Victoria Stunned as Dog Bullies Owner and Her Cat | It's Me or the Dog

jack is a combination of two really

highly driven hunting dogs the Labrador

and the poodle and some of these dogs

have a tendency to have a high chase

Drive what would you say are your main

concerns Oh a nipper does he do that a


he does is that hard I mean looks like

he's good he's getting stronger yes

and so I feel like I need to get him

under control before he gets any bigger

and stronger jack is very demanding

towards darlin he bullies her a little

bit he nips at her he grabs at her he

says play with me and he can get rough I

do have bruises on my arms oh my god

that's from that's from Jack all right

and he does that for you when he like

wants attention when he wants food he

wants his ball if I want give him the

cat you weren't given the cat yes I have

a cat also he mauled her he bites her he

carries around the house he steals her

food can I see her is she around

anywhere or yeah let me see her it's

impossible to feed Jill in front of Jack

because Jack not only eats his food but

her food this is where I feed the cat

I've never seen a cat eat behind the

oven before

poor Jill has no quality of life

whatsoever I feel really sorry for her

and I'm also worried because jack is

getting rougher and rougher with them

Darla will have to face the facts I've

had a great day observing you and Jack

but there are a lot of issues that need

to be addressed the only time he really

engages on you is when he wants

something and he was biting on you and

grabbing on you very very hard so I

don't think it's a great relationship

now let's talk about his chase instinct

and the poor cat

what kind of life is your kitty living

in this house well it's the fact that

she has to eat behind the stove I've

never seen that before if you do have

two pets in the same house you have to

make sure that one is not stressing out

the other

Victoria takes the training back indoors

in order to stop Jack's brutal attacks

on Darla's other pet Jill he loves his

bull yep so I'm gonna use it he's only

gonna get this ball when he waits for it

so what I'm gonna do


wait good boy good boy I didn't need him

to sit but he sat I just wanted him to

stay in one place I wanted him to get

control of his impulses he does not get

the ball if he jumps up at me but he

gets it if he listens to me and stays in

one place let's try it one more time I

want to do something else

I walk away he jumps up on me gets

nothing but I must not give in and he's

biting at me pretty hard he bites me

really hurt me and I squeals if to say

how that hurt and he stopped in order to

give Jill a better quality of life I

wanted to teach them no touch command no

touch means don't touch when the cat's

around you're not allowed to touch her

cats move fast and he's very very

stimulated by moving objects so that's

why I likes chasing her I'm gonna teach

him that he cannot chase after moving

objects and I'm gonna use his favorite

toys to teach that ok


no touch


no touch good no touch good boy one ball

he was never allowed to touch and if he

stayed away from this ball as I moved it

he got the reward of his tennis ball he

gets a game all right and I tell him

good boy

now Darla gives it a whirl take the ball

okay the method that I put in place with

the balls is gonna be applied to the cat

no tents no tents and sell him good boy

for not doing it no absolutely lovely

because Jack did so well with no

touching the ball I thought it was time

to move on to the cat no Touch apps

nope no touch good boy he looked didn't

touch he gets the ball good boy so far

jack is doing well now Victoria wants to

test his impulse control when Jill is on

the move I'm just going to attach this

short leash on to Jack I attached Jack's

leash on to his collar just in case I

needed to remove him quickly for time


her death no touch when Jack went for a


I said no touch he didn't respond so I

had to take his leash and I took him

straight out for a timeout I left him

behind the door came back into the room

this is a timeout strategy basically

it's saying you go for the cat

I got his leash I took him right out

there I've left him out there only for a

little while now I'll go out and get

they see that removal and timeout is a

direct consequence of their negative

behavior because the consequence is

unpleasant the dog is not gonna do it

again I want you to put the cat down

again please obviously I don't want her

to stress her out

but this is important for training so

that hopefully she never has to go

through the stress again okay gonna make

it better for you I promise

down on the ground yeah it is when she

moves no touch good boy

no touch

good she's out there now no touch


Victoria might be impressed but Jill

isn't so sure no touch no touch I see

him go good boy good boy

absolutely fantastic good I feel like

Victoria is like magic this is just so

second nature and just she's like a

master although she's encouraged by

Jack's progress Victoria takes one extra

step to improve Jill's quality of life

I've also put up here a jack proof baby

gate it's got space enough for Jill to

be able to fit through there so you can

feed her in peace yeah

Darla is ready to put the training into

practice Jill gets to enjoy a peaceful

meal out from behind the stove good job

daddy Jill Assad being bullied by Jack

Johnson Idina food and she has a little

bit of a safety zone

I feel like we've made a lot of progress

with Jack in a real short period of time

and I'm really happy that I had the

experience of having Victoria to train

me to train Jack I want to say goodbye

to you

Jack's come a long way he's a smart dog

he's got so much potential he's young he

doesn't have very much impulse control

but now he's learning that's what he

needed and I just you know I hope good

things are in the future for Jack he's

got a long happy life ahead of him