Why is Low Inventory Good For Sellers | RENEE URIBE

do you know why low inventory is good

for sellers

there is high buyer activity and

historically low

number of homes for sale right now the

perfect time for homeowners to sell

their home

is when the demand for homes is higher

than what's available for sale

here are a few ways that low inventory

can help you get a great deal

if you've been on the fence about

selling your current home

better seller terms when there is a

seller's market like there

is today it is much more like being in

the driver's seat when you choose to

sell your home

the ball is in your court and you have

the power to sell

on your own terms because low inventory


there's less choices for buyers buyers

are more likely to work with you

if it means they can purchase a home in

this market

where they are hard to find greater


returns return on investment is a major

focus in real estate

as prices rise homes gain value

this drives equity increases growth and

equity can mean

the ability to put that money towards a

down payment on your next home

higher prices with buyer numbers

higher than seller numbers low home

buyers are having to enter bidding wars

for the homes that they want

this competition drives up the prices of


it's simple supply and demand this

is absolutely a seller advantage and

potentially net you more for your home

when you finally close the deal

now if you are interested in finding out

what your home is worth

give me a call i'm renee yorivi

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