My 3DS Collection - Get these games CHEAP while you can!

- [Metal Jesus] Hey guys, Metal Jesus here.

And today I wanna talk all about the Nintendo 3DS.

This is a handheld that when it initially came out

I really wasn't blown away by it.

But over time I became very impressed

with the catalog of games that got released on it.

And so today I'm gonna do an overview of my 3DS collection.

I've broken them out into different little categories here,

to help make some sense of it.

And I'm gonna give you my thoughts

on some of the highlights.

Let's take a look.

(upbeat rock music)

I think normally I would start with

some of the heavy hitters but for this video, actually,

I'm gonna not necessarily jump into

the big Nintendo releases,

I'm gonna actually go with some of the

2D platforming games I have on the system.

Here is "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate".

This is a "Castlevania" game that a lot of people are

kinda on the fence about and I can understand why

because it definitely plays a little bit differently

then your traditional Castlevania game.

Myself, actually, this is one of the first games I played

in 3D on the 3DS that actually I was really blown away by.

Now, a lot of people compare this to say, God of War,

if God of War was a 2D platforming game, but I enjoy it.

Here's another surprise on the system

that I actually enjoyed quite a bit

and that is "Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate".

Now, what I like about this is that

this was released at a time when

most of the Batman games we were getting

were kind of open world 3D adventure games,

but this is a 2D platforming game,

and it's actually really good.

Here is "Bit. Trip Saga".

And this is cool because it's six games on one cartridge.

And there's a ton of different variety

on this package right here, very cool.

If you haven't played the Bit. Trip series,

it's really fun, especially if you're into retro

and you're into simple games

that you can kinda pick up and play.

Perfect for a handheld.

"Cave Story" has been released

on a bunch of different systems

and well, it's easy to see why

because it's a very well-made game.

I picked this one up because, again, it was

on the 3DS, so therefore it is in 3D.

And I'm kind of a sucker for that.

I initially didn't really care much for the 3D aspect of it,

but once they released the new version of the 3DS handheld

and they improved the 3D performance,

where it actually kinda tracked your eyes,

then I started going okay, I wanna play every game,

or at least try every game in 3D.

And so that's one of the reasons

why I picked up "Cave Story".

Really fun game.

And of course here is "Shovel Knight",

another game that has been on a bunch of different systems.

But like I mentioned, one of the cool things about the 3DS

is that you get to play these games in 3D,

which is a new experience,

it's something that you don't get on any other system.

And so when I saw "Shovel Knight" got a physical on here,

I had to pick it up and, of course, it's a classic now.

One of the interesting things about the 3DS,

well, I guess interesting in one way

and kinda disappointing in another,

is that it's not really great for 3D racing games.

At least in my opinion.

Because at the same time I also had the Vita

and also the PSP, which is excellent at racing games,

and there's a ton of them.

Now, I mention that because I just wanna shout out

a couple racing games that I did pick up on the 3DS,

and that of course is "Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver".

I also have a version of Ridge Racer on here,

which was kind of a no-brainer,

'cause I do really like that series.

And then here is "Driver: Renegade".

And I didn't know anything about this,

but I really liked the Driver series,

remember that started on the PlayStation one.

And of course, if I remember right

it was actually on the PS2, and the also on the PS3.

But anyways.

Yeah, it's cool to get a portable version of Driver.

So not a great game but, you know, unique to the 3DS.

Like pretty much every Nintendo system

they're always great with releasing older games

on the newer system, and so

anytime there was a physical version of something

that came out I would always wanna to check it out.

And so the first one of course is

"Sega Classics Collection", in 3D.

And again, the reason why I picked this up is because,

well, here are nine classic Sega games,

but you get to play them in 3D for the first time,

at least the first time for me.

And that was really exciting to be able to play games like

"Power Drift" or even the original

"Sonic the Hedgehog", in 3D.

So I was a sucker for that, I was not disappointed.

Now I believe that there are another volume of these games

released in Japan.

Not 100% sure about that,

so please let me know down in the comments.

Some other ones I want to mention really quick

is "Centipede: Infestation".

Now I know there's probably not a ton of people out there

really excited about it Centipede game.

However, what's really interesting about this is that

it's actually programmed by WayForward.

So that developer should be very familiar to you

if you are familiar with the Shantae series.

So they made this game and it's kind of a run-and-gun.

It's actually a cool take on the classic Centipede series.

And I've mentioned "Frogger 3D"

in a previous hidden gems video for the 3DS.

And the reason why I thought it was pretty cool is because

it takes the original Frogger idea but makes it in 3D.

So it's actually got polygons,

they added some new elements to it, I really dig it.

'Course, I like the original "Frogger" arcade game,

and so playing this is pretty cool.

Now the performance isn't great on the 3DS,

but if you like "Frogger",

if you're a fan of the original arcade game

definitely check it out.

All right the next pile of games is kind of what I'm calling

sort of random 3D games.

I didn't really know what to call this stack here.

But let's go ahead and start with

"Resident Evil: Revelations", that is a side game

to the main series.

And I originally got this on the 3DS

and actually liked it quite a bit.

I eventually got it on the Vita,

which I think runs a little bit better,

and then now of course you can get this ported over to,

I believe, even the PlayStation 4.

But if you liked you know classic Resident Evil games,

definitely check this out.

Next up is a game I was very excited to pick up

once it was announced, that of course is

"Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D" on the 3DS.

Now originally this came out on the PlayStation 2

and actually, I've owned two versions of the game on the PS2

and both discs have never worked.

I don't know what it is about that game.

So my first time playing it actually was on the 3DS

and I thought it was really great.

I mean it's so cool to play the game in 3D.

So I know I keep mentioning that,

I know not everyone's really a fan of the 3D aspect of it,

but man I am a sucker for it and playing Metal Gear in 3D

was definitely awesome.

This is a cool game.

Now speaking of stealth games, I am also a big fan of the

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series,

and so I was to see what "Splinter Cell" was gonna look like

on the 3DS, and (groans).

I don't know what it is about this game.

I mean, I just couldn't get into it.

I am a big fan of all of them on the major consoles,

but the 3DS version, I just couldn't get into it,

I don't know why.

However, there was a Tom Clancy game

that I thought was really well done on the 3DS,

and that of course, you guys are seeing it here,

that is "Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars".

And as you see here, it is a 3D, turn-based tactical game,

which is really cool.

So it's not trying to be stealth, it's, of course,

very much more methodical, much more thought-out.

You plan on your moves, you have a squad.

It's a fantastic game.

I've covered it in my hidden gems.

If you like these kind of games

you should definitely check it out.

Here's a pretty cool shooter

that came out on a bunch of different systems,

but I have the 3DS version here, 'cause I like it a lot

and that, of course, is "Nano Assault".

Really fun shooter, very solid, lots of action,

very fast-paced and, of course, looks great in 3D.

Here's a game that I got based on

a recommendation from Reggie,

and admittedly I haven't put a lot of time into that,

that, of course, is "Rodea the Sky Soldier".

Now this was made by the creator of "Nights into Dreams",

so I think that's why a lot of people were initially

really interested in this.

Now if I understand correctly

it was originally supposed to come out on the Wii,

but then they released it on the Wii U in the United States,

but the Wii version was like a bonus version?

Not really sure, but

it's a game I haven't put a lot of time into, admittedly,

it came out at a time when I

had a bunch of other games to play.

So if you've played this and you liked it please let me know

if I should check it out, down in the comments below.

One of the great things about Nintendo's handhelds is that

there are always a ton of

high quality role-playing games released for it

and so these are the ones that I have in my collection.

Now I'm not going to go through all of them,

but I do wanna mention a few.

The first one I want to mention is "Stella Glow",

and as you can see by the footage here

it is a turn-based role-playing game.

And the story in this is not mind blowing,

although it does have some really decent

character development.

But what's really interesting about this is that

it turned out to be the last game published

by the developer who also made the Luminous Arc series.

So if you like that series I believe it is on the DS,

then you might want to check out "Stella Glow".

Here's an RPG a lot of you are going to be familiar with,

but I do want to mention it because it's pretty interesting

and that is, of course, "Xenoblade Chronicles 3D".

So the first thing to know about this is that it is

only going to work on the newer model,

well, new when it came out, although,

I think most people probably have it today.

But it does require them slightly more powerful,

New Nintendo 3DS, so just be aware of that.

Now what's really impressive about this game

is that it's a port of the massive Wii RPG.

And I'm talking massive.

This game was huge on the Wii and it was amazing

that they were able to actually port it over to the 3DS.

And this game will take a minimum of anywhere from

60 to 70 hours just to beat the main story.

But if you wanna do everything in this game

you can spend 120 hours, 140 hours. (laughs)

There is a ton of content in this.

Another game I want to mention

is "Heroes of Ruin" by Square Enix.

Now this is an RPG that not a lot of people talk about,

but it's actually pretty decent

and usually can be purchased for not too much money.

And it's cool because it's a kind of western-style,

hack and slash, in the vein of say Diablo,

stuff like that.

Very fun, solid game, really good gameplay.

Yeah, it should not be missed.

Of course, I also want to mention "Bravely Default",

which is another really epic RPG on the 3DS.

A lot of people first played it here.

I think, for me, the thing that really stood out for this,

again, was the 3D.

When I turn the 3D on with this

I was just blown away by how beautiful looked.

This is a gorgeous game, a lot of content here.

Definitely a classic.

This is kind of my random pile,

where I didn't quite know

how to organize some of these games,

'cause they're a little bit out there

or maybe just don't fit in other categories.

But the first one I wanna mention here is "Spirit Camera".

Now this is gonna look kind of familiar to people who

like the Fatal Frame series

that came out on the PlayStation 2.

This is technically in that series,

even though they don't really have that name here.

What was cool about this at the time,

is that it's really just augmented reality.

So uses the camera on the 3DS and puts these ghosts

and objects in your real world.

Now, to be fair, it didn't work that great,

but at the time it was kind of a neat little novelty

and maybe kind of a neat little tech demo.

I do wanna mention a game called "Crush 3D".

So this is a puzzle game that originally came out on the PSP

but didn't get a whole lot of love there.

I think it was overlooked because

people weren't really familiar with it.

Plus it works extremely well on the 3DS,

in the 3D environment.

Usually this game can be picked up for a couple bucks.

If you like puzzle games you should definitely check it out.

And then here is "Boulder Dash-XL 3D".

So this is a brand new remake of the classic

Commodore 64 game, at least that's where I played it

initially way back in the '80s.

On the Commodore "Boulder Dash" was a classic

and it still holds up today.

I mean, I was really excited to see this.

I couldn't believe that they actually did this.

I mean, it's one of those games where decades have gone by

between versions of it and to see a new version on the 3DS

was very cool, does not disappoint.

So if you're a Commodore 64 fan like I am

and you remember "Boulder Dash" pick this up.

And now let's go ahead and talk about some of the more

common and frankly iconic games that came out on the 3DS,

specifically from Nintendo.

Nintendo went all out on this system.

It's a dream to collect for it

because there's so many great games on it.

Now I'm not gonna run through all of these because

you guys are gonna be familiar with a lot of them,

but I do wanna talk about some including,

my all-time favorite 3DS game.

Can you guess what it is?

Well, it is "Kirby: Planet Robobot".

I loved this game.

I love every moment of it.

It was such a great Kirby game.

I just felt like every level had something new to offer.

It never got boring, it was always exciting to play.

I couldn't wait until the next level

just to see what's gonna be around the corner

and what gameplay mechanic they were gonna throw at us.

It was one of those games when I finished it

I couldn't wait to start it again.

Another game I really enjoy playing

is "Super Mario 3D Land".

This is another one of those games where

I'm surprised at how creative Nintendo can be with

a franchise that has been around forever but,

yet, they seem to be able to just dig deep,

be creative and surprise players.

Love this game.

Another game that really surprised me

was "Ultimate NES Remix".

So this is where Nintendo takes 16 classic NES games

and then remixes those and

fires them at you really quick, almost like "WarioWare".

This is really fun if you've played a ton of those old games

and you're not sick of them,

but you're looking for something kind of new.

This is a lot of fun.

And here we have

"The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds".

Now the cool mechanic that they added here,

that was a lot of fun,

was that Link could actually merge into walls

and then move flatly through an environment.

So he can move through cracks or he could go around corners.

It sounds kinda dumb but actually, when you play it,

it's a lot of fun.

Here's a game that I found a little bit disappointing.

I'm gonna be curious to hear what you guys think about it

down in the comments below,

but this is "Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash".

So "Chibi-Robo!" originally came out on the GameCube,

and that was a really fun, 3D kind of open-world game

that had a ton of personality.

Well when they brought it over to the 3DS

they made it into more of a 2D platforming game,

and it really, at least in my opinion,

doesn't have quite as much personality.

So played a little bit of this

but ultimately I just couldn't get into it.

So love to know what you guys think.

Now here's a game that was a bit of a surprise

when it was announced,

and that is the sequel to "Luigi's Mansion" on the Gamecube,

this of course is "Dark Moon".

Now I don't know about you, but, again,

when I heard about this I was like,

"Oh, man, they're gonna release a sequel,

"it's gonna be on the handheld

"and, of course, it's gonna support 3D."

That just seemed perfect

and this game was definitely a lot of fun.

Another game I was a little bit disappointed in

and I was really surprised that I was

because I really loved the 2D platforming Metroid games.

You know, "Super Metroid, "Metroid: Zero Mission",

all of those games I absolutely love.

So when this was announced and when it came out

I thought for sure I was gonna love it.

And I didn't love it.

And I think it's because

there's something about the controls

and the combat just did not.

They just changed it enough to where the new abilities

just didn't do it for me.

I don't know, I mean, not a terrible game

but also one that left me a little bit disappointed.

So again, I'd love to know what you guys thought about it,

down the comments.

So that's a quick look at my 3DS game collection.

But as you guys see it's not a massive collection,

but it is filled with games that I think are classics

as well as a bunch of hidden gems.

Now depending on the site that you look at

there does appear to be over 1,000 games

released for the 3DS,

although I do think that includes games

that were released just digitally on the eShop.

But as of the recording of this video

3DS games are still sold at GameStop.

And so I'm very curious to know from you guys

what games you think I should be picking up

and adding to my 3DS collection.

Because now is the time to do it.

I mean I don't know how much longer

these are gonna be available for sale,

for relatively cheap, at GameStop.

So please let me know down in the comments below.

All right guys, thank you very much for watching,

thank you for subscribing and take care.