Why Stupid People Are More Successful Than You


there is a guy who studied at the same

school as me he didn't seem that smart

actually he was a kind of troublemaker

and people considered him as an idiot

he's great for not very high and he

wasn't particularly talented at anything

there were many other students who were

smarter nicer and more intelligent than

him and I don't want to brag or

something but I think that I was also

smarter than him however by the age of

22 he owned a successful company walked

with business people and big companies

and made millions well I was working as

a waitress trying to save up some money

just to spend it on traveling right now

I'm doing my own thing but I could have

already started back then why did he do

different than me that made him succeed

how many times do you see someone

successful who is not smarter than you

not more talented and you think to

yourself how come he is more successful

than me he's so stupid

well stupid is not a very accurate

definition because it's subjective but

how can we explain that so many people

who are considered to be smart are not

successful how did a guy from a school

on the business before I even started to

think about what I'm going to do the

reason for that are actually very simple

and make sense intelligent people then

to over sink and in many cases they do

that too much less intelligent people

don't think too much they just do they

tend to criticize themselves less and

think they are very skilled and smart

in fact the lack of self-awareness works

for them smart people analyze situations

they calculate every action trying to

think about the benefits and costs what

is the best move what would be wiser to

do next

etc that could be a huge advantage but

it can also be one of your worst enemies

sometimes actions are more effective and

speaking skills sometimes the part

that's missing is just jumping right in

this innocent state of mind but doesn't

know there any limitations gives an

advantage these people compared to the

others think about what could go wrong

and afraid to take risks they think that

in order limitation

but do they this kind of thinking leads

to holding yourself back stupid people

are fearless you're not afraid to fail

and they're completely confident so

maybe they are not that stupid after all

another difference between dumb people

who succeed with smart people who don't

is having the right skills you can be

the most creative artist in the world

the most witty writer or a computer

expert but that doesn't guarantee

success some people are not talented at

all but they market themselves so good

that they sound like

experts social skills are also essential

if you make the right connections your

way to the top is much easier now that

doesn't mean you need to become corrupt

or pushy but it also doesn't mean that

okay you don't have the right

personality so you will never succeed

the point is only talent is usually not

enough you can learn how to develop

yourself and gain these skills till you

get better maybe you're not a very open

person you don't like marketing yourself

too much and that's fine but you can

learn how to do it your way or hire

people that will do that for you you can

take advantage of opportunities move

your so forward and stay humble at the

same time the bottom line is smart

people learn the rules stupid people

just play it's like when you do

something for the first time and have

beginner's luck you listen to your

intuition and let your natural talents

and skills do the work instead of

overloading yourself with preparation so

I'd recommend to be stupid from time to

time we can definitely learn something

from them thank you for watching make

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