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today's video we're gonna be looking at

rare $2 bills that you should always be

on the lookout for I know I can go to

the bank myself and ask the bank teller

hey do you guys got a stack of $2 bills

and usually they do so you guys can go

to the bank and actually search for

these types of errors that will make

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alright so first up here is a 1976 $2

bill now if we zoom in there to the

serial numbers both on each side of the

bill you can see that one it's

upside-down and backwards so this is a

printing error of course if you guys do

have any printing errors that you guys

catch on any of your $2 bills or dollar

bills or any bills that you guys find

the condition of the bill will also

determine the value now this specific $2

bill here sold for over eight hundred

and sixty dollars

moving right along this is an

interesting error this is basically a

paper jam error so got jammed up when it

was being produced you can see that

taking place there in the right-hand

corner on the front of the two-dollar

bill there so if you guys do come across

something like this and think maybe

someone done it I would definitely get

it further inspected because hey you

could have a real paper jam error two

dollar bill now this Federal Reserve

Note here sold for over five hundred and

eighty five dollars next up is another

1976 two dollar bill now this is

interesting I have showed these in the

past if you guys haven't seen my dollar

bills worth money I've done tons of

those videos be sure to go check them

out I'll put the playlist of all those

videos at the end of this video that way

you guys can go check it out now this

one here has a mist max serial number so

if we zoom in there and look at both

serial numbers you will notice that one

on the left-hand side and the green ends

in 8 5 6 1 now you will notice the one

on the top hand side on the right-hand

side of the bill ends in 8 6 6 1 this

type of error could be looked over very

easily so always be checking your serial

numbers to make sure that they match now

this bill here sold for over five

hundred and forty dollars next up

another 1976 Federal Reserve notes now

if you look at the serial number on this

it's zero zero zero zero all the way to

one and it is a stardom

so all those zeros mean that has a very

low serial number which will make it

pretty valuable now it is in pretty good

condition which will also give it value

and again it is a starred note you can

see the star there at the end of the

serial number now believe it or not this

bill sold for some big money guys this

two dollar bill sold for over $29,000

$29,000 next up here's another example I

think I got one more of these this is

another 1976 two-dollar bill and it's a

low serial number instead of one at the

end it's two at the end it's also a star

note now this bill here sold for over

nine thousand seven hundred dollars so

if you guys do have any low serial

numbers they start off with a bunch of

zeros definitely hold on to them you can

go on eBay and look at solace things to

see what other similar ones have sold

for here's another low serial number but

this one has all ones it's not a star

note but it does have all ones all the

way across so very cool I've explained

all kinds of different types of

different serial numbers and my other

videos on dollars worth money so be sure

to check that out now this bill here

sold for over six thousand three hundred

dollars moving right along

this is a very easy error to spot of

course it's just a missing print error

there's no ink there on the back or the

reverse of the two dollar bill

so the first print is missing obviously

to find this all you guys got to do is

just check both sides of your bills so

pretty simple this bill sold for over


$600 next up is an older $2 bill this is

from 1953 now this is an interesting

double error that's taking place here

you can see that the seal and the serial

number has been printed over the wrong

part of the bill and that is because

when the bill is being produced and

somehow it got folded up and this is how

the bill was printed so very cool

interesting error now this bill here

sold for over $4,500 hey guys don't

forget to go check those videos over to

the left of me and I will see you guys

tomorrow for another video until then

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