Playing as a DOG in a CATS ONLY Tournament! (Fortnite)

today i tried sneaking into my

girlfriend's custom games while she was

live streaming she was doing these

tournament style games where you had to

follow one rule you had to be a cat i'm

talking meowsles

lynx kit any skin you wanted but it had

to be a cat well guess what

i don't follow rules so i dressed up as

a dog what happened next was some of the

most fun i have

ever had in fortnite did you know that

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alright so samara said that she's doing

a cats only server so i thought the best

thing to do

would be to go undercover so for her to

not know that i'm doing this and for me

to be a dog

in the cat service it's the best thing

i've ever thought of and i'm excited

the code will be

cats only 67. if you don't have a cat

skin just try and choose one that's like


similar to a cat skin okay guys so she's

queuing up the server it's gonna be all

cats we have her secret weapon

we're dog i can't wait for her to see my

reaction when she sees him a dog but

every time i eliminate a cat

i'm gonna go ahead and go

i'm gonna wait till later for her to see

my skin oh

look at these cat scans look at them

love it

love it i love this little guy look at

him he's so cute oh i love how he has a

little sunflower on his back

he's so pretty oh look at him

i'm a freaking dog i mean i feel like


really only one place we can go right


okay i feel like this is all right let's

go to authority that works out best for

me usually i feel like everyone's going

to go caddy corner because they're all

cats right but we're going to go ahead

and head on over here see if we can get

some fat loot and take out all these

cats because dogs rule cats are cool too

i don't think i have the best landing

but we can make it work

okay i'm just done right away a henchman

killed me

a henchman literally just killed me i

couldn't even get him a thing

surprise [ __ ] oh


we got jewels down

now we pretty much got everything we

need we got a scar

oh we got thick loot there's some crack

people in our custom games

like cracked people let's pop a big pot

oh we got a gold scar

that's what i'd love to see where are

y'all at people where are y'all at who

lands salty

no god please no no

no no

ow wait


this might be my best undercover video

yet honestly i like how when you're

underwater you like can't hear the



he he like threw a cabbage at him

let's see if we can find more people oh

there's like hearts here what's going on


a lot of people building a random stuff

oh shoot oh sir

sir i'm a dog

hit him with it there's a dog by


wait there's a dog skin pop this someone

just said i just looked at her chat

someone said there's a dog in authority

i didn't even know that there's a dog in


oh my gosh i have to win this game i

have to win this game

the pug skin i forgot yeah true

is that a cat i don't think that's a cat


that is not a cat

oh come on man

that is not a cat what was that thing

that was a dog

still gonna howl on him there's so many

there's already four people spectating

me you'd love to see it

all the cats are really upset look i'm

gonna be honest with you guys

i have two cats all right clearly i love

cats but this is dog time baby

oh my oh my it's the same skin

oh my gosh

i don't know where he is

that's a marauder making all that noise

that guy literally almost hurt me this

poor guy

he's like just let me live please i have


family we need to get out of here

there's too much heat here

too much heat there's marauders like

crazy here

i got a howl still i still got a howl

hit him with it


this is the best thing i see a llama too

oh this is going so well

let's go get the llama let's break it


oh my my mats are insane my mats are


get the heck in the zone you should do a

mukbang well

i'm gonna order food this stream for

sure so

we'll do an impromptu live mukbang

don't poor guy you just wanted to live

and build more hearts but he was a cat

we can't be having that oh i see another


you make me sick



you gotta hit him with it let's get out

of here i don't want to deal with this


now oh boy leave i i really like this

ramen from a specific

place though cause like you guys know i

don't really like ramen

but there is one place um it's udon it's


ramen because it's the thicker noodles

but it's actually really good i like

their block too

teal you want to try the hottest noodles

ever i'd probably die i'm really bad

with spice

i was thinking about doing a pizza

mukbang like recorded one because i

haven't had pizza in a while

i've eaten pasta like every day for the

past like

four days so i don't think i'm gonna

order that again today i've had so

like my insides right now are just


that was some of my best work that was

some of my best freaking work

holy the grappler is way too good to not

have and i need the tommy gun

the scar shreds people but i'm gonna

take this let me go ahead and hit with


there you have it we frickin zoom in

let's keep moving but we have infinite

mobility at the moment

this guy look at this guy camping on top

of this hill he really wants to be till

the end

we can't let that happen

ah let's hit him with it

oh shoot

that is definitely not a cat what the

heck is that thing

no oh gosh oh god oh my god this guy oh

my he's

stop looking it's not looking good for

him it's not looking

good for him okay there's a guy this is

the guy right there you see that boat

that's the person she's watching right


there's no way it's really not

um we're catching them we're catching


we're catching them

honestly get someone's trying closer

grapple onto him the dog is on the loose


he's like again there's 18 people the

dog is all loose

my gosh oh is this a dog you guys were

telling me about

this is a cat only server no dogs oh

fly in front of my face allowed


the heck is a dog doing here

in our cat minecraft server oh she's

watching me now

she's watching me now okay we gotta be

really careful now let's show that dog

are you ready top competitors okay

he's howling


i mean

what the heck

how did it even hear someone there i

didn't even realize there was another


okay they're pretty cracked they're

pretty cracked

come on what you gonna do cat they love

the little

oh my gosh the little uh

my bobber house is a little scrawny not

gonna lie the pugs

like there you go oh okay the pug won't

be eaten a lot by a shark


look at his legs he got some noodly legs

okay there's ten

the problem is now everyone's watching

me on stream and um

they'll want to take out me because

that's who sameer is watching

oh gosh


i think why don't i drop my ar man

there we go pg plays video and something

oh my gosh stop

howling at the cats you're gonna scare


i invaded a cat-only server with a dog


oh he's dead that was so sad he threw

the thing down but

didn't stick the landing can we get a

rip stop this medkit real quick she has

like no delay on her stream

she makes it that much harder

no you kidding me

bodied by gold medals let's

go lads well i tried let's freaking

go cats only

no dogs allowed no

dogs no dogs

dogs get bodied in this cat's service 14

the limbs though

no freaking dogs let's go meow souls

he's like yes only cats only cats

will gold meowsles be the ultimate meow


no yes you will you have to be confident

will you be the ultimate meow soul

yes oh no

he only has one fish though he's gonna

have to like fight these people because

i don't think he's gonna win a heal off

oh man he's going in on the fight oh no

he took a little ouchie there

it was like it was like a little ouch

oh slurfish let's go let's go gold meow


oh no oh no oh there's only one person

there's only one person

oh my god oh

yes oh my gosh the moves

the freaking moves let's go gold

outsoles that was honestly 5 000

iq plays that was i'm so impressed

i am so impressed good

shot bravo let's go very appropriate too

that gold meow souls won

the cat's only game let's go miku i hope

you enjoyed that i got two more awesome

videos where that came from so click one

quick you got about three seconds though

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three two one

okay bye