Barty Crouch Jr Revealed | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Marvis creatures dragons aren't they do

you think that miserable Oh would have

led you into the woods if I had to

suggested it exactly told you to open

the egg underwater if I hadn't told him

first myself

you think never Longbottom the witless

wonder could have provided you with

Gilly wait if I haven't given him the

book that led him straight to it hey it

was you from the beginning you put my

name in the Goblet of Fire

you put wish crumb but you won because I

made it so Potter you ended up in that

graveyard tonight because it wasn't

meant to be so and now the deed is done

to these various runs within the Marik

Lord imagine how he will reward me when

he learns I have once and for all

silenced all right Harry father

you know I am ha ha are you asking moody

are ya know

is he in this room is he in this room

are ya


you all right out of sir sorry

that's moody but then who's Holly juice

person now we know who's receding from

your store servers we catch up in a




Barty Crouch jr. I'll show you mine if

you show me yours


your armor you know what this means

don't you

he's back Lord Voldemort has returned

I'm sorry I couldn't help

send him out to Azkaban I think they'd

find I'm missing a prisoner I'll be

welcome back like a hero perhaps first

haven't had much time for Heroes