Man Gets Limb-Lengthening Surgery to Be Taller

he's a good-looking guy but has always

wanted to be taller now he's getting his

chance thanks to groundbreaking limb

lengthening surgery and we were there as

he was rolled into the o.r this guy is

making a special trip to Las Vegas with

his wife he's not hoping to strike it

rich he's here to get taller if I can be

taller I want to be taller Ryan Wade is

five feet seven inches tall he's come to

orthopedic surgeon dr. Kevin Debbie

parshat for a groundbreaking limb

lengthening procedure after we giving

you that additional height you'd

probably sitting it very close to 511

the procedure involves implanting a

steel device into the upper bone on both

legs we use the remote control to slowly

separate the bone this is their no

control the remote control signals the

device to pull the bones apart one

millimeter at a time I think that's

pretty cool the body makes new bone to

fill in the gap so I push this button

and then what happens once you push the

button then that's when you start

growing awesome the cost a whopping

$75,000 I've got another 70 years left

on this planet and I want to enjoy it to

the full extent and this is something

since I've been 14 then I've always

wanted to do 75 thousand dollars towards

getting tall I'm picking getting taller

all the way the 32 year old is also

tired of wearing shoe implants the

procedure will add 3 inches to Ryan's

height a huge difference yeah yeah it's

gonna be pretty close to right there

being taller than my wife is going to be

it'll be a treat at Sunrise Hospital and

Medical Center Teresa is confident I

think he'll do great on his way to the

o.r ryan gets a good-luck kiss I am

super excited the doctor begins by

taking precise measurements of Ryan's

leg next he drills into the bone then

surgically breaks the bone he creates a

channel in the thigh bone for the

implant you can see it kind of going

right down the center of the bone the

implanted device is secured with screws

that are drilled in above and below the

break in the bone he repeats the

procedure on Ryan's other leg finally

the remote is tested to ensure the bone

is separating

succcess the implant worked after three

hours Ryan is wheeled out of the LR dr.

Debbie parshat has good news so

everything went very well

bend that knee now three months of

grueling physical therapy begins that's

stiff Ryan's muscles need to be

stretched as his bones grow it's hard

work it was the most painful thing that

I've ever gone through in my life David

Wilson of Los Angeles had the same

procedure last year he was five seven

and was stretched two inches to five

nine as my legs got longer

I needed to extend my seat back further

so I could have this adjustment room

right here it was kind of cool and he

has encouraging words for Ryan you're

gonna get back to normal pretty darn

quick with his this type of device in

this technology it's a it's amazing just

24 hours after surgery Ryan is taking

his very first steps and feels he's on

his way to walking tall the procedure

does not come cheap the cost a whopping