Don't Buy That 1914 D Penny! I Tell you Why.

do not buy any more 1914 d pennies

i'll bet you can't tell a real from a

fake and you don't even know how much

they're worth

well if you don't then you need to stay

tuned and watch this video

here's my website portsmouth

we have a lot of inventory over here and

i wanted to share everything here's my


we got in a big old bag of 90 quarters

and he's always looking for at 40d

because he says you can't find a 40d

and here he is he's getting ready to go

home and he had to stop and do it so i

wanted to

give him a little shout out but that

sure does help me out

i'm sure a lot of you know what a 14d is


at least you can look it up and i know

some of you know

how to tell an authentic 14d from a fake

14d or a counterfeit

or even an altered 1944 cent

but there are some dealers that have

trouble with this

and i've had them bring coins to me to

ask me so let's start looking at

a few images here of this 14 ds

okay i bought a collection and as i was

going through the collection

i noticed there was a couple 14 d's i

got excited because i needed some 14 ds

and when i got to looking at them though

a little bit closer i realized there was

something wrong

so here's one of the coins and as you

can see

when you first look at this coin you're

thinking wow that's a nice looking

1914 d and then your eyes go to the mint

mark it should go to the mint mark

so when you look at this the mint mark

is crooked

it's too close to the nine and then when

you start looking at other areas there's

no diamond shape inside the d it's not


it looks a little cut off here the

lettering is not correct

and then you're looking at all this

little bumpy looking areas on this coin

then you come down here you don't see

any die crack which doesn't have to be

on all of them but

if they have a die crack you know you're

pretty pretty good shape if you can see

it right in here

because sometimes they're really worn

and then i come over here i don't see a


but yet if it was a 44 altered you'd see

a vdb there or a damaged area where they

tried to remove it

so it's another thing you have to watch

out for so anyways i look at this coin


you look all around at the lettering

it's just off crooked

you have different techniques of

creating counterfeits and that causes

other issues

this here looks like it's double died

and you know

it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see

this up online somewhere for sale

as a rare double die 1914 d you know

things like that happen

you'll see it a lot maybe the person

didn't know in the first place or

they're just a crook and they know


maybe in the one that created it even a

lot of the stuff comes out of china but

it comes from other countries too

and some of it probably comes from the

united states and so

here's the reverse doesn't look a lot


you pretty much look see the little

areas that are

just kind of like pitted is what it

looks like

real grainy

here's the second one that was in the

same collection

and you can see that it looks very

similar this one does have a different

look to it

may have circulated a little bit looks

like there's a contact mark from the

edge of another coin

but look at the mint mark i mean you

just you can tell that it's just not

authentic has that same appearance the


double died look up here

and here's the reverse of that one it's


it's really messed up bad yeah if you

see it like this you know

uh first glance you know make sure you

look at it really close compare it to an

authentic coin

and you can find a picture online i mean

you can go to pcgs

coin facts you can go to heritage sold


and you can actually even bring up an

article on my website

for fake and on authentic 1914 ds

so another thing to look for is altered

mint marks

now this is a 1944 and what happened is

someone scraped off the

part of the ford to make it look like a

one then they clean the coin really good

the mint mark isn't correct another

thing in 1944

will have a vdb right underneath the

area of the shoulder

on the cloak in between that and the rim

a lot of times they'll scrape that off


so we know that a 1914 d does not have

vdb on it and i have edb on them until


and then of course 1909 but they quit

from 1909 after 1909 to

1917. so 1918 on they'll have that vdb

so 14 don't have it obviously

and here's the whole coin and it's hard

to see

this area where there's a vdb or not but

they can damage that area too when you

start seeing damage

and look at the space in between the

mint marks not correct

i mean there's just all these things to

look for when you're looking for an

authentic versus a fake

here's another side view of it and then

here's an authentic

1914 and the thing about this is that

you're looking at the mint mark you can

see that little shape in there even

though it's circulated and

there's some contact marks on it's kind

of distorted it it's still this would be

an authentic

version sometimes you'll want to look

for a die crack in this area

and that not all of them have it but if

you see it there you pretty much know

that it's going to be authentic

here's another fake this one here is

badly damaged it has a similar look to

the ones that i just showed you

but yeah the the ngavi trust isn't as

doubled or anything like that but you

can tell it's fake it's

mint mark's too close not the right


and you that's the thing they'll damage

these coins

so that you kind of question yourself

and that's kind of part of the game so

here's an authentic mint mark up close

and just like i said it's got that

distinct look to it and

boxiness to it

here's another one it's authentic and it

just beat up it's

actually a badly damaged one but it's


here is a 14d can barely see that little

dye mark there a little die crack

so we go visit pcgs price guide

if you want to see another authentic

example then you come over here and you

can look at it really close and hold

your coin up to the screen

and compare the strike into details

because these will download to very

large images you can zoom in on

i highly recommend doing that and here's

the values i mean as you can see

if you have one in a higher grade it can

be worth a couple grand

or more and then you know your lower


basically the ones you see circulated

and g4 is 160 165

and usually they hold their value so

they have some value to them

obviously being the semi-key date and

lincoln cent series and a highly


date and mint mark so hopefully this

helped you

actually authenticate and identify a

fake compared to an authentic version

of 1914d i encourage you to definitely

do research before you buy any of these


like i said some dealers even get fooled

if you're not looking at it close enough

you're going through coins you really

got to slow down when you get to these

semi key dates

so thanks for watching my latest video

and have a great day