How To Fix Google Chrome Zoomed In Too Far [Tutorial]


hello everyone how are you doing

this is mdtech here with another quick

tutorial in today's it's woman she goes

how to resolve if Google Chrome is

zoomed in too far so it should hopefully

be a pretty straightforward process and

without further or do let's go ahead and

jump right into it so we're going to

start by opening up the Google Chrome

browser here and we're to zoom ad it's

very simple just click on the three

vertical dotted icon in your top right

corner to the browser and then where it

says zoom just click on the minus sign

so you get back to 100% or whatever

reading level you're comfortable with

keep in mind 100% it should be the

default value so I took this brief

tutorial was able to help you guys out

and as always thank you for watching and

I do look forward to catching you all in

the next tutorial goodbye