13th floor is.. haunted?

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what's up you guys you're watching

monument and i'm simbo and in today's

video i'm going to tell you why it's

important that you never play fortnite

on the 13th floor of

any building no this isn't a joke and

let's get right into it

in this story there are only two

important characters the father

and the son the father needed to work

late one night and didn't want to leave

his son alone and so he decided that

he'd take his son to the office after


his son was pretty excited because he'd

never seen where his dad works before

and he knows that this is one of the

tallest buildings downtown so it would

be pretty cool to look over the city at

night since his dad works on the 14th

floor as they were getting ready to go

that night his dad mentioned to him that

he might want to bring something to do

because there's only so much exploring

he could do in the building

and so he made sure to charge his phone

so that he could play fortnite mobile if

he got bored

since there was not going to be anyone

in the building that night except for

his dad and himself he figured he'd just

spend most of his time

looking around the building and maybe

even going to the other floors

as they were pulling up to the building

his dad turned to him and reminded him

that he needs to be respectful at all


just in case there's anyone else in the

building working late and that if he


anyone else just come straight back to

his office immediately

so that they don't think that you're

just lost he nodded and they parked and

made their way to the front entrance of

the building

his dad had a key card that would allow

him access to the building at all hours

which he thought was pretty cool

so he swiped it and they made their way

in through the lobby which was


almost like a fancy hotel as they got

closer to the elevators he was surprised

to see that there were six

different ones to choose from there were

three on one side of the hallway and

three on the other

and they were all basically placed in

the center of the building his dad

walked to the furthest elevator

on the right and said that he always

takes this one because it always seems

to be

on the right floor at the right time he

pressed the button and the door

opened instantly which was pretty

awesome considering it could only really


on one floor at any given time so they

get on and as his dad was about to hit

the button he asked if he could do it

instead his father agreed and said that

he can press it and just to hit

14. he looks for 14 finds it and presses

it but he notices that there is no

13th floor asking his dad why that is he

tells his son that many buildings with

lots of floors

don't have a 13th because it's

considered to be bad luck the elevator

started going up and the kid decided to

count every time he saw a light come

through the elevator doors

and that this would be his way of

counting how many floors they went up to

see if maybe there really was a 13th


he counted 1 2 11

12 13 14

and the doors opened surprised he told

his dad that he counted 14 floors and

that means that there really

is a 13th floor it doesn't just have a

button his dad told him that no

there isn't actually a 13th floor and he

must have just miscounted or maybe there

was a light that looked like a floor but


the sun didn't believe him he was sure

that he counted a 13th floor he decided

to explore the 14th and look around his

dad's office first

trying to get familiar with the layout

since supposedly pretty much every floor

is the same

his dad shows him around a bit and takes

him to the break room where they have

some food and drinks hanging around for

the people working there he takes a

muffin and a coke with him over to his

dad's desk and hangs out there for a


eventually he gets bored and tells his

dad that he's going to explore a bit by


his dad reminds him that if he sees

anyone else he needs to come straight


so that they don't think that he's lost

and if they ask what he's doing here

to just tell them that he's with his dad

exploring while he works

so he heads back to the elevators and

wants to count the floors again

he presses the lobby button and counts

backwards from 14

so that that way there is no mistaking a

13th floor he gets to the bottom floor

and says one indicating that he was


there is definitely a 13th floor now how

would he get to the 13th floor

if there wasn't a button the first thing

he decides to check is if

every other elevator to see if there's

actually no 13th floor button

and there wasn't in any of the other

ones either then he wonders if there was

a way to stop the elevator while it's


like in case of an emergency or

something he didn't want any alarms to

go off but he was really curious about

what was on the 13th floor he remembered

that there technically shouldn't be

anyone in the building

and so he might as well try it as he

gets back in and counts the floors he

toggles the emergency stop switch

while on what he thought was the 13th

floor he sees the light and he didn't

get it lined up perfectly but the crack

in the door did reveal that there was a

13th floor he pressed the door

open button and it slowly started to

open and then stopped about halfway

it was just enough for him to be able to

fit through the door and as he crawls

out of the elevator door he realizes

that this floor is

laid out differently from the rest the

elevator door closes behind him

and there was only one elevator door on

this entire floor

which seemed lucky that his dad always

takes the one that actually opens up to

the 13th

and on either side of the hallway there

are just two giant

doors and both of them are closed he

also noticed that it was significantly

colder like

way colder it was so cold in fact that

he could see his breath

on this floor he remembers one time his

dad actually told him that some rooms

are a lot colder in buildings

if they keep all of the computer servers

in there to make sure that it doesn't

get too hot

he assumed that maybe this was that

floor as he takes a few steps closer to

the giant door to his right

he hears someone talking on the other

side just as he hears the first few


the doors swing open and two men come

walking out he was close enough to the

wall that they apparently didn't even

bother to look where he was standing

because they didn't notice him at all

they walked over to the elevator instead

of pressing any button they knocked on

the door

three times the elevator opened and they

left he didn't want to get caught on

this floor because this was definitely

hidden for a reason but his curiosity

got the best of him and he went to the

two big doors

the two men just came out of and he

slowly opened it just to take a peek to

see what was on the other side

as he took the first look inside he

could see that there were three lights

in the distance

but there didn't appear to be anything

around them walking inside slowly and

closing the door behind him

all of a sudden he felt like he

shouldn't be there

and that he had to get out of there as

quickly as possible he tried pushing on

the door

but it wouldn't open and he couldn't

really see anything at all he pulled out

his phone to use his flashlight and as

he turned it on he could hear someone


what are you doing terrified he uses the

light from his flashlight to run over to

a giant beam that was in the room

and you could hear multiple people now

asking what was going on

and he could hear one man explaining to

the others that there was a kid there

that just came in the room and was

trying to leave then he heard them say

what are we supposed to do with it once

we find them and the other responded

we'll have to let the boss decide he

didn't like the sound of any of this and

as they kept calling for him to come out

he stayed put

and hoped they wouldn't notice him there

it was so dark he didn't understand how

they'd be able to see him anyways

so he just kept his flashlight off these

people seemed to just appear out of

nowhere and there are no lights besides

the three in the far end

so how could they look for him anyways

after a minute of waiting it was


silent the silence was almost deafening

and it was so quiet in there that he

could actually hear his

own ears ringing the door slams opened

and for a brief moment he could see the

makeup of the room from the light in the


the room could only be described as a

place of nightmares

everything was made of this dark black


and only for a moment could he see one

of the people that was actually there

their faces were pale they had hair down

to their knees and even for a brief

moment that the light from the hallways

shined in

they winced like they hadn't seen the

sun in years

he could hear one of the men that had

just walked in say what the heck did you


and where is the boy the one responded


i only saw him for a moment and then he

scurried away like a rat they seemed to

discuss what to do next

and the man that he had seen in the

hallway said i have to leave

right now i'm going to lock the building

make sure he doesn't leave

and then he walked out then it was

silent again until he could hear

footsteps getting closer to his location

as the walking neared he had to think of

something fast

and then he realized that it's so dark

in there and that these people couldn't

handle even a small bit of light from

the hallway

he prepared the flashlight on his phone

and planned on pointing it at their


in hopes that it would temporarily blind

them long enough to run past them

one of them got very close and said i

think he's over here

but before anyone could react he flashed

his phone late at the man

and blinded him for a moment he winced

and took several steps backwards

yelling things at the kid the kid

sprinted over to the door and shined his

phone at it and now sees that there's a

button you have to press

to open the door he presses the button

and as he is about to open it someone

else behind him

grabbed his shoulder but he shined his

flashlight on them and they winced away

in pain

he brushed them off and ran to the

elevator and hit the door

three times just like the man did before

he could see the big door

open where the people were there but

they couldn't come out because it was


bright in the hallway finally the

elevator door opened and he hit the 14th

floor button

the door closed and nothing happened

he pressed 14 again and it was for sure

pressed but again

nothing happened he could hear people on

the other side of the door now trying to

figure out how to open the elevator

he pressed the 15th floor and tried

other ones to see if

anything would happen and eventually

once he clicked the lobby button

it started to move it was taking him

down to the lobby he arrived and the


opened when he stepped out he could see

his dad talking to some police officers

that were standing there at the door

he rushed over to his son and asked him

where he'd been this entire time

and they checked everywhere for him and

that he had been gone for several

hours he only remembers being gone for

about 10 or 15 minutes so that really

didn't add up

but as he checked his phone he could see

that it had actually been

several hours he tells his dad

everything he saw

but this only angered his father because

he thought he was lying

he tried to explain to him that no he

wasn't lying at all and that this is

actually what happened

annoyed his dad said that they were

leaving and thanked the officers as they

left the front door

looking back the kid realizes that the

officers that were standing there

were smiling and that they looked


to the men that had just come out of the

room on the 13th floor