Cat vs Dog - Best Support Class


the meta as we know it today is built

around support classes for every matchup

between fighter classes there is a web

of other connections between fighter and

support popular examples include sea

anemones and clownfish

leafcutter ants and fungus cleaner

shrimp and fish and many more but the

most dominant support classes are the

ones human players can ally themselves

with a lot of different builds have

fought for the spot and in some

instances even held the number one spot

such as horses camels and Falcons but

there's really no question that the two

frontrunners in this category are the

cat and the dog so today I'll explain

what unique characteristics make these

builds the supports of choice for the

current undisputed number one on the

tier list so I'm not really gonna beat

around the bush here the best support

class in the game is the dog the base

dog build without leveling up or

specialising already has access to the

most powerful morale-boosting aura ever

seen across any of the expansions or

servers this can completely nullify

buffs such as depression and stress or

loneliness and can affect any player not

just humans this powerful ability is

available immediately at the start of

your game and lasts your entire

playthrough now to be fair cats have

this ability too and this alone would

already make any build a high tier

support but when it comes to dogs this

is just icing on the cake when it comes

to their effectiveness as a teammate

aside from their massive morale boost

higher level dogs can also mitigate the

blindness debuff crowd control block

attacks grab targets to start team

combos track down loot quests objectives

or players intimidate intruders or

aggressors and many more incredible

feats so at this point you're probably

wondering how is there even a debate

between cat and dog mains as to which

one is truly the best support and the

answer is that cats aren't a support

class at all we've talked about cats in

the meta before and how their top tier

stealth assassin classes

while dog players were already

accustomed to team-based play and had no

trouble speaking into support abilities

once they decided to switch roles from

pack under to support cats never

actually made this switch instead what

granted them access to the human's

territory was the cat players own

support class a microorganism known as

Toxoplasma gondii this microbe has its

own AOE but instead of a morale-boosting

aura effect like dogs have Toxoplasma

Zora inflicts a mental status effect

that reduces fear before humans rose to

the top spot in the meta this status

effect was mostly used on rodents making

the prey found in a cat's territory

easier to take out since there were less

likely to evade predators but now this

is used on humans to manipulate them

into allowing cats to share their

territory in return Toxoplasma players

gain tons of easy XP by causing tons of

infections among any mammal in the cat's

territory it's a conspiracy don't

believe me consider that as many as 50%

of all humans have been infected by

Toxoplasma and that the drug used to

treat toxoplasmosis has recently spiked

in price over 5000 percent making it

almost impossible to stop Toxoplasma

players from doing their thing and the

end result here is that cats have

essentially stolen a top-tier spot in

the meta and use it to grief weaker

builds like songbirds and mice while

they're truly talked to your comrades

the humans and dogs are none the wiser

so here's my advice for playing these

classes for dog players the most

important thing to do is to try to get

all the bonus specializations you can

even though you're already a powerhouse

when it comes to your abilities and base

stats to truly reach the upper limit of

your potential you're going to want to

try to unlock one of the prestige

classes such as a hunting dog police dog

or seeing-eye dog one thing you need to

watch out for is that too many

playthroughs as a moral support class

can start to lead to the problem where

human players try to speck your build

for you a lot of times they'll put too

many points into aesthetics sometimes at

the cost of your other stats other times

they may even accidentally cause it to

roll over into a negative

if you play cat there are three play

styles available outside inside and

stray to maximize potential ambush

opportunities and minimize risk you're

going to want to go for the outside cat

play style which combines the security

for new human allies with the freedom of

not having territory boundaries this

type of build allows you to reach an

absurdly high kdr they're so oppressive

on lightweight builds like birds and

mice that a score about 24 billion kills

a year on them in my opinion this is

grounds enough for a nerf but the devs

haven't been too active with balance

patches lately so I wouldn't hold your

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