How to train your dog to leave your cat alone

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living in perfect harmony I have the

pleasure recently to meet up with a very

playful and curious Sadie

now Savi's human parents Arden and

Katherine would like seedings to show

some restraint with the family cat Chloe

why do dogs chase cats because dogs like

to chase small furry animals she's

really interested in that cat whenever

I'm asked about problem behaviors that

are result of an outburst of energy in

this case a dog chasing a cat the first

thing I like to do is try and get the

dog exercise to get that energy out of

them like yes

do running from them make the bring it

back oh come on got I got I got I got it

kill fashion game of keep-away get some

into it as well a prerequisite to

teaching your dog to leave a cat alone

is that a they no stay and be they no

stay with mild distractions check the

description for those videos if you need

help with that do not feel like you need

to rush this process at all it's okay if

this takes weeks even months

but since Sadie's already been through

some of this it's time to address her

direct desire to chase Chloe I asked

Catherine to put Chloe down to see if

Sadie would pursue her an overall theme

of our training should be encouraging

our dogs to look to us for direction any

time she starts focusing on Chloe we

want to get her attention over here look

at me initially the domestic dog exists

because they are so good at taking

direction from people I find using a

really calm voice when introducing a dog

to a cat is an important thing very good

right there why didn't I click did you

catch that that was a quick moment so if


yeah since I like what Sadie is doing I

will click with my clicker and follow it

up with a reward the highest quality and

most efficient way to bring about

desirable behavior from within your dog

is to teach them to do it of their own

accord but we should resist the urge to

touch our dogs unless we absolutely have

to this is a great example of

communicating with your dog and bringing

about desirable behavior from the inside

out like this right here I'm avoiding

touching her because I want her to think

very good original come see come sit no

and here I'll block her because she's

trying to get to the cat good stay sit

up Sadie said we're gonna be sweet we're

going to be gentle lie down good right

there looking at the cat looking at me I

love it when they do that that's a cat

over there and you're staying

very good stay we have to have manners

when dealing with a cat

sweet you're being very sweet

I'm not even going to give her food here

with obedience we want to have a

medium-term exit strategy for food

rewards we just use that food in that

clicker on the initial stages it was

time to see if Arden could do this and

get the same results say here here here

yes awesome that was it that was a

really good moment because we had a

count right here Arden was fantastic

with his timing patience and sincerity

three essential qualities to possess if

you hope to teach your dog here come

here yeah stop is that good we're gonna

go ahead and put her on leash because we

want to get her a bit closer to Chloe

the cat this gives us a safety net if

she gets too far away so we can reel her

in yes good girl right there

I mean plain as day would look subtle if

you didn't know we were looking for but

I think you saw it and then you know I'm

gonna try not to love on her too much a

dog that chases a cat is usually one

that just wants to play we can meet that

desire with our dogs by teaching them

games that involve chase or fetch

today's question is does your dog behave

well with cats let me know in the

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