why I am more successful than you.

chuckwei chair welcome back to coffee

time and I know usually we talk about my

problems but today it's your turn and I

want to tell you what your big problem

is okay see you probably think you're

pretty smart

now I'm the stupid one that you're right

and I'm wrong but you're not and that

brings us to tip number one here being

right is often very different than being

successful and in fact they can be quite

different they can be in completely

opposite directions if you choose to be

right all the time

it can lead you down the path of

complete failure it's funny that when I

observe most people I can really look

into the core of their being their

personality and there are a few choices

in life that have completely shaped them

and molded them and they're unable to go

back on those choices or they refuse to

want to maybe they dropped out of

college and they have to justify that

choice in their minds maybe they dumped

the wrong girlfriend or boyfriend maybe

they left the workforce and started a

YouTube channel and now they think that

that's the only way to live life and

they have to do it that way and these

choices keep causing you to make the

wrong decision time and time again such

that you can be self-consistent quick

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technique it turns out that this pattern

of self-consistency is one of the

biggest factors that causes people to

make the decisions they do in life and

what happens as people ages they just

get locked in by these smaller decisions

that they've made I'm sure that if you

were to look through your life you would

also find decisions that have affected

you big turning points in your life and

you know what maybe you do need to go

back all the way maybe you need to go

back up he'll go back crawling to your

parents who told you that you were

making the wrong decisions beg them for

forgiveness and then go back onto that

golden path maybe that's what you got to

do and if you were responsible like if

you take a look at what companies do

they will go through those lanes for

self survival they're not going to keep

taking themselves down the hole at least

the companies that are still alive today

they tend to pivot quickly change

strategies and adapt to modern trends

this ability to adapt quickly is

essential many of my personal success

have been because I've adapted to modern

trends and technologies they're just

starting to come up and oftentimes that

has required me to completely abandon

projects or preconceived notions of what

I imagine the future may look like now

that brings us to our second tip which

is that we often believe what we want to

believe even if that does not reflect

reality so many people do it you know

it's so clear for example that these

days YouTube is one of the most dominant

platforms a lot of the people should

probably be on it

but what many people want to believe is

that it's some disrespect above platform

that's only for silly cat videos and

clowns whereas in reality if you were to

take a look at it there are tons of

serious businesses being built on

YouTube it's just not the modern idea of

businessmen Hwacheon suits that you may

have wanted to imagine that you want to

believe the future would look like and I

know many people who are obsessed with

that image they're not going to go onto

YouTube they're still going to be

looking down on it stuck to the older

ideas of what professionalism should be

similarly there are plenty of people who

have convinced themselves who wish to

believe the nine-to-five job is boring

and so they never want to do something

like that I don't know if that's true

when I was working over at Google it was


it was a great experience actually and

many people will say well Google's evil

you can tell yourself that story I used

to make games with my brother and he

thought steampunk autre was so cool so

he made the game themed around that he

wanted to believe that steampunk Kotra

would be amazing it would be cool it's

just not that popular in modern society

at least not at the time we did it and

the game flopped so what I like to do is

believe in reality understand that

reality is not beautiful it's not

perfect it's not the way I want it to be

but that's just how it is and then to

work with what you have there if you saw

my video of Popeye I lost $350,000 in

the stock markets I really wanted to

believe the narrative that the US dollar

would he claps that it was being hyper

inflated that that goat would rise to

become the true currency that's a great

fairy tale I really wanted to believe

that something like that would and could

happen but in reality you know this is

just never gonna happen

I don't think it will at least and so

that brings us to tip number three which

is to choose your battles don't die on

this hill you want to win the war and


be many bad those that you have to

willingly lose in order to win that war

throughout life there will be many

injustice is things that don't seem fair

games that you just don't want to play

but you still may have to play them such

that you can survive live to another day

and maybe perhaps ascended to a position

in which you can actually affect change

and speaking of that coding interviews

we know it's obvious I didn't play that

game for a long time I thought that it

was ridiculous that people had to fill

out homework assignments and spend hours

practicing leet code but you know that's

just another game that you have to play

and you can check out Tec interview

procom where I will fast-track your

career and teacher exactly how to pass

the coding interview process I was

googling myself the other day which

sounds funner than you may imagine and I

saw a number of hate comments about me

actually I have quite a number of haters

actually and it's funny right you got

people who think that maybe I never

worked at Facebook or Google who think

that I can't even code and you know it's

an absolute riot so keep that up but my

recommendation for you is to spend less

time hating spend less time creating an

enemies you know I used to be like you

in the past I used to hate on other

people I would create enemies but I

realized that it doesn't really help me

at all I gained nothing from that it

really helps more to learn what you can

from somebody learn what you can from a

situation that may not even be great and

just observe that information criticism

is easy anybody can criticize there are

problems with anything out there if you

think you can do something better go

ahead and be my guest you may find that

you're not able to do things perfectly

either the world is not perfect and no

single person is myself excluded is

truly perfect there's this powerful way

of viewing the world that very few

people will take on and it is to accept

full blame and accept full

responsibility for everything that

happens around you too many times I'll

see people blaming other factors around

them they'll blame the weather their

Professor their boss their manager some

other condition anybody except

themselves you know I always imagined to

myself well what if somebody were to pay

me a million dollars to get a task done

and it was all on me to do it would I

let the weather stand in my way would I

let a

or magnet or stand in my way or would I

find a way to get the tasks done

whatever it is and just only end to end

and that end to end that process is

really why I recommend you do it's

probably the thought process most CEOs

and leaders will take on where they will

own an entire project and if the project

fails for any reason it's not acceptable

to go blame some low-level employees

some grunt some managers some other

person the weather patterns the

government some competitor that cropped

out the nowhere market changes it's all

on that person if something fells is

your fault if it succeeds you get credit

being able to recognize opportunity it's

a skill so few people have you know I go

on this dating website right and just

swiping right on a lot of these people

and you know it's funny it's like I can

give a horse water but I can't make him

drink you know these women all they have

to do is swipe right on me and I would

get them set for life their life would

completely change they would live a life

of decadence a free food travel but you

know you can't make a horse drink water

for me I never felt that I had to work

for success rather identified

opportunities and success chose me in a

way and I just felt like I had to go

pursue these things most people I see

choose to pass up opportunity after

opportunity many of the I see could be

life-changing for them sometimes I will

literally present million dollar

business plans in front of other people

and tell them exactly what they need to

do and they still won't do it and you

know what I see a lot of Engineers do

they tend to focus on the problem and

not the solution they're often more

interested in the technology right like

a RvR machine learning they're so

interested in the how but the fact that

severe to take a look like augmented

reality there have been very few usage

cases for that people are still trying

to figure out what it's good for and yet

you have hordes of engineers jumping

into that technology just because they

think it's cool that's tackling the

problem the technology but not quite the

solution this is a classic example of

believing what you want to believe

hoping that this technology will be the

future just because it's so cool and

final tip here is to remember that you

are the average of the five closest

people around you take a look at those

people and think to yourself if you're

impressed by them and if you're not you

may need to get new friends

the fact is whether you like it or not

most other people think they're better

than you that's how they justify their

own existence they want to be better

they have to be better than you in some

way they want to look down on you they

want to feel superior they want to push

you down to be able to do that offer you

advice have you listened to them pay

attention to their words you know it's

like crabs in the bucket at some point

they're gonna start dragging you down

just to prevent you from climbing out of

there as the tech lead I keep few

friends because there can be only one

tech lead if there were other people

around me they would be dragging me down

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