jimmy g jersey

whoever our next quarterback is

don't buy a quarterback jersey until

that man wins the super bowl

because this is ridiculous i don't i

don't care about

you know it's one thing yeah we had a

bunch of injuries but those players

aren't coming back

the the guys on the field have to step

up and

you know we need a quarterback we need

to fix the other side of the offensive


i give trent williams a little bit

slack just because he hasn't pulled

himself well yeah but

he he is also part of the reason too

remember last year

when we played against the packers now

isn't aaron rodgers one of the greatest

of all time right

we made him look just like jimmy look

today and

cj i certain things have to be in place

for a quarterback to succeed

i understand where the blame goes the

quarterback first but i

need to see a quarterback under

conditions where he can work before i

decide it's all about him

because leon contrary to popular belief

you could bring a quarterback in there

another one if you want to he's going


that offensive line doesn't care if

you're back there

you're going down yeah you're right

no no no we need to fix the online too

no we got to deal with the quarterback

we got to do with the online

and we have to stop thinking that

our pass rush is going to do everything

on defense we have to address

the back of the defense in the second

year we have to we can't just

and not what brian is you can't do that

oh man who

is he oh no that was ridiculous

you know there is no um

there's no real bright spot about the

rest of the season right but we're gonna

go in next weekend we're probably not

gonna win a week after that

we got to that order we got to that one

after that but the season is a wash

that's in five games you know

five years five games you know you know

and robert

he can stay or he can go as far as i'm

concerned i don't understand why the man

doesn't blitz at all

like it's ridiculous yeah

he explains it but i don't know really i

never understand robert

he says they were blitz and we were

blitz heavy last year

we were blitz heavy last year we were

i don't remember whoa what does that

have to do with right now

and the thing is we didn't blitz heavy

last year leigh i don't know what robert


okay you don't have the same front four

he trusted us up front four

so you can keep people in coverage to be

able to shut down the quarterback's

lanes to throw into okay i understand

that concept

but you don't have that same quality of

a front four

you guys kyle and robert they don't

understand they need to make some

changes and adjustments

for the personnel they have

no i agree with you robo and not only do

we we got to get rid of deforest punk

behind he got to go

he's just robbing us at this point he

needs to go

quan to go he he thought somebody

legendary then being legendary start

talking about being legendary and do

something legendary

so he could go i mean everybody can go

i mean all these people are wide

receivers are finally set

so we don't have to worry about that

donald trump with his seahawks

cheerleader david show

they need to cut him and stop just

inactivating the cuddle

oh god lee lee we got it it's after game

we got to cut it short well listen if

you get a chance get on back in tomorrow

for raw will

sorry rumble like i always say man this

is a minor what's a nation to an empire

but these fools got to get they have


that's not bribers please but have a

good night god

well we've had it we haven't had a we

haven't had a weekend like this

hey geo

uh like a cheese fan why are cheese fans

talking to us

g.o hey rambo

hey gio well you know as you know

tonight you can get it off your chest

keep it short and sweet

although we can't keep it short and

sweet tonight it's just short and angry

geo what are you feeling man oh

god well i'm gonna try to stay

as realistic and optimistic as possible

it's hard to detach your emotions uh

with the sport especially with your team

when you love your team you know either


we're not playing well those down for

the niners but let me ask

rambo this is more of a you know i think

we all feel

beyond frustrated you know especially

you know the true niner fans

but let me ask you a question ronbo and

and i want to ask you this question

not to put you on the spot necessarily

but just to have something to fall back

onto and just the second guess if i'm

really being like

over emotional as a fan when when when

jimmy g

first came into the team back in 2017 do

you remember his first drive

right now i'll never forget it i i knew

he was the guy right there and there

yeah okay so we had a

horrible offensive line back then worse

than the one we have right now

that's so true okay we had a horrible

offensive line

and this is why i want to ask you this

ron though um i'm not a football expert

but you know our offensive line was not

good you know we were

we were a team that was in a rebuild

mode kyle it was kyle's first

year uh but jimmy g if you recall that


drive he took over when tj beathard got

hurt against the seahawks

and granted that he knew nothing about

the playbook

if you saw jimmy g's roll out his


like i haven't seen him i haven't come

right i haven't seen but i haven't seen

jimmy look that way since that game i

feel like

and i might be exaggerating you know the

rest of that season you look like that

the rest of that season

it was next year 2018 that he start

looking like

whatever kyle was trying to build i mean

kyle keeps kind of shape and form

into what he wants them to be it's not


i know exactly where you're going with

this geo he's kyle

so rambo the rumble is it is it

and and again we we all know that jimmy

is not a hundred percent right now right

let's be realistic

i'm not making any excuses for jimmy but

but is it

jimmy or is it kyle right now like let's

just set the record straight

is jimmy is jimmy garoppolo a bad


or is it kyle shanahan that's making him

feel like you know what

it's either this or the road you know

what i mean like

you know i i just i'm trying to

comprehend that because i see it every


he didn't look good in week one you know

what i mean it's cardinals

and it's not and again i'm not making an

excuse for jimmy but what happened to

that mobility

or is it the knee injury maybe rambo

jimmy no it's not the knee

it the foot may be hurting him a little

bit here's the thing what we all have to

understand is

the jimmy you saw originally that's the

real jimmy

in 2017. now here's what i agree he says

kyle got him and says okay we've all got

to be on the same page

this is my offense every player is going

to know it

we're all going to learn it and you're

going to perform on it well damn it kyle

there are things you should be able to

adapt to jimmy's strengths

he's good at feeling pressure but you've

got to give him some kind of a pattern

and play where he can operate and use

his senses and his talents

kyle's going to make him discipline to

learn his offense because remember he


awful that first year in 2018 when he

first came out there you could tell

he was thinking too much he wasn't

moving instinctively

he was just sort of doing what kyle

wants him to do well damn it kyle

can't you see that you need to change

some things for him

he said jimmy's jimmy's a soldier he

stands right there he does what kyle


but it's not effective and that's the


jim you're combos this is something

you're probably going to have

go ahead real quick we're out of time

that's okay

i haven't called in a long time the last

time i called you and you probably don't

remember and it's okay

it's not your fault i called when um i

was at the uh cincinnati game last

season when we

put a whooping on the bengals that was

like the start of our like 2019 season


again as a true niner friend it just

hurts you know what i

everything that you you're hitting the

nail on the head i really have a feeling

like it's something to do with kyle

you can bring i'm not gonna i don't want

to bring up that

because you know i'm we all hate the

[ __ ] cowboys okay i'm sorry for my


but if like with somebody who can roll

out and extend plays do better than us

i mean for us than jimmy or would it

still be kyle that would

you know do it man just that often to


in the pocket when we have a bad o-line

he likes that i'll get into that little

later jim we really gotta go

i'll uh let's get a chance let's look

for you tomorrow okay

hi ron well hey thank you for your show

man this is a tough loss but everybody

keep your head up

you know there is uh a light at the end

of the at the tunnel i mean somehow i

mean we're done

we'll get through this you guys all

right it is dark right now but we'll get

through it you guys

believe it too all right yeah rambo see


hey guys come on in sean i haven't seen

bear from sean a long

time sean what's up man

oh nothing nice we're starting to go

back to 2018 2017.



you know i've always been you know i've

always been uh

a defender of jimmy g but i just can't

do it no more man

i can't defend jimmy i just can't defend

jimmy g no more and i don't want to hear

these things about his ankles and he

wasn't feeling right look he wasn't

looking around

he had some pep in his step i get it the

offensive line was

was atrocious but look man even when he

did have time

he was throat there was times when he

threw at divo samuel's ankles there's

times where

he should have he should have led the

ball on pretty naive and divo samuels

there's times where

it was just he couldn't get it together

no matter what

he couldn't get it together no matter

what and when it's times like this we

need somebody who can carry the team

jimmy g's not that guy that can carry

the team the writing is on the wall with

jimmy g

that he's not going to be around much

longer jimmy g is supposed to be our 140

million dollar quarterback

so he's getting benched for cj beathard

what's up so one question

because everybody a lot of people say

this where's your alternative

option no where do you where do you go

do you go back to the draft

do you try to find somebody because for

all intents and purposes

to switch switch jimmy g to home this is

the thing that scares me

what are you bringing in

well for one okay i know mullins and cj

they're not the answer right obviously

i'm not gonna say this season

i'm not gonna say this season i'll keep

jimmy g

if you don't show me something in this

first half it's a wrap

and i also blame and and i also blame

the coaching staff for not already

having somebody else being bred

okay i look i was a big fan of c.j

beathard when he came in just because

i'm here in the midwest and i've seen

when he what he did when he was at iowa

but look you know his loyalty is his

biggest fault with kyle shanahan

you know what i mean sometimes you know

sometimes loyalty doesn't pay especially

when you're in a situation where

you know winning is everything you know

what i mean so

it's it's one of those things that we

weren't prepared

okay i know we've been talking about we

have depth but

do we really have depth we thought we

did we have a couple guys out there look

yeah i mean look at this kid allen oh my


oh my god you know i was one of those

they just got here

and i blame but you know what i blame

salah for leaving him on the island that


i blame salah for that salad should have

never left him on the island by himself

that long

after after a play after the first time

that happened

sally should have recognized it he

shouldn't have put all that faith

in alan like that he should have never

did that man

that's what that's what set the tone for

the game you know what i mean

salla not making salad not making

adjustments it's almost like

you know and i've always been uh

somebody who's defended salad too but

sometimes when it comes to his


he either can't or he doesn't you know

what i'm saying like

it's absolutely


it's short and sweet after the game boy

i agree i'm about to jump on that train

i i need to see this season like you say

halfway point if he looks at

like that he did today oh that's right

i'm on that train

all right phil john get back in the ball

man don't be no stranger shot we haven't

read you in months

all right man now i'm driving i'm

driving truck now man so i really you

know i don't want to be talking on the

phone too much while i'm driving so

yeah don't don't do that oh yeah that's

too dangerous all right yeah man

goodbye brother all right man i

appreciate you i appreciate you

great to hear from you all right talk to

you later yes sir

yes yes sean man this this program

sean is like from the beginning was

always that voice that came in

was always entertaining because john's

he's got a manner of of his

the way he puts a spin on things is

always entertaining hey and norm

it's niners all day it should have been

and it but it was

it was a it is miami dolphins all day

it is niners all day me as a fan is

niners all day

even on a day where the niners look like

they weren't even on the football field

today it looked like

it looked like they had some some niner

fans went out there just decided since

we can't be in the stadiums when we

just pretend like we're niners today and

act like we can get a win

and that's what happened so i mean from

the first play

from the first actual play like

i mean ryan allen y'all knew this you

don't know y'all had that man

out there looking so green he looked

like a box of newports out there

and y'all knew this when he got in the


so y'all didn't figure that out after

the first play like

oh break the new parts out then you had

them looking like a box of cools after

the half like

come on man but why didn't they start

spoon they hate on spoon that bad and

why did they have tart

right there just scouting peeking stuff

out early

come on man i gotta help you i gotta

help y'all

team out we supposed to help y'all know

what y'all got out there you gotta know

how to use it if you're gonna

that's i blame the coaching staff uh i

put a lot of this on the coaching staff

cal shanahan looking like jeep chris out


y'all remember g chris's off at that pup

pup pass off this

and robert out there just you know just

he losing hair on his head if he even

had any

he got cleaner looking like homer

simpson out there

bro no answers you could see it in his

face norm

he had no answers for me since patrick

is our a bro like

fizz patrick probably graduated the same

day you did and he out there looking


patrick holmes out there though

and the thing is him being that


you know he knows how to take that

secondary apart

if you got a weak link he's gonna pick

on it and he did

that's exactly the first thing he did he

knew like he did

his homework he was that he he looked at

his computer this morning and looked on

his phone and said ryan allen

oh they got a box of newport says

replacing your killer witherspoon okay

and smoked a box of new course before he

went on field like he didn't do no

warm-ups that's how

that's how comfortable he

shout out to carrie hyder jr on defense

that's the highlight player

yeah i've always had high hopes for our

defense you know after

after the guys went down was hoping that

the guy stepped up was doing anything

and carrie heider is one of those guys

even that i've seen today just out there


putting it down so uh shout out to

himself green law coming back you know

putting it work

and you know we just and tart still out

there hitting

so we just gotta you know gotta get

everybody on point just the game plan

got to be much better if we want to go

on this next strike we got

tough games coming up so yes how many do

you think they can win

when you look at that that that roundup

of it's like that doomsday

uh schedule we had last year but we got

through it we only lost one

but this year oh man

you know if we don't win one you feel me

like you gotta be on the road to win a

game now

niners ain't winning nothing at the

house like what is it you know what

that's it right there no

no we gotta go though let me let me uh

see tomorrow that on raw norm

it's niners all day yeah

tell you all right fam there's norm

and trey trey from va boy you're right i

want to know who was in charge of

starting and keeping alan in

i do too trey i really i'm serious i

really do want to know

whose brain fart was that derek

come on in

rambo derek hey what's going on man

i just just wanted to call in tonight

man and uh

send my prayers and condolences to uh

the shanahan family man

i know right uh he ruined it i mean

everybody's calling in

blaming are you serious that

he's the most polarizing player we got

on a player on the team uh a lot of


and i get accused of an apologist for

jimmy but i think the polarization

that he causes every problem no matter

who else is involved is going to be on

his shoulders

and i think that's not right yeah but

because there's a lot of things going on

out there that had a lot to do with that


besides jimmy but he's part of it though

he did not have a good game well the


is the o-line you have to fix the o-line

if you're gonna

if you're gonna throw make them do this

three-step drop and four-step drop and

they gotta they need better protection

rama nobody's rolling out

nick didn't do it dj didn't do it

uh jimmy isn't doing why are they

blaming him

is jimmy on the defensive side of the


and every dc in the league has figured

out how to destroy

that formation have you noticed that the

dolphins are coming in

like we got this and they were just


i looked like they had 15 dudes on the

field sometimes i could have said

who's in coverage look at all them dudes

coming in i said oh

man this is just that guy that guy gave

him three touchdowns on his own didn't


uh brian allen yeah well i know he's


for he came from their practice squad

the dolphins

that's like wait from the dolphins i

thought he's with him i'm not mistaken

if i'm not mistaken no you're probably


i'm pretty sure that's what they said

and uh yeah he sure did didn't he

and if he knows you're getting burnt out

there and watching you in practice

yeah no kidding he picked on they know

just who they were

you know just yeah too long to take him

out of the game rob who's over before

they took him out

i know first quarter first few minutes i

think he gave up

21 points i know i can't remember


but oh yeah you got past interference

somebody else

it was definitely for 14. i saw those

somebody got a

horse caller it was him that was

i'm more worried about the defense than

i am uh unfortunately than

jimmy jimmy he's back off an injury man

and if he isn't ready to go why'd you

put him out there

you might as well have cj start

i just i don't understand i put this on

kyle he didn't look like that until he

got that

and then he gets scrutinized and

scrutinized and scrutinized if he's not

being rolled out and he's waiting back

there what do you want to do

not look at the 300 pound that's

probably going to hit him

because nobody's slowing everybody down

they were coming in full speed ears bent


and rolling oh man i don't i feel for

jimmy now more than anything

ever because he's going to get blown up

by our fans he's going to get

scrutinized by the media until he's off

the team

and it's unfortunate if this is what

kyle's going to do yeah

because we got a tough strike that takes

the pressure off of him

i mean geez louise i mean kyle's got to

do better he's got a better rambo that's

all i wanted to call in and say

all right i'm gonna try and get in

tomorrow night be looking for you too

have a good day oh yeah i'm gonna keep

on listening all right nina stay strong

yes we got to all right


yes tonight as you know we're in


for another sunday that has been killed

and brutally killed not just killed


we put with 40 43 points santana

the miami dolphins forty three

you know what did they rumble you know

they did rumble they dig

they dig the whole and they buried us

under there bro that's what they did

exactly what they did rambo i

i'm not rambo i'm really upset you know

i was pissed off just right off the bat

of the game again

um um i'm blaming this from robert silva

i'm not

blaming jimmy i'm not going to blame uh

kyle shanahan because kyle shanahan's

offensive coordinator

i'm blaming this game directly at robert

solid for not

being able to make decisions and taking

out players that are not being

productive out in the field

you know fitzpatrick kept going to allen

over and over and over and over

he allowed it to happen he did not make

any decisions early in the game

and was like you know what this is not

working out we'll just bring you up

or he didn't adjust the defense enough

to be like all right someone help out

either 48 or weatherspoon or likes or


you know and and and and and those three

touchdowns came right off the bat rambo

was beginning to look

that's how they got that big lead one

after that's how they got the big lead

that's exactly that's what happened

that's exactly what happened they got

the big leader

against us and um i mean we can't have


49ers offense has to play a certain way


yeah exactly and we can't ask jimmy g

coming off an injury maybe not even 100

and kyle shanahan to call plays to to

try to catch up you know when we can't

even get the ball back from the from

from fitzpatrick because robert solid

doesn't have the ability to make

adjustments on defense

or try to put pressure on the

quarterback that's it that's simple

there's no one else to blame but

the defensive coordinator he mixes just

like kyle shannon he's a fan i know he's

a head coach

i know he's a offensive coordinator as

well but

what happens when someone fumbles rumble

what did he do right away he's out for

the rest of the game

he ain't taking no [ __ ] he's not

taking any [ __ ] from the from

from someone that's fumbling take him

out bring someone back bring someone in

next guy up

robert just keeps letting the guys this

happened earlier too i think

i don't know i can't remember what game

it was when witherspoon i think it might

have been

last year

you know what i'm saying again and then

mosey had that's that's how mostly he

took over the spot over weatherspoon i


last year well he got hurt so and moses

had to take over but yeah

and then mostly oh you're right against

that was against the hawks actually

that moses had to go that's what i'm

saying and spoon had to sit down yeah i

remember that

exactly and they were in there and we

barely caught up and i don't know i

can't remember who won the game or not


we won that game i'm trying to

what i'm trying to say ronbo is that um

what's it called

i just over and over and robertson does

he doesn't have the ability to make any

adjustments to defense to help out the

offense you know

and and i mean it's just frustrating too

rambo because

it's like ah man like we're banged up

you know

i know we're banged up and i know we

can't make a lot of adjustments but come

on man for 40

47 you don't have the ability to stop

but you could have made that adjustment

if you should not bring a kid in there

that first of all he's not used to

playing with this unit

let spoon start if spoon struggles then

you have no choice but

don't start him who the hell came up

with that idea

somebody does need an [ __ ] on that

one god

he said you're fired bro i'm telling you

where made that decision you got to fire

oh we short and sweet after the game

don't film let me we'll see you tomorrow


man all right man rombo see you man all

right fam

have a good night and no one blamed kyle

or jimmy g that's not their fault it's


they're used to it [ __ ] fact support

the scoreboard says it all yeah

all right see them hey

hey donny

rumba man this was the first time i've

ever in my 17 years of life almost

almost 18 turned off the game in the

first quarter

i could not bear to watch that oh you

did yourself a favor

that was awful yeah i i didn't watch the

second quarter i watched the end of the

game at that point i wasn't even

affected by the [ __ ] that was

happening but

here's my issue okay salah and shanahan

are 100 percent responsible for what

happened today i know we have injuries

i know we're short-handed but here's the

deal with first of all robert sulla

you have a guy that you're starting over

kello who was healthy

right and he has no prior experience

with the defense

three straight drives all fitzpatrick

has to do

is throw a one-on-one to him he's not

going to turn around he'll get beat

he doesn't understand how to run a cover

three because usually you're going to

start dropping back you're not trying to

initiate contact

because that happens they beat you over

top right he kept doing that over and


he doesn't shade over to his side with

jimmy ward doesn't do anything just

leave them on an island

now for me i've never been a huge fan of

4-3 defenses

especially for the one that we're

running now because we're trying to

simulate pressure

no stimulate we're trying to get

pressure with uh our wide nine alignment

what happens is your linebackers they

have too many responsibilities in the

gaps and if you have some injuries on

the defensive line

if you have even one player out of place

in the second level

it can be a big gain every time and not

to mention if you look at the ravens

the steelers uh the patriots they all


three four hybrid defenses where they

simulate pressure

through getting seven guys at the line

and now it makes the quarterback think

what they have to do sometimes they send


sometimes they turn seven but it allows


to have more sound run defense and be

able to

get pressure easier on offense when

they're passing the ball

i hate that now so shanahan i know i'm

talking a lot i'm sorry

i know you have a lot of people so i'm

trying to get through it yeah with


his issue is we have 48 quarterback hits

through five games

even more hurries too many sacks you

can't keep dropping your quarterbacks


you have debo samuel brandon nyuk and

george kittle get some screens out there

get some jet sweeps out there give me

ander rounds give me something

to take pressure off of the offensive

line because trent williams is our best

guy he's playing average at best right


the last two weeks he's got a sack where

he just pushed the guy he doesn't go

down and then he lets him go for a sec

that you can't defend that and i love

trent but

you the rest of the offensive line is

playing even worse

so you can't have your quarterback going

into five step drop seven step drops

throwing the ball down field one tony

just just to amplify on that point

the defense knows that's all they're

gonna do

every play you knew that's all they're

gonna do so they're blitzing they're

sitting extra guys they're putting nine

in a boxing type

who does that anybody that plays against

this offense

they know that's all you got to do

that's the antidote yup

oh my god it just pisses me off because

kyle is one of the most brilliant head

coaches in football but

i was watching a thing by brett coleman

the other day talking about what sean

mcqueen is doing this year that he

didn't do last year

and last year they were at the bottom of

the league in motions and this year

they're using them more

and what it does it allows uh the

offense to stay in their gap so it

disrupts the run fits of the defense

so when you motion guys up and down it

really helps to put them out of place

and when you do that you can bootleg and

they're one of the biggest team bootleg

i haven't seen bootleg hardly ever this

year i don't understand why they got

keeping out of the office it's a staple

of the shanahan style offense wasn't

imagining that

that is you what he did when he was in

with the falcons

you've seen maddie ice rolling on that

pocket all the time never now

never it's it's ridiculous to me he's

doing everything

that his team is not built to be you run

with raheem moster the dude's averaging

like six yards of carry

why don't you keep running the ball with

him get him out in space

and then additionally you're not doing

anything with the other guys you have

the yasbros for a reason

you're just having them out there on an

island running around what they're built


they can do that but you need to involve

them more

in other things so cooking stuff man i

we need to get rid of the defensive

scheme i

hate it shanahan needs to adopt more or

most importantly john machines are

focused on the interior often to run

i've been saying this probably my whole

life we've never had a good interior

offensive line swim through potty in our


and then

great stuff as usual so many points that


so agree with ah but anyway doing

let's talk to you a little later all

right well good one

all right joni oh it's just really

if if you're a student of kyle shannon's

offense you know

all these things and you can't

understand why

kyle is it the level of of of

talent i don't get it jaylen

man rambo bro yo

i'm like 19. i don't luckily i'm i'm

unlucky like you i haven't got to see

the team win the super bowl

i watched the baltimore game we almost

came back one down one day you know last


so you know my friends always knock on

me you've never seen your team win the

super bowl

and man after this week after whatever

you're going to see when anytime

you can see one anytime soon after next


it's one thing to lose it's a

professional football team they're

they're trained to be good

but 43 points to the miami dolphins it

was considered one of the worst teams

last year

yes that's pitiful that's god awful

that's god awful and you can go knock on

the offense you can knock on the defense

the whole team got the ass kicked

from start to finish

and we just look like a deer headlight

we got humble that's what happened we

got humble

we got humble all them ass kickers we

gave out last week last year they're

coming back

and i got another question how you well

how do you feel about marcus mariota

i thought about him he's probably

available too i you know

your backup it won't cost much to get

him here backup

yeah he there's so much to learn in


offense i if you didn't come at the

beginning of the season or in pre-season

you're not going to be able to operate

the rest of the guys don't know what

you're doing

you'll never be on the same page this is

the thing why kyle is on the cj go

he never let mullins go jimmy's running

a team

if you get another guy in there you have

to go to school for six months

before you can sit down and talk to kyle

his offense is complicated

it takes too long and that's why whoever

he starts the beginning season with

that's who he has to go with for the

rest of the year we're in trouble

we're in big trouble and man i love

jimmy garoppolo i like

man i told everybody you know acl he

took us to the super bowl but man

this performance today against a defense

like that

i can't i can't protect them after that

you got ben you got binged by the guy

you took your job that you took the job

from originally in 2000 ain't that the


i don't see him playing next week i

don't see jimmy's landing well no

and we're going to find out more if that

ankle is an issue

somebody needs to be made to pay a fine

starting with cop

if he wasn't ready to play then don't

put him out there

but you know what this game was a

must-win situation they thought they was

gonna get away

cj ken only the difference between the

three quarterbacks is

between jimmy and nick cal drafted him

cal drafted cj he said this is my guy

he's gonna do something

they can't handle it he took too many

beatings his rookie sees he can't handle


jimmy garoppolo he's getting up there in

age he's coming off two bad leg injuries

he can't move around no more his arm's

not the strongest

people saw what he's capable of and what

he's good at in the super bowl they've

seen him at as low as like

it the clock ticking kyle you got to

make a decision like a big boy decision

it's a business at the end of the day

that's why that's why i'm hoping if

there is another quarterback available

because everybody's saying get another

quarterback but i want to know who

i mean i don't tom brady's done he's not

even doing that well

tom brady would have got killed in that

part he would have got killed he you


i don't care how much experience he's

got yeah if you ain't got an offensive

line brady's gonna be the worst

supplement he didn't have last year

aaron rodgers

somebody said his contract expires get

him in here i the thing is

i i need to know there's going to be

somebody come in that's actually going

to make a difference

ah anyway jalen we got we're out of time

jenna get here tomorrow if you get a

chance and we'll talk some more okay

i got you my god i appreciate the time

all right jay appreciate you fam

night oh god it's just

oh big boys climb on

big rick what's up plenty of blame to go

around rumble no no effort on the field

no effort from the coaches no creativity

oh that's so true this team wants the to

the year off

just stay there if home don't put this

garbage on the field

you know and thanks to the country it's

like tony alluded to

too some of the things that 49ers want

to do out there

they you usually have to have you have

to have

people like uh kaywon williams and

richard sherman

these are guys that they don't need to

be told what to do you can take the

leash off them

and they can make plays because they can

read what's going on out there

and they can jump on it when they're not

there you don't put

brian williams in the game kyle

daniel come on in daniel

oh god yeah

hello damn i mean it's scary i'm i'm

upset with kyle and

brian williams robert


hello you got me yeah yeah i'll be here

you got me

yep all right rambo hey this is 559

calling again

all right you're daniel right

yeah i'm daniel yeah i'm just glad you

got my name this time yeah we

we we always make sure we take names so


do you appreciate that well daniel let

it all out we got a lot of things to

talk about

all right jump on it it's short and

sweet after the game so go ahead jump

right on it

all right well i'll try to keep it as

short as sweet as possible um so

did uh shanahan uh pull the trigger too

too soon on jimmy no i don't think

jimmy's feeling right

uh and i think he told shannon i can't

plant or something

because kyle didn't even hesitate to

pull him out so yeah

he's there's something wrong with him

other than the normal things that's

wrong with him

so um so does that shake the confidence

in the office

offense at all figuring out that we used

three quarterbacks

in two weeks yeah i've thought about it

like that

look for cj to be honest

i'm thinking about it in all aspects


it looks like that it hurt it hurt

but um how about our defense uh we're

looking at

hopefully signing somebody right clay

matthews i

you know matthew's if he has anything

still left in the tank i'd like to see


i don't know what they're going to do i

think they need to make a trade somebody

suggested we pick up barrett

from uh from the eagles and give him a

draft pick

he's sound he's young he's not getting

any playing time

because he's playing behind the guys

like graham and whoever else they got on

that team

that be the guy to go get that might be

a good deal otherwise i don't know what

they're going to do daniel

that defensive line is like all right so

what do you think of next week how about

what do you think of next week's starter

versus the rams

bad news the rams are playing good

football right now

if you go in there with anything weak

like that offensive line whoever's


their their meat they are going to be

torn apart

the wolves are going to sound like a

wolf back attack the offensive line can


nothing to stop them

i think that our offensive line is

highly underrated because

what i've seen in on our offenses on

sweeps and counters

are are 15 yards easy every time


run screens run a bootleg every now and


mix it up kyle you're quarterbacking

nothing about that in the second half

what you see how they put jeff wilson in

you know i talked about jeff wilson last


so jeff wilson in the second half

finally yeah i'm still mad about that

fourth and one jeff wilson should have

been on that play

and kyle calls 28. kyle what

that's not freaky but uh oh kyle do you

think that was the right call of the

vince jimmy

yeah he was looking like straight trash

and whatever he

having kyle did she were there on the

sideline the camera went over

and they had a conversation and i think

jimmy told him

i keep my foots out of here i can't even

plant so

oh man that is done because i'm sure

they saw that in practice at least

i thought but they you know what they

thought it's a must-win game

and they thought they'd get jimmy out

there see if it worked

we're three we're two and three that's


yeah we keep him off the sidelines i


i mean it's not a must i mean if we're

calling trade

and you and you're thinking it's going

to be on the defensive ball it's not

going to be an offside bomb

yeah but everybody's thinking about

julia jones being traded because

the falcons are on four we we need so

many things but dan we're out of time

it's short and sweet after the game let


let's see you tomorrow hey i appreciate

it rumble thanks

appreciate your family i'll call again

all right looking forward night daniel

good night and i see two five

two creep catchers more that's an

interesting name

if you if you're jimmy if jimmy g is


who do you want to see is that that's

equipment this is my question thanks for

the contribution this is my question

all right you get rid of jimmy g i

understand the anger

but then what do you bring in is he

gonna be better

or is he going to take us further down

the tubes this is what scares me to


but people just throw that out there get

rid of jimmy i'm done with jimmy

okay now what what

christopher handler thanks family says

have to regroup the sheer rumble

defensive offensive line needs to

improve yes the trenches have to get


still have to stay faithful 49ers stay

strong hey that chris

thanks well uh oh

man did denise is back come on back to


hey how's it going all right

i tell you we're we're having a funeral

service tonight as you can hear

i don't know denise are we overreacting

i mean we didn't we've never

seen this team melt down like this all

in one day

and you know what i disagree with almost

every single person who's called

that says kyle shanahan's not to blame

[ __ ]

this is two games in a row two games in

a row

that our team has not been prepared to

play we can talk

all the [ __ ] we want about seattle and

about the rams

but though but okay let's take seattle


has a shitty defense are they winning


yes they are are they missing players

yes they are

so you know what i'm sorry our team

has not been prepared to play robert

sala never makes

any adjustments he goes out there and

he's like this is my scheme and i'm

sticking to it

yeah okay that's great but but

your screen's not working homeboy so no


i i'm sorry and you know what

i'm sorry jimmy garoppolo it's either

one of two things

if i was jimmy and i'm the one who's

being blamed

and i'd start being aaron rodgers oh

kyle that that call's not going to work

[ __ ] you and oh i'm sorry i'm not taking

the cuss

i agree i i don't think jimmy has that

in his dna

he won't do that but you know what it is

time for him to call kyle out on that

now that's going to create a little bit

of a rift and you know how kyle is

denise when kyle gets mad at a man the

man is in trouble

you see what happened last week you know

and some other players too

but but and you know what i agree with

everyone as far as like our o-line

stinks are you know our defensive


the only person who deserves the game

ball is you rambo you deserve a game

ball rambo

you no one else deserves a game ball

rambo sports deserves a game ball

for putting up with all of us who call

in angry yelling and cussing that's who

deserves the game ball

is ronbo sports and you know what i will


fred warner played really well like fred

warner played his butt off

but he can't win by himself no corey

heider can't win by himself

rookie monster they can't do it by


people come and help those are the only


what are you doing oh

and i'm sorry you know what i hear what

everyone's saying about

you know jimmy and you know what like i

said if it was me

and i was jimmy garoppolo and everyone

was saying how bad i stunk and

you know that i'm the most horrible

thing since sliced bread

i'd be like you know what kyle i'm

rolling out of the pocket

in the story like i don't care you know

what i mean like if the play's not there

i'm rolling out

and i'm gonna play like i did when you

when i first got here go off schedule

you got and

kyle used to like that denise he used to

like a quarterback that actually knew

to recognize the situation and alter it

don't stand there

and go down in the heap get out of there

and do what you got to do

and he used to do that and you know what

the reason and the reason i say it's

kyle shanahan's fault and it's not

and it's not just jimmy garoppolo's

fault is because

if you if you look at the plays the

bottom line is

it's every quarterback it's jimmy it's


and it's nick every single quarterback

responds the same

you could put you could put tom brady

back there you could put aaron rodgers

back there

you can put any quarterback you want

back there as long as they stick to

kyle's plan

and he doesn't want to change it they're

going to look the same way

this is exactly the way i feel denise

it's not going to make any difference

you bring it where we want to

they're going to get killed if the

offensive line looks like it does if

kyle won't say things like all right


let's make a change here's what i want

you to do kyle you're

you've got the intelligence make the


denise if he does the same thing next

week i'm going to be really pissed

we gotta oh i'm sorry he

he won't change his play call and i only

have one other thing to say

you know what if we get rid of jimmy if

we get rid of jimmy

we need to go to the draft and draft a

qb because

nick and cj are not the answer and the

only other thing i have to say

is yeah i i don't know i'm i'm done i'm

i'm so angry i i could go on for hours

i'm sorry i'll see you guys

let's get together tomorrow and uh it'll

get better it can't get any worse

right all right amen to that

thanks rambo you're so welcome nice all



what i like to do is i want you to go to

the next caller because i know i sound

like crap on my phone

my phone is crap i'm about to put my

headphones on because i'm not on my

headphones right now i'm gonna put my

headphones on

because it's on um it's on charge

so go to your next caller and come right

back to me i'm gonna keep it short and

sweet all right

all right appreciate it fam all right

all right

okay we go to 571 you're out in va


hey rambo what's going on man oh it's

just really not a good

day it's just a sunday night rather than

not have had and we waited all week for


we were looking for redemption what what

is your name

oh brandon brandon from va hi brandon

yeah brad it's uh it's just not a

pleasant night day what should i say

unless the seahawks lose that will be

the only redeeming thing to make me

go to bed and feel good i might even

order a pizza if the seahawks lose

well they're losing 10 to nothing right

now get out are you serious

last time i checked yeah i've done


acceptable they're not going to be able

to continue to play that sorry defensive

okay but brandon your feeling about our

situation what are you thinking

good luck man this is what i think first

of all that bum dude number 48

i think he's undercover miami dolphins

cornerback he came over

and they were just like you know what we

see that guy over there we knew he was a

bum dude we could score three touchdowns

on him so that's one

brandon did somebody said i don't know

if you know or not somebody said he's

from miami's practice squad is that true

i have a friend at the dolphin fan he

texted me we cut that dude

and put him on practice squad oh

so they knew exactly who they were

dealing with and what to do

oh kyle and you started him robert


what is wrong with him oh my god no

ow okay let me be closer all right

second point

just like everybody else the coaching

the coaching the coaching the coaching

jimmy garoppolo can only cook with what

he's given with right

yes that's absolutely if you're going

five step drops seven foot drops and you

know those guys will bum

ankle i mean what are you guys watching

all week in practice

i mean where's the jet sweeps where's

the we saw so

much imagination last year any of those

things and you got the players to do it

nothing nothing and it's like

you know the shannon is they have a

staple when they come into the game the

first 20 plays are scripted

it goes back to his dad they won the

first 20 plays and i think they just


those first 20 plays they say okay this

is what we see on tape

this is the first defense to see how

they react and then they're going to go

from there

exactly and they but they don't get what

they just keep running in the wall like

you said

because they're sticking to the script

but we're two and three it's gonna get

better um

moster i mean he you know i gotta give

him offensive mvp

he looked good

every week he's had a sack every game

hider always makes his presence known

this is why i want ronnie blair out

there soon spots if i got hider

and blair i feel like my defensive line

it may have hope

oh yeah yeah i think if kyle you know

gets more imagination with his play

calls me i know you got a bad offensive


we can see it you guys see it you got a

50 yard line seat

you got to make the adjustments but um

we'll get ready for the rams next week

no i'm not i'm scared to death i'm

almost afraid of the rams right now

as i am the uh i don't want anything

more to do with the cardinals either

so you know we don't have anybody we

play but we can play with the hawks i'm

telling you right now i knew the hawks

were smelly

they brandon let me can we see you

tomorrow if you get a chance

yeah absolutely man absolutely all right

you have a great night huh

all right rambo you too man good talking

to you thanks great to meet you

all right man all right okay that's

that's a hug

school boy i feel great all right


all right can you hear me much better i

could hear you so much better

okay you know i've been i've been crappy

because i've been listening to

i've been listening to ourselves all

right you know you know the game or

you know the youtube i've been sounding

crappy i'm like oh my god

all i'm saying is this rambo yeah that's

all i'm gonna say

anybody who is overzealous

about our team and so much

um in tune to what we got and want to

give us

the most the most credit because of who

we are and what we got and all this

i hope you learned the lesson tonight

and that means

everyone everyone you hear me

everyone have learned a lesson tonight

that again i'ma say one more thing

their super bowl is against playing the


and the niners and if you played us

that's their super bowl

so you got what you got you got what we

we got a team full of backups okay

look for extreme cornerbacks and

and and stuff like that man we can't win

like that we cannot win like that

you know i want to say this i do think


i don't care what nobody says or has


our offensive coordinator our

chief kyle shanahan as well

and solemn they got to take this on the

10 and say this is

our fault third and three and you got

seven you got your man

seven yards off the ball okay you got me

i got a problem with the coordinator

i don't care who we got out there you

gotta i got a problem with the


on our defensive side on the offensive

side you keep

running mckinnon and so forth instead of


most of the yar the the play that he

always makes yards off of which is a

zone blocking scene and you will not

give him the opportunity and you would

give somebody

look if you're not gonna run jeff wilson

what is she doing out here

coordinator fourteen one oh okay

you call twenty one seconds thirty

that's his job oh

listen they gotta put these guys in the

right position

if you're not gonna do that then you get

what you get

oh whooping but i hope that all these

people who call in

so overzealous about our team and so


i mean we can do this we can do that we

used to be able to

learn tonight i want to learn tonight

that you know what it don't matter if

you're not calling the right plays

if you not got the right personnel in

this is what you're going to get we got

our answers

i mean i mean mopping the floor they was

cutting the grass

man good grief use them like tools

i mean brian allen i want to hear about

brian allen being cut tomorrow

he's not he's not for this team

that was a complete mistake let me

you know okay so now you understand what

i told you uh before we go

what i want to say is you now you

understand why i told you

yo we should have drafted a

freaking cornerback when we have the

chance but we

didn't so this is this is our this is

our life

so everybody enjoy it take it for what

it is

but i'm gonna say this as far as i and i

hate to sound like this because i i'm a


um what you call it um

contradictors it's two week two and

three we're terrible at two and three

but we still got a chance

we still got a chance so i'm hopeful of

that i'm still i'm still

on that bandwagon that we can get it

together or whatever

but i offer some livestreams and those

are things

that are going to take a lot of work

ellie we're out of here i'm going to see

you tomorrow

and see you have a great day go

go minnesota all right all right

oh my god look i'm not gonna see you

tomorrow bro

i'm just be honest with you i can't talk

to you i can't talk to you about this

that's all i got all right pam

stay safe out there in san francisco and

i'll i'll talk to you later man

all right give my best love give it to

lionel too

all right oh no doubt no doubt

all right good night oh man

and 856 new jersey

garden state come on in

oh hello yes who is this

oh it's a [ __ ] ninja how are you

doing brother did you see the fourth


the fluffy ninja oh the fluffy i like i

like both names

fluffy lynch i've not talked to you in

forever and when you you change your


oh fluffy good to hear from you again

and as you know we're a little po

tonight uh the 49ers came in there and

embarrassed themselves they sent

themselves and put themselves in

position to not

be able to compete in the nfc west and

worst of all

you look at that team fluffy ninja and

you you worry

is there anything they can improve upon

between now and the next

because games are getting tough from

here on it's scary

what are you thinking okay well here's

where the problem began

last week playing against these stupid


trent williams has played in the east

for a while so they

know his tendencies they wanted their

whole pizzas

so now he can play so okay our offensive

line looks horrible now people are

pissed off with jimmy g

and it's justified to a certain degree


just like uh tony said earlier we're not

running any bootlegs we're not running

any screens

we're not doing any of that no

creativity d-line just

they're gonna drop back three-four step

it doesn't matter we'll be there before

he gets to his fifth step

god kyle you don't see that

god exactly so they need to have him

move out a little bit

now i understand he's concerned because

he tours hcl

and he doesn't want him to run because

all the freaking money that they pay to


but year one he was fantastic moving


getting out of the pocket he was able to

throw the ball down field

and direct crap out of everybody even on

the move yeah he could smell pressure

jimmy can actually feel pressure without

even looking remember

that he could feel steps and he would

move out make a play

now what do we got we got a robotic


the kyle shannon is shaped in the form

of what he wants to do

and it's not working

well see that's the other thing this

league now your quarterback has to be


ain't nothing there's no cj working

under under that not being able to get

up a pocket thing

you have to be able to move anyway i'm

going to get off but i'm still pissed

off about the freaking equals game

so uh i'm trying to hurry but that's

carrying a bad for a long time

for a week and you're not from the east

though i got to hear this [ __ ] oh

the eagle fans are the worst too and

that means you get to carry that anger

into a game where you could have got a

little relief and when they do

they stay completely self-destruct

just to keep smoking but i i don't see

jimmy gina

i think jimmy is salvageable

with as long as they allow him to get

out of the pocket

if they allow him to do that from time

to time we'll be okay right

god bless all right fluffy good earphone

again have a great evening

all right come on all right and

be home come on in man

oh wrong boy i don't feel good today you

and me both and

all the aspen in the world wouldn't make

any difference this is just ridiculous

and supposed to get an ass whooping like

that that was brutal

just beat us like a beat us like a drum

they beat us like a drum man they played

us like a fiddle

let me tell you like this rumble i'm

with everybody

look i don't know what's going on while

we ain't running no play action

and no bootlegs and no food legs or


you won't even run a screen


honestly i ain't even putting this on

the offense

robert satellite didn't get a job a head

coach for

he was starting on him and tonight


showed one of the reasons why he didn't

get considered as a head coach

when we didn't have nick bolson our

defense looked the same

we back to looking like we did before we


true you know and and honestly

like like like like a lot of the other

callers were saying man

you got to learn how to adjust you got

to learn how to create

pressure when you don't have when you

don't have you know your pressure guys


you let this i don't even know who alan

is i don't know where he came from

i'm looking at myself hey i was watching

the game on my ipad like who the hell is


guy 48. earlier and i didn't see him in


but where did he come from brian i mean

fyi just for your information he came

over from the dolphins practice squad

and we started him we started him over


the hell oh my god oh my god

no that was the wrong thing to do

at the end of the day rumble

he got scored on three times he would

have been out of the game after he got

bombed on the first time for that first

touchdown and he looked like he was just

lost out there

he should have came out then you

wouldn't gotta you wouldn't got two more


i mean i honestly think we i honestly

think that you know

fitzpat you can even hear the announcer

saying the announcement said we

when when when fitzpatrick come out he's

looking for 48 where

48 he is i'm throwing the ball so be


every day he already knows who that dude


go right to him didn't wait or hit him


if 48 is on you run a street route i'm

throwing you the ball

yes hey come on man

last year we were taking guys out we

messed up you coming out

we can't we can't do it man we can't do

it if we don't draft anything rumble

if we i if we draft anything like a

quarterback please it got to be some

kind of mobile quarterback man

well all right with the line we got we

just don't end up getting killed man

but see kyle's gonna have to alter his

offense and be more like it

when it was in washington then for uh

what is his name the quarterback that

got hurt his knee in washington

um anyway what

no rg3 rg3 he's gonna have to go back to


kyle doesn't want to do that bm that's

what everybody needs to understand

he doesn't want a mobile quarterback who

would have kept kaepernick

that's why i know this what you see

there that's what kyle thinks is going

to be effective

this is why he wanted kirk cousins he

wants a guy that stands there keeps his

eyes downfield

even if a truck's coming at him keeps

his eyes downfield and makes that play

damn it kyle it's a this is 20 20 and

that's not gonna work

you need to bend this man

defensive lineman defensive tackles is

way too fast for all of us yes

you can't you you you're not gonna

survive out there like that man

unless you got a brick wall for an

offensive line which we don't have right


so we don't have to figure out other

ways man they got to change up their

scrap just like you have to do on a

boxing match

when you're standing up there getting

your ass beat you got to change your


somebody's getting up and getting hurt

yeah we got to go fam look

let's see tomorrow night on raw if you

get a chance will you

all right my boy i'll be easy man hey

the only thing i can say is like

always next week right i got a real fan

in the car with


no hamburger next time you stop

it's all good i came with you tomorrow

all right looking forward

night fam oh man

and i see 1989 1989

mvp thanks family he says face

we're going to run kittle's career we

are we are

one hit wonders nah i'm not thanks to

that contribution there ain't no way i'm

believing that this team's gonna pull

this together

you got the right guys in there to get

the personnel but i need to know

they know how to alter concepts and do

some things that are more conducive for

today's nfl

stop doing the things you're doing


i'm moving chris come on in man

what's going on rambo oh we're we're

getting mad with everybody in

carrie hyder uh those are our favorite

guys but from the coaching staff on down

boy everybody else is mud

well what are your feelings on this this

mess tonight

i'm upset with that old line really be

honest with you they uh trent williams

i expect much better out of him and

on that other side man

make him leave and put that weight back


people just beat him

it looked like garoppolo he didn't have

any time to think of

nothing just this survival he was all

over him before

before he can get he couldn't get his

steps right they would stay with over

them so much so

all our quarterbacks survive every snap

all you gotta do is live for the next


bend down get sacked throw the ball away

just throw it

just don't even just throw it oh kyle


can't you see they're under too much

stress do something

he would yeah they have to get back to

understanding like

she they they have to get back to their

identity like get back

they have to have an identity and the

49ers have to

get back to playing football where when

that when that online

on last year when they got hands on you

in that run game

you went backwards the the opposite the

opponent went backwards

they're not bad yeah

but they have to oppose they will and if

you know

like it's just like having nebraska um

corn hustles and college football back

in the days they

when when they oppose they will they let

you know look

we it's what we're going to do you ain't

going to stop it

and and until you can stop it then

it is what it is but the 49ers there's

got to be a lot more physical

in the trenches like um definitely on

that old line

the defensive line i give them a little

you know i give them you know they they

put pressure on

sometimes the quarterback you know he

escaped the pocket here and there

we always run past and the quarterback

just steps up the middle

well i don't and give them y'all why

does that happen

they just walk up the middle tom brady

we don't see him this year

he would love it because brady hates

pressure from the outside

uh no i'm up the middle he likes

pressure from the outside he hates up

the middle

all quarterbacks operate that way you

give me the middle

you can come out here at 100 miles an

hour i'll be gone before you get here

i could just step right up the middle oh


i've seen a play where hyder dove

after guys um put and tapped his leg um

go back to fix patrick

and tap his


how does this got all the his football

iq man

it's up there he's our dude he's got a

sack every game

and he's leading the team by now so

big fan foreign out of time

man you got to get him out of here no

yeah he is it

he will not start again i guess he

learned the lesson painfully

all right family yeah let's uh let's see

tomorrow night and rather get a time huh

okay definitely looking forward all

right all right

oh man man man uh 5-1-0

hello hello yes yes listen who is this

this is chris chris chris you got have

you got a headset on yeah headphones

something up against yeah it's it's it's

catching a lot of sound

is it touching something

hello yes all right go ahead okay can

you hear me now

yeah it stopped okay good chris come on

in man yeah

yeah good yeah i just want to say man

i watch the show first time calling in

man and um

thanks the one thing i just the one

thing i just want to say is this man

if this was richard sherman

mosley k1 williams

and our whole crew we we i would be


let's just really think about this in a

vacuum good point last year what was the

strength of our team our defense right

and the strength of our defense was what

secondary yes yeah and and it's gone

i can't i can't explain the play calls

but you gotta have players to execute

you gotta have players

that's what tony was talking about

earlier the things we're trying to do

they're not applicable for just tell

players to go out and do it

you've got to have players that have

good sense you look at kejuan williams

you look at sherm

even mosey to a degree he makes a little


but he's gotten very savvy as to what to

do they make plays on their own

they see how the play is developing and

they react the guys we got out there now

they're going by the textbook moves as

what you're supposed to do they're not

thinking on their own

so they get killed yeah and oh that that

that that that is the thing that you


i mean and if and you gotta you gotta

think about this there is

one extra slot this year because it's

not seven teams in the playoffs now

and even though we're down three

um we can only afford to lose four more


and we gotta afford to lose four more

games so we gotta play the cardinals


and we still got to play seattle twice

and we got the rams and we still got the

face in green bay

i everybody i the hawks i think what is

the score

the hawks are a fake front runner i'm

convinced of that

13 to nothing telling you out thirteen

to nothing you know

the hawks don't want to play no defense

if you have any kind of

offense you can beat them

yeah you know i i i know nobody wants to

hear this

you know being a golden state warriors

fan but if we go to state warrior this


yes if we go back in and get another

high draft pick

we may be all right


we may we may be all right we go ahead

and go to state warrior this day just

let it go it's a cold

year everything is all messed up and we

just let it go

and come on back but i mean i mean but

you gotta pretend a better job but you

still got to hire a big bad dude that's

going to make things unequal

you know well i thought i was really

running 10 nothing still you got you got

to hire that dude

like the warriors did uh before draymond

made him mad what is that

uh big powerful durant yeah you gotta

find a kevin

a kevin durant equivalent nfl style

you know to make it completely

impossible to beat

god i'm i'm i'm telling you now i mean

when this team is operating at its full

capacity with everybody moving

yeah it's true where were we we were in

the super bowl we're tough

the ford is gone yeah bolsa is gone yeah


what did we expect i mean yeah you know

we we 49er fans i i'll end it with this

because i know you got some other

callers to call in

okay but we all remember our man mike


number 24. bro uh by abby way back

remember uh they were they were just

picking on him the whole way through he


wherever 24 was that's where they threw

it and that's what happened today

and i saw it after after they scored 14

course i'm like man this this game is

gonna be over

yeah but i mean you know i i told people

the way we build our team is from

the inside out and our offensive line

is is trash is trash

i know i forgot about that our center is

gone yeah and

our um our guard i mean we just

we we just don't have the interior to do


if you

chris we got to pull up though let me

let's see you tomorrow if you get a


and we'll continue okay it's short

i love it my first time calling man you

the man

thanks chris appreciate that too chris

don't be a stranger we'll be back


all right all right all right yeah good


and we're all noticing the same thing

about this team the 49ers have to adapt

and alter don't stand there on the same

things you've been doing everybody knows

what's going to do that that

drop back three four five you hell jimmy

could have dropped that

oh any of them they could have dropped

back 20 steps they would have bring the

miami dolphins right with them

they know what that's all they're gonna

do drop

back and he's gonna survey the field

staff come on in

yo what's up rambo oh stan we're back to


i can't believe we're having to go back

to that place

this is really stinks that was the worst

beating they've ever had in levi's


and after we came off of a great year

like last year we get the worst beating

ever at levi's stadium wow

what is the problem so many things steph

what did you see as being the problem

um well i think the main problem is

is uh probably what you notice the games

we've lost

are pretty much co are we're getting out

games i don't see

kyle coming or robert coming in with it

listen you guys know we're missing key

players right

so you guys have to adapt as in putting

these new players in the best position

possible and i'm just not seeing you

guys need

like they're not having any game plan

where you're like oh this is where we


you know the same way we're getting beat

is the way we should be beating teams

right now with you know the lackluster

talent we have out there like dolphins

look like us

didn't they from last year they were

just beating they've seen

god they they've seen that they our


is you know shaky that's what they


and what do the eagles do they see they

see that our o-line was

you know our center they put the they

put their foot on our necks

both teams that's a whole bright word

find the weakness and exploit it and

we've been in two weeks in a row i guess

no i i i definitely can tell you there's

probably weaknesses on the miami

dolphins defense

and i'm pretty sure there you could find

a weakness and and

i don't get it we look like we look like

uh kyle acts like what we're doing is


we're getting the same product every


do you watch the pre-game shows to find

out what the other teams are do you know

the dolphins

people have been passing and running on

the dolphins all season long with ease

what happened to us that's what i mean i

i don't

like i don't care so it's a

little scary and as far as jimmy rambo

i'm gonna i'm gonna say this

you know i love jimmy but i'm you know

your ankle

first of all i understand yes you you

tweak it but

some of those that those interceptions

were not because an overthrow is not

because of your ankle

if anything you should be under throwing

okay i

so i can't give jimmy too much you know


at the same time i think him and kyle

need to

you know come together and jimmy needs

to put his foot down and do something

i've been saying that since the cardinal


and you're right too and here's the

thing about jimmy um

he's not going to do that stuff and i

just wonder how long this train wreck is

going to continue

because he's going to come out there i

don't think he's going to play next week

uh kyle's going to say we're looking at

jimmy and we'll uh

we'll make a decision on between now and

and wednesday or thursday you know like

oh kyle

you know what was that raggedy then

why'd you send them out there

yeah we we we're so disoriented we're

disoriented we're

you don't even know who the hell is

going to start week tweak and this


i mean it's just bad i i think

you think you don't say i think she has

to start because i think this is the

last year of

jimmy and kyle trying to you know they

have to nail it or

or will always be a theme of the unknown

at the quarterback but we can't

have that we need it stapled in and we

need it printed

this questioning is just it's it's it's

not good

it's not it's not gonna you know that

that that position right there needs to


stapled and nailed in and i'm not you

know it's not clicking but

we're gonna see let's talk about that

more tomorrow because i'm sure that the

quarterback controversy is going to


but i want to know who are we bringing

in because this is the thing

that i'm wondering where is this

quarterback and that's right

exactly yeah it's rambo kyle needs to

put his pride aside and realize

jimmy has the talent let him use it

oh god big owl

there he is


i needed to holler because i feel like

holla i've been feeling like holland

ever since this

this segment started i'm well i'm mad as

hell yeah

that did that was a whooping that you

didn't you guys they couldn't lose

but you ain't got to get your butt

handed to you in that fashion that was

an embarrassment

i'm good at the dolphins

it's been two weeks man to ride here in

college for two weeks straight

because i've been in the morning

but i say this like this man um

the ride they gonna change the the

person that you know the ride to be

i'm gonna keep saying you know for

everybody that

you know i ain't even listening to the

show today man i just called in

cause that's it i'm ready to talk to you

dog but i mean

first thing first first thing first we

lost to three games here we could lose

two more games

and get in at eleven and five because

country is where anybody believes

everybody in the nfc west not gonna lose

gonna leave

this season with a winning record so

i mean we still got 11 weeks of football

to play

that's a lot so and i mean you know to

be honest

the only thing that i can do right now

is just

you know think about the positives and i

mean the positives are

we already know that d ford is probably

playing this last season in san


may have already played maybe this carry

how to do could be

his replacement in the future who knows

what but

i mean that's all i can do man because

it was like you know we haven't seen

these guys at our business like

for the fan base always throw shade

on the team because they're not giving

their best performance

and a lot of it is based also because of

the circumstances that they would build

we haven't talked about this [ __ ] before

you know four weeks of pre-season

we didn't get a full training camp we

didn't get

so that's why you're starting to see a

lot of teams right now

and i mean not all of them but you're

just starting to see some now

play more improve chris football because

you know they've got their routine rep


and we're taking that really set him

back and

you're right you can't sit down two

weeks and come back out razor sharp

this is why man jesus

wow and i mean you know i know this has

got to be short rumble so let me let me

get these few words in man you know as

far as the offensive line goes

you know kill garland came back at the

beginning of the season

he didn't get no training cancer damn

for real because he's been injured

you know um bronze skill you know we was

all positive about bumpkin now everybody

want to throw him under the bus man

bunker played

capital last season he was no freaking


so it's like you know i mean let's stop

throwing shades

our guys man because you know they're

going through

a more challenging season i mean these

are the type of battles that

teams that go to the playoffs have to

get through

you know you want to be battle tested

when you go to the playoffs

but this ain't crap now this is just

regular season

so you know i'm not willing to just

throw in the towel you know

the bottom line is this cap the cows


get a little cute with his play calling

i think he does sometimes

but i mean he's still a child and i mean

at the end of the day

i think they'll get the issue worked out

i think they're realizing more and more

now that

you know they probably made a bad

decision by not

picking up an extra superstar probably

even on the defensive line side of the

ball we had the opportunity to go after

davey and county we had the opportunity

to go after

um another guy can't think of his name

but i mean

the bottom line is is i feel like it's

as good as a job as kyle

and lynch have done since they've been

there they sometimes get a little

negligent when it comes to signing extra

talent because it's like you know

the thing that made us as dangerous as

we were last year was ideal

one guy hurt the next we could step in

and take over yeah

and and a solid rotation of front line


and guys that came in that kept it up

while it was gone

rod we you know it's it's after the game

well i'll tell you bro

i don't want we need more time but let's

see them can you get back in here


man i'll be there man expect all right

i'm looking forward too

all right you ready hey man we ain't

gonna we

we're gonna end this on a good note give

me a shout out bro yeah

oh man

right good here if we get rock yeah


last words

what's going on man oh man what a what


i feel like somebody just ran over me i

don't know

a huge mack truck at that but that

bullet dog sitting

i mean that was awful who's that


nobody expected that what was that i i

i didn't expect that at all you know

what really bugs me i did listen to the

i did listen to shanahan a little bit

and the beginning of the press


he said that jimmy didn't look right on

on his foot

and he kept looking at him and he wasn't

he wasn't thrown right because that's

why the throws were he said

he wasn't right so i guess you know

i mean i i mean look man jimmy

you know everybody's ready to throw him

under the bus i was kind of pissed too

but then i'm thinking all right well

maybe he came back

and he wasn't playing it but then why in

practice didn't you see that like why

did you put him in if he wasn't ready i

don't understand that

you know shanahan's got a lot to answer

for in this game it really does matter

remember he was hobbled in that jets

game right but he kept on dealing

he looked he looked okay it was a giants

or a giant escape

he was hobbled no jets game he got hurt

right that's that's game it was the

first king yeah it was a problem but

but i'm thinking shannon thought

probably well you know

you're okay as compared to where during

that jets game so let's see if we can

run you this week because we really need

this game

because nick had already pissed him off

and you know

this is just but he's not ready work

on cj if you want cj to play then get


fully prepared let him take all the

first the starter reps

and let's go with him don't send jimmy

out there i know

him but i mean but then you watch cj and

it wasn't like

they was give i mean they were in his

face too i mean it wasn't

you know the offensive line was horrible

our defense i mean i'm sorry man you

you you know they gave up all those

points i mean give me a break that's

right don't play like that i mean

well even with backups okay and look i

understand that sherman's not there i


you know e-man's not there you listen i

got it but you know yeah one quarterback

was playing pretty well today you know

that nobody seems to talk about

do you know what i'm saying give him a

game ball i just realized verret was


he did not allow any activity on his

side of the field

so that's a good thing but the only

problem is the other guy you got off the

street from miami i mean what the hell

are they thinking

what are you thinking like i i don't and

and you know what

sal i'm i'm pissed with him too yeah but

dj jones did he though did he go down

dj jones who's out right oh

i knew he went down i didn't know how

serious it was no he was out i mean he

was out of the

he was out of the game right so i mean i

mean look

you got to put it in perspective that's

why they started running so well

jones left yeah because he wasn't there

am i right

am i right yeah you have to be right

because they started running like crazy

all of a sudden

i did it i was so mad at everything i

mean real

real fast i i know i just want to sum it

up all right so you got

really your secondary's really beat up i

mean you don't got your you don't cut


your yeah you know you're you're down

with that you're down with two ends

you know no bosa no ford okay

dj i mean it's inevitable that you're

gonna you're not gonna

you know and then your offensive line is

playing like [ __ ] so what are you

supposed to do you're gonna put i mean

i'm not putting jimmy up there i mean

it's getting me aggravated with him but

you can't really put it all on on him

because then you got to put it on better

then you got to put it on the line

you got to put it on shanahan you got to

put it on salad too

big time and they better take some heat

for this [ __ ] because i'm getting tired

of this garbage

it was a group effort screw up but

people are gonna it was

whoever they don't appreciate the most

on the team to begin with

they're gonna throw in blame on him

which is fine because they're all

guilty on this one too so yeah i mean

look we're two and three we got you got

the rams what sunday night sunday night

football right

now yeah that's really scary i mean

before i go real fast the only good news

out of it is if you could muster up

10 and six or nine and seven with with

with the way

there is no home field advantage

remember that rambo

so it's not like you have to play at

home you can go on the road and win

because there's nobody going to be there

to scream at you so

we still got a shot i'll talk to you

tomorrow about it all right greg

have a great day i'll see you for raw

all right looking for you


hey what's up rambo oh alex you know man

we're all tonight pointing fingers man

and and you know i just don't know who

the real

guilty party is so you know there's

there's plenty of blame you've passed

all around but what are your feelings

yeah uh i i know where to begin

uh i mean jimmy i

you gotta do better than that i i'm i

don't wanna hear the excuses of his

ankles or his knee or anything like that

he came out and finished the jets game


if you can finish the jet game when you

just have heard it

you can play better in this game so i

don't want to hear that excuse with


and you know kyle kyle's to blame too

i mean i i think i and this is just a

theory and like a guess off the top of

my head of like what's going on but

we know that chance plays all you know

internet with each other and like

they play off each other so when we

shoot ourselves in the foot

first place second place first couple

drives i mean that totally

you know it's so intertwined it's so um

like constructed together that if one

part if one play falls apart the whole

drive falls apart

you know there's no there's no fire

underneath these guys

jimmy's not getting and and honestly

like i'm done with jimmy man like i'm

pull i'm officially pulling the plug on

the dude because

i mean mullins looked better last week

against philadelphia

which i think who i think has a better


than jimmy did today against the

dolphins and

you know so for me personally i'm

pulling the plug on jimmy and

you know maybe start you know trading

some of these

some of these veterans that we have for


for some something before their value

completely goes away and we're just left

with a team that no one wants to like

trade for

so i'm worried that if we don't do that

we're not we're just going to be stuck

with the same guys

and we're just going to put ourselves in

you know between a rock and a hard place

i'm really i'm really scared about the

future for sure

yeah after watching that whatever that

was today

uh good reason to be that way too i

all i know is i really need to see

some adjustment made and first of all

kyle's play designs

it's not for today guys are too speedy

on defensive lines

alex you could have put any quarterback

on the planet back there today

he would have gotten his brains beat out

just like everybody else

you've got to have something to slow

that down or

change the way you're going to run that

offense if there's

if jim's three step four step five it

doesn't matter kyle

and you put that quarterback under that

kind of stress he can't make a play

because he can't make a read

he's gonna make a read after he sees

through a cloud of smoke and then he's

going to take a shot

it's not working and we've seen it in

every last one of the quarterbacks

what are the odds that everybody's got

the same problem you know you know what

i mean

so it's not exactly jimmy as a lot of

people want to believe

it has more to do with play design and

how they're doing

make shake them up throw a screen on


can we run a root leg moving around

yeah i totally hear you the play designs


definitely questionable and kyle is

definitely under the spotlight right now

but so is jimmy man like if you're if

you're a quarterback

jimmy i forget who's talking jimmy had a

worse team

you know in 2017 than he does today

we had we were full go today okay and i

know like i said kyle does that blame

but jimmy was i and

i know where you're going with that but

remember he was also

allowed to make and move and do things

off schedule and he was

we won those five games in a row not

because jimmy was running kyle

shanahan's playbook remember that

he was doing things on his own kyle

decided to restrict him to his playbook

discipline him to do what i say do and

now that's what we got now

this is what i'm saying cause i've got

to figure out kyle let

him go let him do give him the structure

of your playbook

but let him make up his mind on some old

[ __ ]

but jimmy's not even accurate rambo

those two picks

were god awful and he can't throw the

ball down field

like i forget who's i don't know who's

that the the dolphins were playing the


and the the eagles did it the same the

same week last week

jimmy wasn't out there last week though

nobody scared him nobody's scared of

of our offensive skills

vertical threat alex there's no one here

so they're just playing in the middle of

the field which is where we go

look at last week's int is where they

went and look what jimmy's int's with

there's something very wrong with what

kyle's doing and he needs to adjust and

make some

and make some changes

i have one question if you had a cut uh

jimmy or kyle you have to give one on

the act who would you give it to

between jimmy and kyle i tell you

i kind of like the way andy reid handles


he his offense is designed around

my homes i'd like to see if a coach

comes in and designs

his contrary to contrary popular belief

jimmy g's got talent

designed something for him because we

saw his talent in his first year

we've not seen it since we let's get

into more than once we've got people


we're trying to keep it short and sweet

okay tony

ronbo yo


man what the hell's going on

you were talking about the spread before

yeah oh god

the only spread the 49ers should be

looking at

should involve a proctologist right

and kyle should be the first one to go

get examined

his brain's down there and stop watching

the same thing happen every week this is

like i was telling alex just now

him he like a lot of people are thinking

it's all on jimmy well when last week we

saw the int's going the same place

there was nobody over there but the

other team

what is somebody supposed to be running

a timing route what in the

hell is going on i you know what i'm

saying if i see two quarterbacks make

the same mistake

i'm gonna start wondering okay was it

the quarterback

or was it kyle's design a play on that

because that's strange we can solve that

quickly we can give jimmy g back to um

bill belichick and have him come back

and warp our ass yeah

he would too because mcdaniels


you've got tony if you were the coach

wouldn't you look at your player

and decide well he's good at this he's

good at this let me get him to do this

and i'll work and see if he can do this

but i'm going to work to his strengths

i'm not going to be so regimented that i

don't let this player do

anything else jimmy's not been the same

since 2017 why

because as soon as he opened up kyle

shannon's playbook all of a sudden he

became kind of

uh i don't know what that is but i know

he's better

he wants to impose his will on him i

mean that young lady that that called up

i mean she hit the nail on the head

but what do we got a practice squad for

rumbo i mean we spoke about it the other


we couldn't have put jennings on and

juggled a few people around like it

wouldn't have made a difference

wait we couldn't have went i said

we couldn't have what have we got a

practice squad for like

we couldn't have put jennings on juggled

a few positions around

and that wouldn't have made a difference

of course it would have i wonder

yeah i am i do wonder

you know you get these guys on the

practice squad they know you know they

know the playbook and we bring some guy

in from out so i imagine how they feel i

think ah

[ __ ] of that we don't even want to play


and and that's what i worry about tony i

don't want them to lose faith

i saw an offense that seemed to be

disconnected at one point i seen george

kill drop a pass

i seen kindred born dropped too i seen


well it was a little out of his range

but they were gun hole last season

they made those plays and i'm

just hoping they don't lose faith in in

what's going on look within themselves

and don't give up on the program or does

kyle finally realize kyle you need

you got to make some alterations bro

it's 20 20.

and those defensors are coming off that

offense are coming off that line of

scrimmage like a bat out of hell

you're gonna have to think of some

besides two three four and five step


ah yeah i've got a

i've got a uh funny suspicion

uh ronbo that kyle knew

that jimmy was still injured he just put

him on

i i think out of it was a desperation


i think so too and that's why he pulled


yeah uh but i i'm not sure

what you feel like on a bad ankle trying

to throw a football because i don't even

i never i never played anything like a


but you nobody wants to hear about

that's why he was sailing that ball in

the race but

but i do have a feeling that if you

can't plant properly or your balance is

not right

a quarterback's body has to move

systematically in order to make accurate


now if that was if that was breached

uh maybe and nobody's gonna accept it

that may have been some of the reason

why i've seen jimmy miss before

but this was dramatic today so

he's still injured you can you can see

that he's still injured and i reckon

i think that uh kyle put him on it put

him on out of desperation

yeah we needed to win that game it

didn't work out

and here we are today yuck

and the rams coming up next week doing

it scott tony we gotta go though let me

let me see all right brother

appreciate it all right mama

hey hey clarence come on in clarence


all right


and oops i'm not even i'm here i'm here

the clearance that must be clearance

that doesn't sound like hayden yeah

come on in man short and sweet just keep

it for three minutes

go ahead give us what you think what do

you think sorry about that i got you on


uh wow wtf

oh man just a terrible game

i don't know we look like we gave up

that was the first time i've ever seen

the 49ers look like they quit

it did look that way at one point

uh i don't know ron though

uh well i was saying last week in the

check all we need to do is make a


man i don't know if we're going to make

the tournament now that's

where there was this week was it week


i agree and now even now we got the


the next five six games are going to be

pretty are

pretty tough oh

man i don't know and the rams are

chomping at them they can't

wait to play us next week i just know it

they want revenge

so they know it right you know

oh can you imagine the packers waiting

for the 49ers

we beat them up so bad we beat them to

death last year they can't wait

and they're looking pretty good right

now so yeah they're

yeah all you know geez and i don't

i don't i don't get it i you think

you know you think kyle's dad

should be calling power and it's like


can't you see that your stuff's not


you need to go back to the drawing board

yes make some adjustments every team in

the league knows what you're going to do

your quarterback's going to take a three

or four step drop

back kill is going to cut across the

middle you're going to send

you're going to have concept concepts

going on all across the field but

they're all similar all the time

you they know what you're going to do

and they've figured out how to combat it

you got to go a different direction

you gotta you gotta do you gotta do

something like that

especially since your offensive line is

so bad right now oh my god i

just gotta just uh i'm so upset and like

i said

rippers have to come back in like week

seven by that time the

season might be over there's been oh my


they've got to offset it's like one

thing i'll give the seahawks credit for

they know how to work behind a bad

offensive line kyle's as smart as they

are in

seattle kyle do something similar

don't sit there and watch your

quarterback get destroyed

because he no matter how good he is he's

not going to be able to do anything

you know like that the off schedule play

thing that he thought we passed about

yeah i think he just needs to just go

with that at this point and

create some create some plays that

are cold and cool off schedule

that are actually you know plays in the

plate that are played in playbook he

probably has

those i i don't know why i don't you


the problem is like everybody i think

everybody has to know what it is

if or an offensive line or something

i need to know exactly what jimmy's

doing this is why if you run a play in

camp there are audibles but they've got

to be given before the snap

so everybody knows what to do so if he

starts doing russell wilson style


i'm not sure if our players are ready

for that you know

you start playing backyard football all

of a sudden can our guys keep up with


ah it's so much work to do

they really have a lot yeah but right

now right now what we're doing is not


and you know it's like and we got the

rams next week

and then and then oh man


it's gonna be an interesting week for

sure like i said i i don't know

when's that trade deadline supposed to

show one of that trade that might

supposed to be

they gotta be not too big you know you

know this season

you know lynch is upset right now you


even more than even more than usual

clearly he's looking at look at the

defense and it's like

what is going on here

i'm glad we got to go short and sweet

after the game let me see tomorrow

though okay

all right we'll try go ahead we'll take

care back at you man

thanks bye-bye jersey six thanks

kyle can never rip into his players and

press too soft

i bet he ripped into him though when

they were in there been back in that

locker room

you could tell he was pissed on the

sidelines kyle looked frustrated

throwing his head up in the air all the


i've never seen him do that who's that

on the phone

oh it's hayden hey come on in hayden

oh my god yeah i know that's what i said

but hey dante johnson when am i gonna

ever say this again we need you dante

hey you went too far but now you know

what though

i don't he couldn't have did worse than

brian allen uh

you know i'm keeping an eye on

are you watching the game are the hawks

still losing

um i was but then uh hold on here's the


i the the vikings are throwing a shutout

going into the third quarter i love it

i feel something it just gives you it it

adds a little bit of it's like


and then fred warner's like oh we'll be


and i'll and i dm'd in my chart it's

trying i'm trying to stay

faithful fred but it's hard


you know like you lose how do you i

don't care about the injuries

carrie hyder is the only guy

that i saw on the defense trying to get

to the quarterback

he made the play on the third and 16th


and then the next play he he he almost

gets to him

but then but then the other guy misses

the tackle

and now they they go for on fourth down

and then they

get it tell you

you you you we need four carry hiders

i'm a little concerned about eric

armstead too

eric armstead for some some reason