Stock Market Down in October 2018

hello financial fans welcome to November

hopefully before this month is over the

stocks will stabilize just a little bit

during October

my personal portfolio and value went

down about 5% but that's not money out

the door because I'm still holding

almost all the stocks I had at the

beginning of October and I've actually

added a few stocks and I'll give you a

list of the stocks I own right now and I

will tell you that despite the 5 percent

drop in October in my portfolio value I

am still up 8.4% for the year so things

are not bleak or anything like that

and once the election results are in

the market should redesign of relief and

move on

uncertainty is what drives the market

down and when the market knows something

like they know something is good or

something is bad or that this stock is

going to have a brighter future or worse

future then the actual value of the

stock becomes more significant and

probably more honest because

Panny makes the market go up and down

it's a time to buy when it's low and

sell when it's high and the holdings I

have right now Apple AAPL and a G in C I

own that stock and Amazon I own am Zn

and two mutual funds AR ke ke and AR kW

and those are both up since I've owned

them ba which is Boeing it is a good

stock that I won't BP BP is an oil

company and it twice in 2018 it has gone

up above the value that I paid for it


then went back down it's down now but BP

pays a huge dividend as long as I hold

on to it and get the dividend it's a

good stock to own chy I own CI em I own

CTL I own and forward I keep hoping for

a really good news and forward but so

far it seems maybe to have touched the

bottom on its value and it might be

moving back up very slowly

FC exits report Mack Moran copper and

gold it's a mining company I owned that

and Gi LD which is Gilead Sciences I own

that and that's down quite a bit

Google goog they had a bad October but

Google should be around until the Sun

burns out of whatever Google is just in

a good spot and I expect good things

from Google and Kodak ko DK they're not

doing too well at all effective lost a

great percentage I lost seventy five

point nine percent on that one since

I've owned it so see what happens in the

future and by the way I'm reading the

list of my stocks at my brokerage my

brokerage company is TD Ameritrade but

whatever brokerage company you get I

recommend getting a broker who is near

to you physically has an office near to

you and also look at their requirements

the minimum investment allowed and so on

and don't trade stocks until you

followed stocks for at least year what

happened there okay could I LVS Las

Vegas Sands I think they could have a

good year I own that stock and is it up

or downs down since I bought it and

mo-mo Altria that's one of my best

performers of 222 percent since I owned

it but that's at least five years


closer to ten years em arcade Merc I own

that one always does well Netflix and if

L X I I think Netflix should do very

well in 2019 and ly is an elite phase a

high dividend I own that nrz as a stock

that I only couldn't even tell you what

it is I think it's real estate of some

sort and piqué is real estate RT n

Raytheon has been doing very well for me

and then sprint which is the letter S

and AT&T which is the letter T and T W o

which is down should not down as much as

I thought it was an vizi Verizon which

is up since I bought it I'm looking

forward to the end of this year for

stocks I think probably toward the end

of December you get some really good

buying chances as people start unloading

these stocks they want to get off of

their books for the year and you should

be able to pick up some bargains so

toward the end of December the current

downturn in the market I think is just a

temporary thing that will be forgotten

in a few months and they'll have other

worries the stock market climbs a wall

of worry that's an old saying in a stock

market and there there will always be

bad news there will always be something

to make one stock go down or other stock

go up just get a strategy of buying and

holding buy stocks that have a p/e ratio

of 10 or less if possible have a sales

volume of 1 million shares or more per

day and a stock that pays a dividend 3%

or betters what I try to get and stocks

that you know something about and also

be diversified have stocks in different

sectors of the market

so hope that is helpful and see you in

December hopefully with better news for

the stock holders out there and for the

financial fans and I thank you very much

for watching